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  1. Yes, it is true that some of our own recipes are actually somebody else's as well. But when we came up with them, they were original (before we heard about it online etc.). so, I have quite a few of these, one being hard apple cider ribs and man are they good. I didn't have BBQ sauce, but I had plenty of cider (I was also drunk and wanting to test my cooking skills, I didn't set anything on fire!). Anyways, that's actually what I am currently making.

    Any home recipes you've come up with?
  2. Does Orange Fanta or Dr. Pepper in Chili count? Yum!
  3. Chicken and eggs in ramen is good...
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  4. Mashed potatoes, bacon and french toast sandwich.

    Put the taters on the french toast. Add bacon as you please. Or don't. I'm not your mom.
  5. I'm not good at inventing, but I do have a couple of family recipes
  6. I have a curry recipe that tastes like chip shop curry, 2 tins mushy peas, passata and chopped tomatoes blitzed, add curry powder, tumeric and cumin to taste then cook whatever you want in the curry and heat through with the sauce. Serve with rice. Yum.
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  7. I hate cooking with a passion but the stuff I can prepare at home:

    Singaporean Chili Crab

    Mediterranean Style Linguine with Tomatoes and Olives

    Grilled Eggplants

    Philippine Chicken or Pork Adobo

    Korean Bibimbap

    Korean Spicy Beef Vegetable Soup

    Japan-style Ramen (improvising with instant ramen noodles, and other more wholesome ingredients)

    Okinawan Goya Chanpuru

    Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken

    Chop Suey
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  8. Whatever my wife makes
  9. ha ha ha
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  10. Chicken and broccoli casserole. It started off as my mom's recipe, but I changed it quite a bit because my family likes it a little less sour, and without frozen veggies. I also use rice instead of the pasta stuff she bakes in hers, and added garlic and a few other spices to make it less bland.

    I have a homemade cheesecake recipe everyone in my family has been trying to steal from me for years. I literally cannot give it to them because I don't measure things out, I just throw in a little bit of this and that until my hubby tells me it's good. The ingredients are always the same, the amount never is.

    Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

    Chocolate mousse cake...

    I'm a baker more than I am a cook. Give me the basic ingredients to any cake recipe and I always add something different to it to make it my own. Everyone in my house has different tastes so trying to make stuff that everyone agrees with it nearly impossible.
  11. @Wedge Antilles Dude, you should totally become a chef and make my meals. All of the stuff you've listed sounds sooooo delicious!!!
  12. im a simple kinda guy

    scrambled eggs

    rare steak
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