Your Rain, a Silent Hill roleplay site



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Home is all you can think of, all that runs through your mind. Getting back to safety, where everything makes sense, where everything is OK.

But you can't.

A shadow looms in the dim light of the filthy hallway you are carefully pacing your way through. You turn around swiftly, flashlight in hand. But the shadow is gone. It doesn't change the fact that your heart is beating out of your chest... beating... beating.

A screech in the night. A horrible, blood-covered... thing jumps from the ceiling above you. You run the other way in fear, as the thing chases you with it's disgusting, splinted claws reaching almost to your neck.

All you can do is run.

"Your Rain" is a easy-to-use, extremely fun Roleplay website based on the Konami horror series "Silent Hill". If you are a fan of Silent Hill, or even just horror roleplaying, you can find all that you want here. Roleplay in various locations from the Silent Hill series, play as your favorite character from the games, or even create your own character. It's your story, you decide where to go, what to do. It is accessible to anyone, and almost no prior knowledge of the series is needed to join in! But just know... you can't hide for long.

Click on the link below to begin your quest for survival.