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  1. You may or may not have been part of a roleplay where you played as supernatural monsters/creatures or a roleplay where they have been heavily involved. Whether you play them or not I believe you can contribute to an interesting discussion. I may want to create my own roleplay based off of this and I want to know what you, the reader, are thinking.

    The Question: what turns you on/off to these types of roleplays?

    For example: Do you hate roleplays that don't have your favourite monster like werewolves? Or is the fact that vampires or succubi in a roleplay a major turn off? Is the setting a big deal or is simplier the better? These are only a few things you could mention but please mention anything that turns you on or off to them.

    For me? Well, I tend to avoid most of them as they tend to have no reason for these people of different supernatural creatures (or humans) to interact with each other.
  2. My number one turn-off from monster RPs is the stunting of creativity. I won't even bother reading the whole thing if the roleplay only uses the usual versions of typical monsters like werewolves or vampires, without putting a creative spin on them.

    Better yet, the RP could let the players create their own monster types from the beginning. My interest gets piqued pretty quickly if the CS has a space for "Race" or "Species" without specifying what my options are. Obviously this sort of thing is best done in a fantasy or sci-fi setting, but I do get the most enjoyment out of modern fantasy settings where these monsters interact with humans (or other types of monsters) on a daily basis just because society has progressed to a point where that sort of thing is normal/possible.
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  3. I agree with you hat it can be pretty dull when they use the same Vampire and Werewolf archetype without any variations. I remember a site that I was iffy on joining until I saw they had selkie as a species.

    I like when you get to pick your own species, but I understand when some don't because, sadly, some people create a mary sue race.
  4. One solution for this is to have the race approved separately from the character. This is what happened in an old RP I was in where anyone could come up with their own race, and we wound up with a ton of variety as a result. There were a lot of really cool ideas for races, but, the GM had to take a look at the ideas and approve them ahead of time, to make sure the race made sense and wasn't, you know, overpowered to an abusable degree.
  5. Yeah, it is an unfortunate truth that people create overpowered races, but really the same thing applies to any other facet of a character. Though it does mean more work for the GM.
  6. I like playing humans and humanoid races.

    I guess I'm just vanilla like that
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