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Someone was watching me type a bit ago and commented that it's "pecking". I get a lot of crap about how I type because I don't use home-row or whatever it's called. I am a touch typist, though. So I don't have to 'hunt and peck' like some people do. Therefore, my speed and accuracy are pretty darn decent!

I sometimes type just one-handed, though. It's weird. I'll use my left hand for most words and my right for only a couple of letters. It puts a lot of strain on that hand and wrist, at which point I have to wear my wrist brace I normally wear for my carpal tunnel issues. =__=

Anyway, I thought I'd ask what all of your typing styles are.

I do likewise. I can type one handed but it takes a bit longer. i'm pretty good at reading a section and typing too, often times i'm not looking at the screen necessarily when i type. Though i hit the keys kinda hard so it sounds like i'm trying to murder my keyboard sometimes. Sucks when my fingers shift and I don't realize it though haha had to rewrite half a paper once because of that.
Touch typing here as well. I use a mechanical gaming keyboard, which helps my speed (~110-120wpm), and it sounds incredibly amazing. I live for the delightful clacking that my keyboard makes every time I push the keys down, although it drives some people nuts, and I get weird looks at the way I type.
I am the master pecker!
Touch typist. Although I use standard home row method, I'm pretty damn fast when I know what the fuck I'm typing.
Touch typing, too. And like Fel, I use the home row keys. I actually learned to type from chatrooms as I was growing up. I used to be a pecker (lol) when I was younger. Now I'm... less so. As for my speed, I'm not entirely sure how fast I can type anymore, but as I said I learned in chatrooms that had what they called roleplaying. They also had chat RP fighting that was speed based, so I learned to type fast pretty early on and it's more or less stayed with me.
My typing is strange - when held or when I'm typing near the center, it resembles strongly the standard typing that they tried to teach me but I use the wrong fingers for the wrong keys. I type very fast and with few errors when it comes to actually typing out paragraphs though, so it's never been an issue.
I don't use the home row. I'm prolly pecking and whatever else that nonsense is called. D: I definitely dun use all of my fingers. But I type so fast that I dun need to look at the keyboard when I type. I Know where all the keys are...
Lol Peter is a pecker. I'm pretty much self-taught. I could type fast before the other people in my class could type.
What is all this pecking and homerow shit? I'm so confused!

I can basically type on touch with the occasional glance to see if my fingers are still aligned correctly or if I'm using numbers or something like that. I don't make a whole lot of errors and I type fast enough, even though every bit of typing I do is self taught.

I type like a gamer... My left hand rests on WASD most of the time and takes care of most of the letters there, while my other hand is generally much more mobile and jumps anywhere from the 'y' key to the 'home' key. I'm used to pressing keys firmly, I don't slam my fingers in the keyboard, and neither do I lightly tap...I simply press the button all the way down...

Hope that's clear enough....^_^
I peck, but I can still keep up with most people using home row. My only problems are, I tend to make a lot of mistakes, and I hit the kesy really hard.
To hell with home-row keys. I type 95-100 wpm just fine without it thanks! :( I hate snobs who think there's only one way to type when that's a lie XD. Accuracy rate is usually 98% with those occasional annoying symbol errors, but the number keys are just as much in my comfort zone as the keyboard.. Anyone looking for a professional typist? <<; -stares at everyone-