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  1. You might have played one of those rare games with a gun. You know, those things that mostly go "Boom!" and then someone far away falls over.

    But as with most things, there are many different kinds of guns. Some shoot bullets. Some shoots lasers. Some shoot water. Lots of variety.

    But in this thread, I want to hear what you prefer!

    I, personally, am a bullet man. Lasers, plasma and all that stuff is well and good, but I prefer the good old gunpowder solution, as it has my preferred sounds! I just find the "Bang!" to be far more pleasing than a "Pew!". Especially of the buckshot type, due to it's added omph!

    How about you, Iwakuers?
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  2. Generally it's bullets for me too, there's just something more authentic about it.

    But if we're in a very sci-fi space themed place then that changes to lasers, it just feels wrong without it.
  3. Super heated plasma.

    Nothing says 'fuck you!' To your enemies more than firing small Suns at them.

    Bullets are nice too. But totally generic and nothing like their real world counterparts.
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  4. I play a lot of Destiny... Like. LOTS of it.

    My favorite are the handcannons, as they feel like they actually have weight to it. Particularly, the Hand Cannon, Ace of Spades, with all of its perks fully upgraded, make it where when you get a precision kill on an enemy (most enemies, its the head), there body blows up in fire and causes the enemies around them to take damage.

    So, explosive rounds I guess.

    The problem with Destiny is all the ammo picked up is a synthetic ammo that changes depending on the gun its loaded into. So in order to identify the ammunition and what it does, you have to explain the gun. xD
  5. You mean this isn't about talking about 55 grain Hornady .223s and how they stack up to stuff like 6.5mm Grendel or .300 Blackout?

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  7. Le old xbone. To which I do not have xbone live at the moment due to uh... personal financial issues.
  8. It really depends on the series and how it is balanced. Weapons and resistances play into it, and I differ each game.

    As a general rule, for it's bullets, and one shot headshots, or other critical locations for me. But there are special cases, like Halo, where you use plasma to take the shields, then you kindly shoot them in the head.

    But Black Talons FTW.
  9. Arrows and mana.
  10. EXPLODING SWORDS!!! *WICKED GUITAR SOLO* oh and ink for the time being.
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  11. You mean Swordsplosion? I raise you the Conferance Call.
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  12. Ki blast wave are the best~! *chanting KAMEHAMEHA*
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  13. Fallout 3 satisfied many of my ammo needs.

    Once you built the Rock-It Launcher, you can shoot just about anything and use it as ammo. Teddy Bears were a personal favorite of mine.


    I think I made my point.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Magic,Arrows,Swords.
  16. I see your Fat Man. I raise you the Experimental MIRV. Because if you find an excuse to pull the trigger, that's eight nuclear bombs going off.
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  17. Sure it may be the most impractical, unnecessary, and certainly inefficient weapon in the entire Fallout series - but it gives me a certain comfort knowing that I can launch eight tactical nuclear devices at my leisure.

    See that deathclaw over there? Fuck that deathclaw. And the 2 mile radius around it.
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  18. Things that ragdoll the other side, or disintegrate them to ash.
  19. [​IMG]
    All these years later, and there still hasn't been a more satisfying weapon.
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  20. wait change my mind

    Rainbow Fart awww yeah~

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