Your Roleplay Wishlist!

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So, most of us have things we really want to roleplay. It doesn't really matter if it's something small and silly or something super epic.. we wanna do it eventually, all we need is an opportunity to do so. >:D

What do YOU really wanna play out in a roleplay in the near future? What do you think would be super cool?

.... I wanna play a lady in a reindeer sleigh with bodyguards that ride moose. o__o That sounds cool.
Very imaginitive Diana.

As for me well I haven't really had much thought about waht I really want to roleplay. Each of my characters have their epic points based on the restrictions I'm given. But I guess if I had to choose one thing that I'd really like to roleplay right would have to be.....

My favorite character in a different RP. That's right, I'd like to see Shinigami come back with his godly powers and assholish smarts. Things will be sure to be interesting if he is around. Well...that's if people like his attitude.

So that would be on my RP wishlist.

Writing in the Moonlight,

I have quite a few that I'd like to roleplay, but the top two that I'd like to roleplay would be to be a Guardsman or a Space Marine in Warhammer 40000 Universe. The second one would be some kind of demon hunting roleplay where I could roleplay a hunter.
I'm with Titan on the Warhammer 40K roleplay. I'd love to be caught up in the middle of a protracted war on an ancient imperial planet, involved both in the harsh conflict of battle as well as all the shadey politics of Inquisitors and governors.

Sadly, I'm jinxed. Every 40K roleplay I initiate or join explodes in a catastrophic fashion. :(

A proper romance would be nice as well, with love triangles and all that kinda drama. I don't mean a romantic roleplay, but an action/adventure plot that brings in strong themes of obsession and emotional turmoil.

Also, an espionage thriller with spy games, secret missions, MGS themes and James Bondesque coolness would be great. But as with the 40K rp, I'm jinxed on those as well.

It would be nice to see some romance in an RP for once.
You know, I'm getting into that idea of the espionage thing, since I suck at 40k :(

But asmo puts a silly system all the time and people just get bored because they have teh gheys.
Um.... tentacle monster?

That would be quite interesting.

Or a puppet.

Or a fish. Like Nemo :)
Something hotblooded, insane and fast-paced. No whining.

Survival/Psychological Horror. More of it.

Something that is interesting and moves along quickly-ish.
Something hotblooded, insane and fast-paced. No whining.

Survival/Psychological Horror. More of it.

Something that is interesting and moves along quickly-ish.

OoM won't rise from the dead, sorry bro.
Recently, due to remodeling in the house and frequent trips to the landfill, I've been wanting to do a gun battle in a landfill. Espionage also sounds fun.

This coming from the guy who's best known for all out frontal assaults.
Seriously ladies and gentlemen, im feeling a thirst for some 40k themed fun, praps not on the battlefeild side, but more on the inquisitor, 'coupla specialists infiltrating an enemy planet' vibe.

i could really use another 40k fix, but like asmo, im jinxed when it comes to 40k.

the only rp i started was a 40k one, and i had to drag it kicking and screaming towards a conclusion.
As odd as it sounds, an RP about working in the trades (Carpentry,masonry,electrician...ect)
I recently began imagining a pre-Final Crisis DC comics roleplay. I'm not really sure if this will ever take flight, mostly because I'm scared it will flop like my other RPs (See: the Eternal Forest and my partnership in the Kingdom Hearts RP website), so I'm rather hesitant to reveal any information at all. But if you are interested (All you DC fans out there, I'm talking to you Batman and Nightwing...), PM me and I'll give you what details I have on hand, which is admittedly not much.
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