Your Own Personal Hell

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A weird topic Isabella and I were discussing a few weeks ago. We thought that October Knight's personal hell would be being surrounded by tons of delicious looking and smelling food, but never getting to eat it. XD

What would be YOUR own personal hell?
My personal hell would be a place where none of my friends remember me. Simple as that.
Hell has new meaning to me now. That would be THE WORST.
Tits and vag EVERYWHERE.

But I have no hands, no tongue, and no wang.

Or I'm rendered paralyzed.

Or something.
My life is hell when there is no Coca-cola in the house. XP

So. Should I be forbidden to drink Coke due to health, being broke or something...that would be hell. I have a very shameful addiction to this soda... I once stole my Mom's purse, while sobbing heavily, and ran to the nearest place--which was a restaurant called Wok on Fire--to buy me the biggest Coke I could get. She was pissed at me, but after that day, she kept my stock of Coke nice and stable. XD

That stuff is like crack. I'd trade my soul for a can of it. x___x;
If all good food looked disgusting and bad food looked delicious. 0.o
If the tentacle rape fetish was a real, tangible thing.

Also, in a world where Mountain Dew and Reece's cups don't exist. And every time I cooked spaghetti it went rancid. :( sad existence.
Being given eternity to think and nothing to think about, trapped inside my own mind.
Having diarrhea forever, man.