Your Own Powers

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  1. Many of us like to roleplay and with that we develop powers either based off of regular systems set in place from stories we've read or games we played. Other times we make up our own based on a completely separate system.

    [align=center]What are your powers Iwaku citizens?


    If I had to choose my own it would have to be the one my Mythos character is using now, the ability to control aural energies. It seems broken but I feel with proper enemies and chances out there it can come into balance.

    P.S. This is definitely not a hidden agenda to get an idea of Iwaku's next MTG set. Totally not.[/align]
  2. I would want Geralt's powers from the video game series, The Witcher. B)
  3. Hex?
    Creature has hexproof and haste for the first time/turn when it comes into play. (unless brought back from the graveyard or replayed, then it retriggers) The effect goes away at end of turn.
  4. Usually, going by my mythos, my powers were the ability to bring drawings to life, theme music, and a FINAL FORM.
  5. My powers would be to create duplicates of myself by pulling them through mirrors. >.> not sure why.
  6. Liking all the ideas so far. To get more in depth for everyone, if you have a reason why you're powers are like that do tell. And what sort of powers do you think a primary villain of yours would have?
  7. I would have mad electronic engineering skills that allow me to create all sorts of strange electronical machinery that ranges from useful to absolutely devastating. Why? Because I simply love electricity and I am pretty much in love with the works of Nikola Tesla. Alternatively, I could be a god of electricity that loves science and through his power, he is able to work all sorts of ridiculous miracles. I simply cannot choose between these two options.

    As for my personal villain... He would probably have the power to inflict emotional trauma on people and turn even battle-strengthened veterans into hopeless wrecks of the nerve. He would be able to turn most people into his loyal, emotionless slaves that obey him without question and are willing to die for their master.