Your worth It (Gold x Silver)

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  1. Plot:After silver loses to the kimono girls and after Gold beats The girls. Silver gets pissed and holds a gun to Gold's head. Can Gold save himself and help Silver.

    Silver Through his bag to the ground as he slammed his fists against the wall. "Dammit why couldn't I beat!" He yelled at himself as he again slammed his fists against the wall. Blood poured from his knuckles where the skin had broke, he looked up when Gold left the building. He saw his little slut of a friend, 'what was her name? Oh right, Crystal' he thought frowning. His frown turned into a glare as he heard that Gold had won, 'how could that weakling win and I couldn't?' He demanded glaring hard at the black haired boy.
  2. Gold stared at Silver with a sympathetic look as he approached him cautiously "Hey, it's not the end of the world, you can try again tomorrow and...uh...." he falls silent not wanting to enrage him anymore than he is.

    "You know, battles are to have fun." Gold said his hands slipping into his pockets "Red would always tell us that....even Blue at times when he wasn't boasting. "

    Gold's eyes flicked to Crystal and he frowns slightly worried for her.
  3. He glared at Gold, he snorted before walking off. He stopped before turning to Gold, he pulled something out of his pocket. He turned to the black haired boy, he tossed him a silver bell.

    He continued walking away, 'why did I give the one thing that could attract Lugia,' Silver wondered.

    He sighed it's not he could just go back to his father, he shivered at the thought of what would happen to him.

    (The gun part comes most likely comes in my next post.)
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  4. Bell in hand Gold looked at Silver "Wait, why are you...?"

    He chased after him "You need this for Lugia....why give it to me?"

    He watched the red haired boy as he shook, he figured it was because he had given him the bell.

    "Silver...what are you going to do now?"
  5. Silver just looked at Gold with his empty grey eyes that were swirling storm clouds, finally he snapped.

    "Just fuck off for once, I don't need your help," he said his eyes seemed to become thunderstorms of their own. "It's not I like I need the damm bell, like the kimono girls said I'm not worthy!" He snapped.

    He stormed off angrily, he was going to make sure Gold didn't show him up again, 'Never again,' he thought his grip on his bag tightening.
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