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  1. I was up at night watching Kevin Hart on youtube. I love his comedy because it's both true and always about his family. For example, his Uncle Richard Jr.


    So what I'm asking is:

    Which of your reletavies is so crazy, that you could make an entire comedic bit off of them? Are they close to you? Or do you barely care for them?
  2. ME. I am my crazy relative. o ^o DUN DUN DUNNNNNN -dramatic chipmunk.-
    I don't really have one, actually. My family is kind of boring. :< Boring Italian family. SHOULD BE COMPLETELY THE OTHER WAY AROUND. :<
    But yeah.. T ^T

  3. I think you could make a sitcom out of my entire family. I seem to be the Only Sane Man, and even then, I tend to get infected by the crazyness sometimes. For example, it is not strange to see my parents, who are over fifty by now, to engage in pillowfights. Yes, pillowfights. My brother is also getting more and more crazy due to his exposure to college, and the stories he tells sometimes are just plain weird. It is also amazing what kind of topics can come up at the dining table, but you really do not want to hear of those.

    So yeah, every one of my days is... interesting to say the least.
  4. Well, lets see. Just today my mom called me up to tell me that my dad ran off to help his illegal immigrant friend get his stolen car back from two other illegal immigrants and that if some random stranger calls me today, she is probably in jail for beating them all up. >>;

    She's also called to tell me about the midget and his bimbos having sex in the trailer park. The dumb preggo lady that had someone ram his truck in do his trailer, and a myriad of other completely INSANE stories that I cannot even comprehend how she gets herself in to.

    ...and this is just when I -haven't- lived there.

    So my mom is a crazy person and ripe for a comedy routine. o____o
  5. My dad is probably the funniest in my family.

    He can make a joke out of about everything and anyone.
    But I also think my family could the next big-hit sitcom.
  6. My late grandfather would have made a good comedy bit, I think. He was a funny old man - didn't take shit from anyone.
    He was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic and was supposed to be eating "healthy" sweets, like fig newtons and vanilla wafers. He used to give them to me when I was a kid, and then he would hide chocolate chip cookies and the like in the empty boxes.
  7. My mom's mother/my grandma.

    Oh man, the hours of comedy I could write...

    We ain't close because she's a bitch and I'm not good enough for her, but the love exists. I love her for good things she's done for me and my family. She's also a hypochondriac, has illnesses people haven't heard of, moans and groans worse than a cat in heat, she's a psychotic b-word, she has big poofy hair... There's shit she does every damn day that's worth joking about.
  8. My late Great Uncle, Ron. Hell the whole of my mom's side of the family, myself included, is pure comedy gold. I could write hours and hours of stuff. Like how my Aunt had my Mom convinced for years and years that their dad, my Grandfather, had another family, another daughter named Victoria who lived in Victoria BC and everyone went along with it. When I was little Mom told me that's why she named me Victoria