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  1. I'm interested to hear what everyone's self assessment is of their strengths and weaknesses as a player! My own are all in regards to one-on-one role-playing, as that's the only kind I do.

    I'm pretty dang awesome at building unique characters. Some may have similarities to one another, but they're never exactly the same. I also frequently challenge myself to make characters that I don't personally relate to at all.

    I'm great at keeping role-plays moving. I can almost always take a dead situation and rev things up again.

    Though I love creating characters, I'm not great at keeping in perfect character 100% of the time, especially if I've taken a break from a role-play and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. It's never so bad as to make my characters unrecognisable, but sometimes after writing my post, I'll look back and think 'wait... maybe that wasn't right.'

    I'm also pretty bad at properly incorporating multiple characters into my one-on-one universes. I'm just not sure how to do so smoothly. Perhaps that's just my relative inexperience with super long-term role-plays speaking.
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  2. Strengths:
    - I think I have a pretty good grasp on what makes a good character, and I definitely enjoy developing my OCs in a well-rounded way. Even if they're not terribly realistic by certain standards, a well balanced personality and motivations goes a long way.
    - I love love LOVE thinking about how the universe I am playing in is affected by certain characters or tropes. Some notable favorites were discussing how gender and relationships are divided and treated in an Alpha/Omega world, what discrimination or benefits those people face, jobs they are pushed toward, family expectations, etc.
    - I'm generally friendly and way too patient for my own good, despite what the contents of the 'weaknesses' section may say.

    - I cannot get over grammar/spelling mistakes in IC. Honest mistakes are fine, but I just can't enjoy myself if the writing isn't at a certain level. I hate feeling like that because I know some people have English as a second language or have dyslexia or other problems that aren't their fault. Even I have my own trouble sometimes with using the right words, so I don't have as much room to judge people so harshly.
    - Length/Posting! I can write up to about 700-800 words, but due to being easily distractable it takes me forever, and then I worry that I'm putting too much useless fluff into it . Shorter posts are nice, but then I worry that I'm not putting enough depth into it. One day I will find a happy medium I hope.
    - Despite taking forever on things myself, I tend to get really impatient and/or paranoid when other people take a long time to respond to me. I have a complex about being on time (no clue what happened as a kid to make me neurotic about that, but okay), it's something I just have to either deal with or get over on my own I suppose.
    - I can't keep up with group rps. Something inevitably happens to make me lose interest or it dies some other way. Guess the same can be said of 1x1s but at least then I'm only disappointing one person and not ten.
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  3. Strengths:
    • I am descriptive as fuck.
    • I can set tone very well, especially suspense.
    • I'm the bomb at horror in general.
    • I can play non-human (VERY non-human) characters pretty damn well.
    • I am able to improv well due to having GMed before.
    • I'm simply one Hell of a Butler.
    • I am not the best, IMHO, at sex scenes (especially initiating them) but am trying to learn how to get better at them.
    • I honestly CANNOT get into Fantasy RPs, especially dragons and elves type High Fantasy. That means I don't really do Dungeonpunk, I don't play RPGs like D&D much, I'm just not that into it and find that setting difficult to enjoy the same way I do other genres. It's not for a lack of trying, either - I have tried, several times, in several systems, using several plots. Fantasy in general, unless it verges on Dark Fantasy, is not something I can get into at all. This is a weakness because SO many people I know want to RP Fantasy more than anything else, and it's like... No, friend. I'm sorry, but I cannot do that for you. If you want something like Shadowrun or Castle Ravenloft, I can do that, but I'm not able to run you a dungeon crawl because I just don't enjoy it and am not much for writing it either.
    • I have a very bad habit of killing off characters left and right. NPCs have a VERY HIGH turnover rate in my games, and when I run out of NPCs I kill PCs, which leads to my other issue...
    • I do not like killing PCs unless the death means something. I hate letting failures of a roll or random chance kill PCs which is a problem when you run horror RPGs. I get around this usually by having lots of NPCs to kill off, and letting the dice decide the rest for the PCs' fates. I have had to consciously try to stop myself from saving players when they SHOULD have died, and I am still guilty of it sometimes... all because I have to go and be a nice GM.
  4. The Good:
    -I've never had a character sheet rejected, so my initial character concept usually works on first contact and usually doesn't require much, if any, revision before it works for the game.
    -I'm a pretty well regarded GM, according to a few people I'm not really on social terms with. My games last a long while, and I think the enforced standards and the fact I like to develop the concepts and plot points before even launching the game helps a lot. I also tend to give a lot of feedback for character sheet submissions and I will point things out rather than just accept any application that comes through the door.
    -Although I tend to like to gravitate to similar kinds of characters on a superficial, tropey level, I pride myself in making grounded and believable characters that stay consistent to their experiences, personality, and opinions. I don't want to "win" an RP so much as have a good character that other players find compelling to read about.
    -I will absolutely wound, maim, and otherwise be totally awful to my characters if I feel they'd be overwhelmed in a situation. I also like to throw giant bumps in the road for their personal story arc.
    -I can write a good amount consistently with pretty good standards of quality without overstaying a post's welcome.
    -I absolutely stay dedicated to games I am in, except for a handful of exceptions, I don't drop games unless I feel it is the exact opposite of what I want to be a part of or what my expectations were for what the game would be turned out being totally off base.
    -I frame my games so that as long as it's lore consistent and not giving the character unfair advantages, players are free to make whatever character idea they desire.
    -I am human, I make mistakes or bad calls. I am open to criticism and am not above being corrected. I can't improve if I can't admit I am wrong.

    The Bad:
    -I am horrible for character monologing. When most of my post is a character rambling on in an unnatural fashion, I feel like a hack
    -I am not consistent with how descriptive I am. I can set a scene like a champ, but I struggle with fleshing out visual or other senses from time to time in my posts past some pretty rudimentary descriptions.
    -I tend to stick in familiar archtypes without experimenting overly much, partially because I have so many ideas for so few concepts, partially because I hate breaking my usual mold and dislike the character I made. I look at joining an RO as an investment in time and effort, I want to maximize the chances I'll enjoy who I'm portraying.
    -My own biases as a GM sometimes bleeds into how I review character sheets. What I think might be unbelievable or ridiculous might be quite plausible in certain circumstances and I've certainly had players force me to change my perception.
    -I can get pretty discouraged from continuing a game if getting players to post is getting difficult. I'm hitting a place where I want to take a long break from GMing because I am having a harder and harder time keeping it together these days.
    -If I don't plan out details of my games I am running and the story passes my notes, I start to scramble and wing it and things tend to fall apart after a while.
    -I tend to mentally blacklist players who make author inserts, have terrible RP attendence, or just bad attitudes, even if it was a one time thing or a long time ago.
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  5. Powers Strengths

    I'm a passive roleplayer. I have my own ideas for how I want things to go, but if someone wants to lead or change things, I'm not going to make a huge fuss about it. Basically, I like to get along with my partners or the group I'm role playing with. I tend to care about my partners' characters. However, I do realize that can be taken as a weakness as well. I like to listen to ideas of others and help them in execution. I don't shoot down people's ideas and I tend to give in a whole lot.

    I do not make overpowered characters. My character sheets, for the most part, are pretty easy when judging the power to weakness ratio.

    I can play pretty both males and females up to par, and I am surprisingly good at playing villains. I'm not afraid of hurting my characters (for legitimate reasons).

    In actual writing, I've roleplayed from one-liners to multiple paragraphs of a decent size. So I'd say I'm pretty versatile.

    My biggest strength (which I'm kind of proud about) is that I research what I have to roleplay about. Whether it's from animals, elements, fighting techniques, weapons or even simple things like how a beer tastes, I will research it.


    I am a sucky GM. I've tried on more than a few occasions. The problem isn't that I don't have ideas, I just can't seem to execute them properly. Neither do I have the backbone to be straightforward and call people out on their crap. I get super possessive of the worlds I create and tend to get miffed easily when someone tries to act as if they know better. That ends up with me just ending the roleplays and being bitter about it for... ever really.

    I am super picky with whom I roleplay. I've had my share of bad partners and I'd rather not go that path again. This is something I do for fun after all!

    I often take the backseat even in 1 x 1 roleplays, especially if I feel my partner is aggressive. I also have a hard time saying that I can't continue a roleplay. v.v'

    My replies can be rather slow. Once upon a time I might've been able to reply multiple times a day, but for the last one year, I'm lucky if I can reply even once a day... or week. I don't like to be made into a reply chugging machine, and I hate being guilt tripped for not replying. Along with that, fast group roleplays will scare me. If I join them and wake up to see a bucket load of replies, I will get into a panic and most probably flake.

    I get emotionally invested in characters, and can be rather upset when things happen to them. ^_^' For example, I was sitting at dinner in a depressed mood, my family having no clue why. The reason? My partner had potentially killed a character of his that I loved.

    There are probably more but I guess these are the major strengths and weaknesses. ^_^
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  6. Strengths

    - Confident in my ability to deliver something substantial
    - Pickiness could be a strength too? I think it means you know what you want and you're confident about it, but obviously it's also a big downfall because of how narrow-minded and inflexible it makes me
    - Large character repertoire, imho
    - Research, research, research (for pretty much everything I don't know about)
    - Great at utilizing multiple characters


    - I struggle to set tone and atmosphere why can't we all be edgar allen poe for once
    - I struggle to focus on the emotional intimacy during sex scenes
    - Internal monologue, so much of it rip
    - I struggle to describe a setting visually (I have it in my head, but when I describe it, people misunderstand it so obviously I'm not doing enough)
    - I'm extremely picky with partners, extremely picky, so picky *insert picky a thousand more times*
    - A bit lackluster on sex scenes in general, feel that I need more practice
  7. The Good-
    • I can create worlds no problem.
    • I am a very nice person.
    • I love to help people make their characters better for the scenario.
    • I post just enough to get my point across, and don't fluff too much.
    • I'm a decent GM, and I have lots of ideas.
    • I'm great at moderating sandbox RPs where people just kinda do their own thing.
    The Bad-
    • I'm too nice to people.
    • I can't kick people out for being a dick.
    • Can't fluff, and get annoyed when others fluff.
    • Very finicky about things in my own plot and setting.
    • I dislike filling out "personality" and "history" on a CS, and I wish people would play them out in story instead.
    The Ugly-
    • I am awful at moderating story driven RPs, and they die really fast.
    • I like taking over other people's RPs if the setting or plot becomes chaotic.
    • My worlds are too intricate for RP use. Ain't nobody got time for that.
    • My characters often always follow an archetype of my own, and I can't move away.
    • I can really get out of character really fast.
    • What is this atmosphere you speak of, for I surely cannot do the thing.
  8. Strengths
    - I can moodbuild and set tones rather well, I've read a lot of books that are mostly poetry or moodbuilding like Cormac McCarthy's The Road.
    - Keen on researching before I try something.
    - Pretty good at writing both believable modern antagonists and hammy old school Dr Doom antagonists.
    - Improvising and doing things at a short notice are my bread and butter.

    - It's inevitable that a character of mine becomes a charismatic weird person, even if they begin the RP as a put-upon working-class everyman.
    - I have a great deal of trouble planning long-term.
    - Low stamina.
    - I do not take initiative.

    Things that qualify as both
    - I walk others through my own/my character's thought processes too much with my writing. While showing the mentality behind a betrayal or a decision on a risky medical procedure makes it believable and in-character, I have to throw a curveball intentionally or go surreal to really surprise anyone or write a twist.
    - My writing fluctuates between too prose-heavy and too stiff. Sometimes the prose or the brevity is opportune, but sometimes it isn't. I like writing that 'the spark rang against the chamber, the doused straw feeding flammable liquids into the right spot to give life to a petite gout of flame.' as much as I like writing that 'they turned on the lighter.'. Both have annoyed, and I struggle with creating a happy medium.