Your Pokémon Life Rules and Common Knowledge

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  1. Instead of making two separate threads, I decided to combine them into one. That being said, don't worry about there being a lot to read because it is Important that you read it.

    1. No God-Modding
    2. Legendary Pokémon are available but don't retain their legendary status. They will be treated as regular Pokémon in the eyes of other Pokémon.
    3. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
    4. Romance shall be kept at a playful level only.
    5. I will PM users when I feel like their Pokémon character has earned the privilege of Evolving. I will also accept PM's to request evolutions.
    6. Max of 2 pokémon characters per person.
    7. If you wish to be a trainer then PM me but you will be limited to 1 Pokémon character. I will set up a CS for Trainers when needed. Otherwise, I will be portraying the trainer.
    8. Do not make all events about yourself. Keep in mind that everyone wants to enjoy the RP. This does not affect special events that have been requested.
    9. Always capitalize:
    -move names (Quick Attack)
    -Pokémon names (Rattata)
    -Pokémon abilities (Guts)
    -Trainer names (Ash)
    -Items (Pokéball)
    -Nature Names (Docile)
    -Category Names (Physical, Paralyzed etc.)
    -All Capitalization rules (Proper nouns etc.)
    10. The minimum is a paragraph for each post. The RP level is intermediate and above but mainly because of the knowledge that you have to know about Pokémon
    11. Always keep your CS up to date.
    12. Always notify when you will have a decrease of activity in the RP so players can work around to not get stuck. When there is high activity of RPing, any player that has not responded within 10 minutes will be skipped. When there is low activity, players may wait up to 30 minutes.
    13. Don't let these rules ruin your FUN. Enjoy the RP.

    Common Knowledge:
    The following is information that is required to know in order to successfully follow the RP.
    1. Understand how abilities work and how they are displayed. This will not only keep the roleplay flow smooth but also add content to your post.
    --Precious, the Luxio, prepares to battle Ralts. They stand 10 feet apart and understand what their goal is. After a short while, it is understood that the battle is ready to begin. However, before any attacks are made Luxio shapes his face in a very strange, intimidating way which enables him to cut his foe's attack.
    --Ralts stands in front of Luxio at a reasonable distance. She had been prepared to start the battle from the moment the idea came up. She stood patiently, however, until Luxio signaled that he was ready. Not much time passed until they were both ready. Before attacks were made, she sees Luxio make the strange face at her then realizes that she doesn't feel as powerful with her physical attacks. {Ralt's Trace copies Precious' Intimidate Ability} She now understands what had happened as she now makes the same strange face at Luxio.
    2. As well as with moves, understand how they are performed and how they affect you. Players can help each other out by being descriptive through their post. You can post the moves' type, action, and category.
    3. Understand how natures affect your Pokémon's personality, behavior, and stats.
    4. Understand how stats work.
    5. Type effectiveness: Weaknesses and Resistance
    6. Move Category: Physical, Status, Special
    7. Move accuracy and power. There is unlimited PP.

    Of course, I do not want you to memorize every single detail about everything. If you are ever unsure about something, just research it. I personally use Bulbapedia but there are many other sites to choose from.
    I will update whenever I feel like new rules should be established to keep the game fair and fun. It will also be updated when new requirements are brought up. Feel free to PM me about any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I will notify any changes through the OCC.

    Some tips to getting started:
    1. Try to start your story near an area with other characters.
    2. Spread the RP so not everyone is cluttered doing the same event or activity as this can make the RP confusing at times.
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