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  1. Sounds good
  2. The RP has started! :applause:
  3. Sorry, guys. I was traveling all day yesterday, so I only now started to post.
  4. Have you created your Character? @Doopliss
  5. I'm about to. Just gimme a few minutes. It gets hard to find time at school.
  6. I put one, but the picture won't show up. Sorry. I'll edit it later to get the pic to show.
  7. @Franco sadly no...even though I'm watching the thread X( I'm just going to leave the page open and refresh the page.

    Sorry about that.
  8. it happens sometimes, don't worry about it. hope it gets better
  9. Its alright buddy
  10. Two examples from other Pokemon:

    Pachirisu hits the opponent with its tail.

    Stoutland jumps high into the air above the opponent and brings its front paws down as it falls, slamming the opponent into the ground. The move is most powerful when Stoutland has used all of its other moves.

    It is just a damaging move so you would have to create an action that is applicable to Munchlax. Although, since we don't use PP in this RP, I'm not sure how the requirements for the move will be made.
  11. @PhantomPlazma try explaining how the attack is made. Are you going to punch me? slam me down with your weight?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.