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  1. Disagreement, discussion, and debate. Three D's that run life sometimes!

    how do you handle these three D's how do you wish others handled them? Do you have a 'secret motive' or are you a conflict avoider? Do you find yourself in arguments/Disagreements often? Do you feel you have a debating personality.

    Let's talk iwaku!
  2. DISAGREEMENT: It happens and I'm fine! Sometimes opinions are different. Sometimes I'm wrong. Sometimes they're wrong. I shrug it off and it's no big deal. What I WISH is that other people would understand that there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with a person about something. Especially when the subject is, well, subjective. :/ No one is an asshole if you disagree about a topic. And I wish that people wouldn't try to force you to agree with them when you don't.

    DISCUSSION: A discussion is any sort of conversation, there is not special things about it right? I AM a conflict avoider, though. >>; I hate heated or stressful discussions. If I can't handle a topic, I'll drop out of the discussion long before I say anything bothers me. Unless it's something I feel like I NEED to say to avoid having that topic discussed around. For example, I cannot stand when people talk about dead or dying animals, or any form of animal abuse. It REALLY REALLY upsets me. So I always ask people not to bring that up around me. I also feel the same way about dead/dying people and people abuse, but I understand the value of needing to discuss those sorts of things. So in those conversations, if I can't add anything to it or be a comfort to someone, I just leave for a bit. x_x

    DEBATE: I don't like debating. Cause I don't like to argue about things. If I HAVE to correct something, or explain a position, I will. But debating is something really stressful for me, cause it's confrontation, and in a lot of "debates" it'll stop being a friendly discussion about opinions, and start turning in to this ARGH MY OPINIIOOONS WILL CRUSH YOU UNTIL YOU AGREE WITH MEEE insult throwing fest. And I dun like that. D: I too get really stressy and frustrated when I am trying to get a point across and someone isn't understanding or listening. So If I don't NEED to debate, I will flat out avoid it all together.
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  3. GOD! i honestly hate arguing and fighting altogether

    When i was younger being in arguments and actual fist fights always made me cry right afterwards, even if i had "won" something just always made me break down from something intense and stressful like that.
    Some people might not understand that im just a very sensitive girl, but being as big and confident as i am i was forced into becoming a stronger person that was hard for me to be.

    HAHAH! now to the goods part of the sassy lil missy W of Iwaku ;D

    Disagreement: Typical "bitch get out my face" stuff, as in i will try to get things ended before they get too far, while still keeping a tough demeanor, so in case it DOES progress they know i can handle my own and not just trying to punk out. If it was something on the internet like on here id only argue on something i felt needed to be defended, i wouldn't just fight to fight honestly, because even on here i can get sensitive.

    Discussion: A discussion is just plan conversation in my eyes, and both opinions are given at a easy manner and things are said equally between two parties. So i would talk regularly and take things into account.

    Debate: Now debates are abit of both, its a higher level of discussion and can become quite heated once in awhile. Usually i will only debate something if i think i can win, honestly. Not that debates are meant to essentially win a specific thing, i merely mean that i wont debate against something i find wont have no effect on anyone, and if i DO debate and figure this out, ill stop with a no care attitude in the middle of it.
  4. Disagreement: I find that disagreements are a normal part o life they will always happen and the way I handle them I find is a bit on the unique side (( despite me hating the word unique) When I approach a 'disagreement' I handle it as if it WEREN"T a debate. This means I sit down shut up and listen to the other persons opinion regardless of how 'wrong' they are. i try and find the truth in what they are saying their point of view because somehow they think they are right! When i've found that, when I can understand that somehow they are right, somehow deep inside of them what they did is okay, THEN i Discuss with them my feelings. I wish more people would approach the world like this. Int he end they don't have to feel the way I feel in the end they don't have to look at the world the way I look at it. So long as they understand that their actions were not okay, that their words hurt, that our disagreement need not lead to a dystopian relationship I did a good job! I am a fan of Philosophical conversation so I approach all things this way.

    Discussion: I'm going to mess with the defition here. I'm going to say this is a NON-HEATED conversation, regardless of what Webster and his book say. Although after further examination I find that I like a phrase used in the words definition "To explore solutions" . I am not a conflict avoider I don't run when people come up to me and 'but heads' against me. I find this to be an ineffective way to solve my problems. But what I prefer is to talk to people, to discuss, with them to turn all debates and disagreements into discussions so we can solve the problem and so no ones feelings get hurt.

    Debate: If I am debating with you, people tend to get upset and tend to leave there feeling like I'm overly aggressive and as though they didn't get their point across. These feedback remarks are what my peers and teachers have given me for years. These remarks are the reason i avoid debate. Not because I can't 'handle it' but because it seems most people cannot handle being in a debate with me! if you've pissed me off sot hat I'm seeking to rip your argument apart and 'prove' your 'incorrectness' I have a copious amount of ways to do so. I find that i am more studied than the average indaidual having read Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tzu, The Coran, and The Bible I'm well versed in philosophical arguments around the world as well as most religions. This is why i hate debates I avoid them and I move to discussions, because in a discussion environment I can admit I'm not 100% right and listen to you and see through YOUR eyes and do my best to understand YOUR opinion. But the moment I sense it went towards a Debate I flip a switch and i rip folks to shreds. I'll end this with a roughly quoted passage from Confucius "The man who has won an argument has learned that he has the ability to prove his point. The man who has lost an argument has learned infinitely more things. He has learned he is not always right, and that the Way is closer to humility than pride."
  5. Disagreement: This usually doesn't go good for me. Like, at all. People are so stubborn and it's really annoying, so sometimes I end up agreeing, even if I don't agree, just to end the conversation. However, there are rare times where we both agree to disagree. That's how everybody should be. >_>

    Discussion: Honestly, unless it's about WWE in some way, I am very awkward. I just don't care about many other things, which leaves me pretty empty as far as discussion goes. I am often the odd ball or whatever, but I've learned to embrace it.

    Debate: I absolutely suck at debating. I avoid it any and all costs. It's cost me the chance to be a part of some memorable threads on another forum, but ehh. I did get one post in most of them! XD Anyway, debating is not my thing.
  6. Disagreement: Boo. Well it happens. Part of life? I prefer to "respectfully disagree."

    Discussion: Fun! It's one great way to talk about a subject and find out what other people think = probably in ways you've never approached the subject yourself! Sometimes discussions go overboard and sometimes I can't pitch it, so I also like learning from them, even if I can't contribute too much!

    Debate: Love it! I've been on debate teams in debate competitions since I was really little. It's not so much the tackling people with words that's fun for me, but rather the eloquence of being able to defend your position on pointe, meaning, right away, on the spot. Oh, the adrenaline rush!