Your Unpopular Opinions

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  1. So I've seen this thread on other sites, and I would like to know your unpopular opinions. Basically you having "rebellious" ideas towards things people think as normal. An example for me is:​
    I hate Dr. Who
    Get the idea? Well let's get started!​
  2. I hate babies. >:[ And I never ever want to have babies. Apparently that makes me some sort of freak. D:<
  3. Kingdom of Heaven is an awesome film.
  4. The only animals I care about are the ones served on my plate with a side of rice.
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  5. Romance is utterly terrible to roleplay.​
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  6. XD I like V-8 juice.
  7. I enjoy black licorice.

    Also, it's not often I meet another who dislikes Doctor Who. I could never get into that show.
  8. I don't like ice cream. OR Apple Pie! :/
  9. *laughs* With the way it's turning out for the Doctor, could it be possible that the unpopular opinion in this particular thread would be to actually LIKE the Doctor?
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  10. Okra is tasty, as are sardines.
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  11. My favorite chocolate is the super dark stuff, and in 80%+, as in the super bitter kind.
    I also don't like chocolate Ice-cream.
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  12. I love Doctor Who, My Little Pony, the Power Puff Girls, and Digimon. Despite my boyfriend's plea, I will get a Doctor Whooves plushie at some point.
  13. I hate Doctor Who.
    I think that small breeds of dogs are nothing but rats on leashes.
    I dislike children.
    Kirk is an awful captain.
    I hate ice cream and pizza.
    I love liver and onions.
    I think people are over obsessed with getting likes because they think that everything is a popularity contest.
    I love My Little Pony, yet I think Fluttershy should be taken by hobgoblin and her brains feasted upon by them. I hate Fluttershy.
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  14. I'm also a baby and child hater. Screw anyone under the age of fourteen. Just not literally, because that would be weird and probably illegal.

    On a related note I think that pedophile jokes are funny. (My girlfriend called me a pedophile. I was completely shocked. That's a really big word for a five year old!)
    Holocaust jokes are also hilarious, Anne Frankly I don't see why anyone has a problem with them. Laughter is a great coping device.

    I like being the big spoon when spooning with my bf. :/

    Yes, I am a know-it-all. I've made it my goal to know at least a little bit about everything. I refuse to take it as an insult.

    I think that reverse-racism isn't a thing and "because you're white" counts as racism just as much as "because you're black" does.

    I want to be a ginger. Why wouldn't anyone want to be a ginger? Gingers are sexy.

    I'm really open about practically everything I do. Secrets are more trouble than they're worth and if I was going to be ashamed of something (or someone), I wouldn't have done it in the first place.

    I have zero musical talent or desire to gain any.

    I don't think that getting a serious illness should, on top of ruining every other aspect of your life, also ruin your finances, and that anyone who doesn't believe in socialized medicine ought to get a minor melanoma just to realize that a common, non-serious cancer can be bankrupting. :c

    If I'm going to wear a shirt with a label plastered across the front, I think the company ought to pay me for advertising instead of me paying them for the honor of having a giant tag on the front of my blouse. The only logos I have on my shirts are for colleges I want to go to and bands I want to see succeed. Oh, and one Captain America shirt, because fuck yes Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  15. I like the first Street Fighter movie.
  16. I find overly sensitive opinions about cats to be comical.
  17. I love Nicholas Cage movies.
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  18. I would rather be put in a room full of middle school kids then watch kids under the age of two. I like middle school kids.
    and if you're asking me to watch the little kids in the first place you're probably pretty desperate.

    I'm not a dog person. They slobber and require too much attention.
  19. is not a "cool" roleplaying site.​
    It's filled with horny teenagers roleplaying sex.​
    It's not appropriate. ​
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  20. The human species, aside for a few exceptions, is just an animal trying to imitate a mythical creature called an 'adult', while waiting around hoping one day they will turn into one like by magic, which leaves them confused and unhappy when it doesn't. And those who don't? They just stopped giving a fuck about what it's all about and go on being fucking awesome animals who actually do useful stuff.

    There is no right or wrong in a logic perspective. Right and wrong are purely defined by emotion.

    Also, suicide CAN be completely acceptable in many situations - the problem is that people abuse it and use it in completely unacceptable situations.