Your Storytelling Brain

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The left hemisphere of the brain is always trying to make sense of past thoughts and experiences. Cognitive Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga ponders our need to hear and tell coherent stories about ourselves.

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Nice Vid, I enjoyed it.

I wish I could get the left side of my brain to work on demand > < Sometimes I need the creativity, and it just isn't there.

Something I have noticed, about myself at least, after doing right brain stuff all day (Usually after working, or doing some other form of fact based activity) I find that my creativity, story telling ability/muse feels rested, and suddenly I am able to write posts, or do other creative activities. It's like when I focus one part of my brain, the other feels like it had a vacation!


Wow, that was an eye-opener!

'the need to explain our actions' is something that really applies to me! :D

He says that stories and fiction give us a sense of security, like a protective bubble from certain things that might happen to us in our lives.
I think it's the opposite. Roleplaying or writing fiction, isn't that a way of saying that you want to experience certain things that you still have not?

I don't think it diminishes the fear or the actual experience when it happens. c:

but I'm not a neuro-scientist...