Your own personal art.

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  1. I'll post my art pictures in a few.
  2. Here is some random arts I have in my Iwaku Album. I haven't made any new arts in a long time, though. T____T
  3. 189379_10150421282705710_543855709_17701501_972626_n.jpg baby monkey
    189682_10150421227460710_543855709_17701211_4559131_a.jpg hehe
    189520_10150420392650710_543855709_17692943_4520608_n.jpg just a rose with random doodles
    200547_10150421231755710_543855709_17701242_7292712_a.jpg its a ying yang bat
    263101_10150691238510710_543855709_19579321_1118587_n.jpg crazy heart
    271035_10150688519530710_543855709_19530099_5668428_a.jpg more ying yang art
  4. This seems more suited to be in the art and writing museum. :]