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    So, this rp is based off the movie Vile. You don't have to know about the movie to play, it will just give you a better understanding of the plot if you've seen it. I also don't want to copy it, so feel free to add some plot twists.

    1) Please keep your grammar under control.
    2) Please do not give something that doesn't further the rp, unless your character is alone or something of the sort. If it's a one liner, but furthers the rp, go for it, though I don't recommend you use them too much.
    3) Sex scenes should be played out in PM if you're going to play it out.
    4) Please be aware your character may die in the process of this rp. If you kill a character, make sure you have permission. However, say I add to the rp by having toxic gas that can kill you, I won't ask because it's a part of the rp. So be prepared. :) Lol.
    5) You can have more than one character, but please don't make them be involved with each other as in having multiple scenes between just them two. Interact with others! :)


    Katherine "Kat, Kit, Kitty" Frame
    Age 16
    Long caramel colored hair, blue eyes.
    Proper teenager as far as behavior goes, though her demeanor can break if she snaps. She can be precautious and snobby at times, but is nice once you get to know her.


    Kat's eyes gently opened. At first her vision was a bit blurry, but it suddenly became very clear. She quickly got up from the carpeted floor and dusted herself off, scrunching her nose.

    "Ew, ew ew ew! Germs, so much germs."

    She looked up and saw others in the room- a living room, it seemed. The carpet was a light tan as well as the walls, a ceiling fan spinning above them, and furniture against the walls like any normal house, and there was a flat screen TV mounted on the wooden walls. Mostly everyone was awake, while a couple people were asleep. One guy was asleep on the couch. Pig. Leaving her on the floor.
    Wait a minute- who were they??

    "Who are you guys, and why did you put me on the crummy floor?" There was snob in her voice.
    "Why did you bring me here?! I'll call the police!"

    Little did she know all of their cellular devices were missing.

    Kit brought her hand to her neck to feel black metal lined with leather. Everyone else was wearing one too.

    "What, the heck, is this?" She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before raising her voice.
    "I swear to God I'll call the police!"
    Some hostages already had more information than others, being awake longer. But it was only common knowledge.
    Such as, they've been possibly kidnapped, and they didn't know where they were. They were in a fully furnished house, liked they rented a home to stay in.
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  2. Victory Jones
    Small for her age, with bright green eyes and short black hair. Can't really tell if she's a boy or a girl.

    Victory stirred, she'd been placed with her back on the wall. She woke up, startled, grabbing hold of the sofa. "Where am I? What time is it? Who are you people?" She seemed to stare straight at Katherine. "What's happening?" She stood up. The room reminded her of her own home. Except the colour scheme was different - and there was kids everywhere. "Hmm..."
  3. Kat crossed her eyes and crossed her arms and squinted at Victory. "We don't know where we are, or else we'd say something by now."
    She raised a brow and looked at everyone. "And I'm not telling you guys who I am until I found out what's going on. For all I know you guys could be serial killers."

    Aiden Harvey
    Age 21
    An intelligent and kind guy. He's somewhat dedicated to his work, but enjoys spending time with friends and family.


    "Well I know I'm not a killer. I'm a medical assistant as well as a medical technician."
    A guy said, sitting up on the couch. Everyone was awake now.

    "Have you been conscious this whole time?"
    "Yeah, I was just resting my eyes. I didn't feel the need to move around or say anything."
    "The need? How about to find out where we are at what we're doing here? You-"

    Kitty looked to Victory. "What do you know?"
  4. "My name. My age. Basically everything unhelpful. You?" Victory replied sarcastically. She was angry, she felt like she was being blamed. Once again, "Hmm," which she tended to do when deep in thought. "Maybe we could look out the window?" She opened the curtain, "I suppose not," she frowned as she was welcomed by a wall. "Why would you put a curtain there?" She laughed. "I doubt I'm a serial killer unless I've been memory wiped and given a fake identity," she joked. It was not the time to joke. But humour was uplifting in most situations. "Seriously, I'm not a serial killer."