Your Musical Influences

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Looking over my library, I can definitely see how my sisters influenced my tastes in music. My mom did, too, and I can attribute a few albums in there to friends, but overall what I like now grew out of what my sisters played, introduced me to, and caused me to think was cool (Process: I look up to my sister, my sister likes barenaked ladies, barenaked ladies are something to be admired!)

Who/what would you say influenced your taste in music?
Surprisingly, save for the classic rock stuff my parents listen to I grew up with, the stuff I listen to was largely discovered by me. I didn't discover metal until a few years ago and now it's probably about 80% of what I listen to, and that was all because I bought a CD from a band I happened to really like one of their cover songs and wanted to check out more of their discography. From there, I looked up bands they collaborated with and what YouTube recommended and lo and behold, I discovered a whole new world of wonderful music that was exactly what I always wanted and never knew. When they say the best stuff isn't on the radio, they aren't kidding.
I listen to gangster rap because of my dad and classic rock because of my grandpa. I started listening to Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and other such bands because of my grandpa and my mother introduced me to AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, Pantera, etc. and love of those bands went into me branching out into other genres of metal. I listen to a lot of garage punk, funk, gangster rap, and metal. The gangster rap and metal is only made more humorous because I am a small Asian man who is not physically imposing in the slightest.
My mom was a major fan of country music so after listening to that on the radio for a long time, it became like the only music channel that I, myself ever listened too XD

I also use to have this one friend who was a big Miku fan, showed me songs like World is mine and stuff leaving me to be like "huh, I like these musics." And she was like "I know! They're sooooo cool ^^"

And my dad got me into songs like Gorrilaz.

And then my moms friend blasted songs like Katy Pary/Ke$ha and I'm like "I shouldn't like these songs DX"

So not sure if they influenced my music taste or simply exposed me to those kinds of music, but those are the ones that come to mind that I didn't really find on my own.
Mostly internet friends and stuff I found for myself through Pandora and Youtube related video expeditions. There's a little bit of family influence in there, mainly remnants from my teenage musical interests that I keep around mostly for nostalgia reasons, but the majority of music that both I and a family member like are things I exposed them to.
My musical influences would be...

The internet.

Okay okay, when I was still a kid, my mom was a huge fan of this Taiwanese girl group called S.H.E...and I would listen to their songs all day. However when I moved to Australia, my interest suddenly shifted to mainstream pop.

Then one day when I was on the internet, I watched this music video parody made by Mychonny of Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. When I finished watching the video, I was like "Hey the actual beat actually sounded really good". So I searched it up and then the next thing I knew I was in the world of K-Pop -cringes-

Not that I minded K-Pop. I still listened to it from time to time. However, when I started playing League of Legends, I found this web series contain of...Random LoL Moments. In every outro of each video in that webseries, they would play an EDM track. Again, I was like "WOW HEN DE GUD!".

...And now I'm here, with my favourite genre of music being EDM as of right now.
I kinda just went with the flow of the music when I was little(er). I wasn't really much of a pop person though, and I really got into music when I first got a Wii, and my brother bought my brothers and I "Guitar Hero: World Tour". That introduced me to the wonderful blessedness that is the Electric Guitar.

Bless Metal and Alternative Rock, bless forever.
Largely, my friends between grades 5 through 10. I grew up on classic rock, but learned to love a lot of other types of music as a result of being around kids my age growing up. Rap, metal, industrial... just not country.. :s
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