Your Personal To-Do List for Happiness!

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  1. About this time last year, I posted this topic in the Girl's Club, asking everyone what their To-Do list was for personal happiness. Seeing as I am ramming positivity down people's throats, this is a great topic to also share in general! :D

    Being happy doesn't just happen. You have to put effort in to it. A huge mistake many people make is assuming that they can only be happy if someone else gives it to them. Nobody can give you happiness but you!

    What is your to-do list for making yourself happy? This particular list must be 100% about YOU. So there are some special requirements:

    - FIRST. Do not say "I want a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/etc." No. You do not need another person to make you whole. This is about YOU. Love is an awesome thing to have, but this list is about what you can do for yourself.

    - SECOND. Do not say "I want a child." See above.

    - THIRD. Do not say "I want to make someone else happy." No. You deserve your own happiness that is not created by or balancing on the shoulders of another person.

    - FOURTH. Do not put ANYTHING on your list that involves having another human being help you make this happiness. (IE: getting away from someone, meeting a person, etc.)


    What makes you happy? What do you need to do for yourself to help make your life a happy and wonderful and a whole human being?

    And thus as an example, Diana's NEW personal to-do list!

    -- I want to read at least one book a month, minimum. I miss reading books and I never seem to make time for it anymore.

    -- I want to speak a second language fluently. I'd feel smart and fancy, and it would be useful!

    -- I want to go to bed every night knowing I finished all of my chores and not feel like I am procrastinating my responsibilities.

    -- I want to see Poets of the Fall in concert. >>

    -- I would like to have a beach vacation and stay in a fancy-pants hotel!

    -- I want to write a family cookbook!
  2. Lets see... Hm...

    1. Appreciate the little things.
    2. Do at least one good deed everyday.
    3. Eat healthier, I only say because because I really should and if my insides smile then I guess my face will?
    4. Learn to release the past and look into the future
    5. Enjoy ever moment, no matter where or who it is with.
  3. I need some good old-fashioned soul-searching. If I take a good, hard look at myself, I'll likely feel a lot better.

    Get a hobby. My hobbies right now... aren't exactly healthy.

    Clean my room. I could probably find a fortune in small change under my bed.

    Go to a concert. Any good concert.

    Curl up in front of a warm radiator while it snows outside, with a mug of hot chocolate, some of those delicious chocolate sandwich biscuits, and a mountain of anime DVDs.