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  1. Background:
    Long ago humans and Pokémon did not interact. Although they both lived on the same planet, the human and Pokémon worlds were divided into two regions. During the day, in the Pokémon region, there was movement all around the area day and night. Knowing that they would not be attacked by surprise, the Pokémon could sleep wherever they stood. They considered themselves equal and had no form of hierarchy. In the other region, the humans lived in a civilized structure and never went into the wild areas. One day, however, a kid went inside the wild grass out of curiosity. He was amazed by scenery and the small, cute Pokémon. As his curiosity grew stronger, the kid wandered deeper into the forest and encountered a Drapion. He screamed in fear as he saw the Drapion and the Drapion roared. All the while, the humans were in search of the kid and they rushed to save him once they heard him scream. The humans stood in awe and shock as they also saw the scenery and Pokémon. The Drapion did not want to attack but the Humans did not understand. They attacked the Drapion and took it back to their region to study. The Humans made further analyzes and studies on the Pokémon and soon learned how to control them. At first, they used collars that would shock the Pokémon. Soon, Pokéballs were created and this new technology was the fear of all Pokémon. The Pokéballs had the ability to change a Pokémon's attitude towards Humans and, in the Pokémon's eyes, they were turned into slaves. The two regions then started integrating but the Pokémon were scared and unhappy. The Pokémon then started hiding and being more cautious about how they lived.

    You are a part of the new generation of Pokémon. The setting is present day, in the Pokémon series. The new generation of Pokémon have been raised to stay away from Trainers. The areas that once thrived with Pokémon activity are now visibly abandoned as many Pokémon have moved their homes into secret places. You decide how you will live your life and create your story through countless adventures.
  2. Can I join? If so, I would Like to be a Mewtwo. Let me know if that's not allowed.
  3. Light from the sun gleams towards the planet's Northern Hemisphere as the sun begins to take over the night's darkness and thus beginning the daily routine of all inhabitants. As usual during late Autumn, the sunlight beams expose the almost bare trees and leaf covered ground. A slight breeze rushes through the forest causing the remaining leaves on the trees to move in a dancing motion. Meanwhile, on the floor of an abandoned house lays Ren sleeping. As his sleep cycle comes to an end, he begins to stand up. A slight shiver runs through his body due to the cold room. He heads towards the door of his room and exits into a long hallway leading to an old fashioned and discolored kitchen with paint peeling from the walls. He realizes that no one else is in the house when he reaches the kitchen entrance. He ponders as to why this might be. Jumping in shock, he remembers that today is the day that he has to leave for training. He knew he had to get out of the house as soon as possible or something terrible would happen. He was not sure of what the consequence would be but he did not want to find out. So, in fear, he rushes towards the front door. He saw a blue light following him so he sped up. Once near the front exit, he jumps out of the house through the open door and tumbles down some steps into the ground. Without another thought he dashes to the nearby forest while crunchy noises are made as he steps on the leaves. He stops at a safe distance and sits on a nearby rock wondering what will happen next.
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  4. Ding ding ding ding!

    A Eevee rang a old dirty silver bell which hung low on a branch of an Apple tree. No one knows how the bell got there but to the Eevee it didn't matter, the bell was used for meaning things like for calling a gathering, to wake others, to alert the Eevee of danger, etc.

    Each signal was different so the Eevee knew what to listen for, this particular signal was the one to wake everyone. The villagers (the Eevee) exited their dens and set about gathering food, and various medical herbs for their village.

    Each Eevee played a role, from sentry the eevee with this position are to watch out for trainers and another pokemon, go getters fetch various items be it food,medicine or drink. Wilds are the Eevee that will be called to battle trainers and other pokemon, Scouts taught the Eevee to fight and about evolution they also took care of the Guardians the Eevee evolution finale stages. The Gaurdians are the level Hundred Eeveevolution, the eevee admire the Espeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Glacieon, Umbreon, and Vaporeon, though they dont know their is another form out there. And lastly the healers are the ones that care for the sick and wounded.

    And then there's Ritardando. He's different from the other Eevee, he tries to help but being born with three legs makes doing things fairly hard that four-legged Eevee do easily.

    But most of the time he has things handed to him, and everyone pities him. While most would enjoy this treatment he's disgusted by it. He also knows the village isn't fond of his being there he often hears the guardians talking about him and its nit cause of his disability. It's because he's a shiny Eevee, rumour has it that the Drapion was a shiny pokemon and that is the reason why it was caught so any shiny pokemon is a bad omen. Or at least thats what the Espeon believes.

    But on this morning as the bell tolls Ritardando has a plan he wakes up before his parents and yawns his pink tongue and sharp white fangs flash before he stands and shakes out his silver and white coat.

    He turns to the mouth of the den and sneaks out quietly not disturbing the Vaporeon and Leafeon.

    When he is out of the den he makes a break for it and runs out of the Eevee Village! He runs and runs till he reaches a safe distance. He stops and looks over his shoulder his eyes narrowing in disgust, maybe it was because his nature was lonely but he hadn't the patients to deal with the village.

    He turns and notices another pokemon who looked like they resting.
  5. Ren move his body to observe his surroundings. He stays in a deep thought while admiring the beautiful trees and colorful ground. Then proceeds to extend his arms out beside him as a cool breeze runs underneath them. Then he gently lays on the rock to take a nap. However, the nap did not last long as he sensed something heading towards him. He looks up and sees a three legged Shiny Eevee staring back at him. He is in awe as he stares at the Shiny Eevee. He had only heard about Shiny Pokémon through stories and couldn't believe he was looking at one. He was still cautious and did not want to approach the Eevee in case it attacked.
  6. Sensing he was being watched Ritardando's first instinct was to run away. But he didn't, his eyes land on the Ralts and stares at him curiously.

    He wanted to say something, to show that he wasn't going to attack for he could see the cautious stance the other had.


    Was all he could manage, he was never a talkative Pokémon but he hoped he didn't come off as rude.
  7. He sees that the Pokémon is not attacking but he cannot let his guard down. In or order to be sure, Ren uses the horn on top of his head to read the Pokémon's emotion. The Shiny Eevee sensed to be friendly. Ren then climbs oft the rock and proceeds to walk towards the Pokémon. His cautious stance was gone and he had a smile on his face.

    "Hi, how are you?" Ren replies to the Shiny Eevee. "My name is Ren, what is yours?"
  8. "I'm Ritardando. Nice to meet you Ren." the Eevee says wagging his tail slightly.

    "What'cha doing out here?" He asks curiously. He wondered if Ren was exploring or if he was like him, wanting to make a name for himself and prove others wrong.
  9. "Nice to meet you too!" Ren says excitedly and stops walking when he gets at an approachable distance from Ritardando. "My reason for being in this forest is to train." Ren replies. "Today is my first day and I am so excited." He adds enthusiastically. Ren then begins a long stare towards Ritardando as he still cannot believe that he is looking at a Shiny Pokémon.
  10. Ritardando looked thrilled "Training huh, that sounds like it'll lead to great adventures. Bet you'll travel far and wide!"

    He noticed how Ren was staring at him and he lowered his right ear causing his ears to create an 'L' out of embarrassment.

    "Well, er...I'm on mission to prove to my village that Shiny Pokémon aren't a curse." He said.

    "Good luck on your training."
  11. Ren suddenly snaps out of his trance as he notices and senses that Ritardando has a change in emotion. He chuckles a little as he is also embarrassed after finding out that he was staring. Ren tries to play it off by replying, " yeah. I also believe that a great adventure lies ahead of me. Although the path will be challenging, I will be ready for anything." Then his eyes perk up after Ritardando say the word shiny. "By the way, I am honored to be talking to a Shiny Pokémon. I have heard many stories about the rarity of Shinies (yies?) and have always wanted to meet one." Then he asks, "Why would your village think that being a Shiny Pokémon is a curse?" "Where I come from we have many stories about Shiny Pokémon being courageous and helping people."
  12. A short distance, the young Mewtwo was racing through the forest. Never again, she thought as her pursuers came ever closer. Since her species had been originally created by humans, other Pokemon distrusted her. She sighed, seeing her mistake. She had seen a small Teddiursa crying as he fought a much bigger Ursaring. She had leapt down to save it, not realizing that he was training, and that it was Fake Tears. The Ursaring clan were not amused, and they now wanted her punished.

    With desperation, she did the forbidden- she went higher than the trees. It was only for a moment, and the Ursaring lost her, so it worked. She sighed and floated to a clearing, where she quietly landed in a large oak. She smiled, then saw the Ralts and Eevee below. Instead of trying to make friends, she remained in the tree. She watched them talk, and wished it would be that easy for her.
  13. Laxer was walking through the forest and eating some berries that he had found in a nearby bush. As he was walking he spotted a nearby tree full of apples. He wanted the apples so he tackled the tree and 5 apples fell down and he stashed them in his fur. After that he continued walking he spotted a nearby Ralts and Eevee talking and he noticed that the Eevee was not a normal color. He was curious of why the Eevee was a different color so he approached them "Hi I'm Laxer what's your names?"
  14. Ren senses another Pokémon near them, but cannot figure out where the Pokémon is. He gets into a defensive position in case the hidden Pokémon might try to attack Ritardando and him. He scopes out the area but doesn't see anything. Then, he hears a loud thud and moves his body towards the direction of the sound. "I think we may have company." Ren tells Ritardando. Ren patiently waits for the hidden Pokémon to make a move. After a while, he sees a Munchlax walking by. Ren senses no danger as the Munchlax begins to approac them. He gets out of his defensive stance and a smile comes upon his face. "Hey Laxer, nice to meet you. My name is Ren" He says. "And this is Ritardando." He adds as he points to the Shiny Eevee.
  15. Annoyed at herself for forgetting the ability of Ralts (to sense nearby emotions) she was relieved at the coincidence of the Munchlax, then quickly squashed down any emotions. She wanted to make sure that these Pokemon could be trusted before she revealed herself. She knew that she didn't have the strength to flee again. She watched the way the Munchlax strode win without a care, and she couldn't help but feel amused.
  16. "So what are you guys doing out here? Also why is Ritardando a different color from te other Eevees?" Laxer asked curiously. "Also do you guys want some apples?" he said while pulling 2 apples out of his fur.
  17. "I am out here on a mission to train and today is my first day." Ren exclaims excitedly. "What about you? What is your reason for being in this wonderful forest?" "Ritardando is considered a Shiny Pokémon. A rare type of Pokémon to come across with. Isn't it exciting that we are looking at one right now??" He explains enthusiastically. Ren then has a change of facial expression from joyous to uncertain as the Munchlax pulls out the apples. That is kind of gross, I'm not sure how to tell him that I don't want to eat those. Hmmm.. but on the other hand, I'm probably going to have to eat like this for a while. Ren then goes back a smile on his face and says "Yeah, I'll take one." (@Doopliss remember that we are near the end of autumn so there are barely any leaves on the trees)
  18. Laxer hands Ren an apple "Here you go I got them from a tree I tackled earlier" he says as he hands Ren an apple. "I've never heard of a shiny before it's cool to see one" he says as he looks at Ritardando. "Also if you need help training I wouldn't mind having a friendly battle with you." he said with a smile on his face.
  19. Ritardando shakes his head to clear his dazed state, he hated that he blanked out when having just met such nice Pokémon.

    He looked up apologetic to Ren and Laxer "Sorry guys...I blanked out." He said with a slight laugh "But yeah, I'm a Shiny, and thats kind of you Laxer."
  20. "Thank you!" Ren takes the apple and gives it a big bite. His eyes then widen, "That would be awesome of you!" He quickly finishes eating the apple and throws the core on the ground. "I'll have to do some stretches first though." Ren steps off to the side and begins making some movements.
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