Your most vivid dream.

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  1. Unlike the worst nightmares thread, here I'd love to hear about your most vivid dreams. Which was most memorable? Which was most beautiful or fun?
  2. Ahh man.. this is such a difficult question.. I've had a lot of interesting dreams.. I can't recall the last good one, but I've had plenty of interesting ones

    They usually take place in an urban city, I'm usually living by myself or with a friend. For some reason I know how to drive during these dreams ( I'm never too good at it, but the laws of reality don't apply so yay ^ ^)

    Those interesting dreams are always cloudy and rainy, because I love that sort of weather, but it's always that I'm going somewhere -always urban-

    Maybe it's dreams about my future career(s) ? I think that would be pretty cool~
  3. I don't dream in the sense of happy things. My dreams always take a dark turn, but that's just my love for horror methinks.

    The most vivid one I can think of though... Hmm.

    I dreamed I was snorkeling for treasure with my father. The water was clear and beautiful like you see in those Caribbean commercials and for some reason, the laws of reality didn't apply because we were talking underwater and Dad had a treasure map that wasn't laminated but the water wasn't making it soggy.

    The dream was so vivid that I could smell the salty ocean water and feel it on my skin. There were no gaps in our surroundings because I remember every starfish and coral community and unlike most dreams where everyone's faces are blank and I just get this feeling about who they are, I clearly remember seeing my father's face.

    It ended when I turned around just in time for a small bullshark to bite onto my leg right over the knee and I woke up screaming. My leg hurt for the rest of the week. It was all swollen and everything. o__o; I still don't count it as a nightmare though. My nightmares scare me and I wasn't screaming because I was scared but rather just because of the pain. And damn was it ever weirdly crystal clear.
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  4. Funny enough, I don't remember many details. I just remember I was riding on the back of some white bike-thing. It was alien, yet familiar. It floated; it almost looked like Eldar technology (if you're familiar with 40k). Thing is, this was before I knew anything about 40k.

    I was riding this vehicle on the surface of... something reflective. It was reflecting the sky, which was an endless spanse of black, dotted with a million-billion stars and countless nebula. It was everlasting and eternal, and the longer I stared, the farther I could see. I remember there was a moon however, with a wide ring that wrapped around it, and it seemed to hover closer and closer. It never crashed.

    For some reason, this dream stands out among all of the others I have ever had. It was the most vivid, the most beautiful, and the only dream I could ever bring myself to write down.
  5. HA, okay I have two.

    1) Okay so it was me and my sister and we were walking from my house to CVS. We walked in and Beyonce (you read correctly) was the manager of said CVS and ERB (epic rap battles of history) was performing. Then after a while the place was robbed and my sister ran out, then I followed after but I could find her. Then one of the robbers basically forced me to go with him and we walked around then it turned into a romance (he was attractive I'll admit it.).

    2) It's short but my friend and I were walking and this guy said something to her and she back handed him and I starting laughing and the guy had a small smirk on his face and she was pissed.

    And that's it they're weird but I liked them ha ha.
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  6. It happened a few months ago. Before that, there's a back story to it. I was supposed to have brother a year older than me, however my mother lost him due to a miscarriage. A year after that, they had me. When I was 11, I found out about this. Fast forward to a few months back, I stayed up late the night before and went to sleep late.

    In the dream, I dreamt that I woke up in my room but the atmosphere seemed different. It seemed more peaceful. So, I sat up on my bed and just stayed there. A few minutes later, a boy came into the room and said with a smile, "Hey, wake up.". I didn't know who he was before my younger brother came running into the room exclaiming "Big brother!" in our mother tongue. I wasn't able to move a lot in the dream. After that, my mother came into the room after my younger brother, she looked angry and scolded me, telling me to get up since it's noon. When I looked out the window, the scenery wasn't the normal scenery I would see everyday from my bedroom window, it was of a neighbourhood in New York. The New York part didn't make any sense though. The last thing I remembered was the boy chuckling while saying my name in a brotherly voice.

    I still remember the dream, and I kinda cried after my parents telling me that the boy in my dream might be the soul of my supposedly older brother. Since that day, I've been wanting that dream to happen again.

    Another one is I was in a bookshop, browsing through books. Suddenly, a boy stood next to me and tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a piece of paper before walking off and giving me a wink. It was his phone number and name, however I don't really know what was written since it's kinda blurry and/or it was gibberish. Then, there was a guy with a mohawk that literally floated into the bookshop, that was where my dream ended.
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  7. Most beautiful I'd have to say one where I was on a double decker bus driving down a really high highway that went above a city. The city below had been all flooded and it was rather pretty. And instead of rebuilding the city, I could see people lifting bulldozers with helicopters and ramming them into the sides of skyscrapers to destroy them further. It was scenic and awesome.

    Most memorable, would have to be the Monsterpocalypse dream.

    In my dream it was the monsterpocalypse, where boatloads of monsters had sprung up and wreaked havoc on mankind. My family, with the exception of my sister, (I have no idea where she went) were travelling through a barren desert with a small group of survivors, numbering in about one hundred people. We were resting in some ruins, which were pretty much a couple pillars and small remnants of what were once walls, when my brother and I were given an incredibly important mission: apparently in a building being guarded by several monsters, there were coordinates that marked the spot of the Last Corner of Civilization, a great city where humans still thrived. These coordinates were hidden as a code in one of those cylinders with the notches that you put in those really old pianos from the 1920s where to play music all you have to do is press the pedal. My brother and I were sent to retrieve those codes, with the best weapons are nomadic group had to offer...

    Which happened to be this uber mysterious, blue-tinted knife with a flame shaped blade and a gold-plated gun that no one knew whether it actually worked or not. I asked my brother what weapon he wanted, praying that he'd take the gun, as my aim was horrible. Thankfully, he took the gun and I was able to take the knife. We managed to slip into the building unseen, and we discovered that it was just a really long line of rooms with large windows contain various bits of things one may find in an attic. The codes in the music, however, were in the room farthest away from the entrance. Whenever I glanced out the windows, I would see various monsters, one of which I remember being that green-crab thing that Obiwan fought in the second Star Wars movie, except that it was black with rainbow neon swirls. My brother and I ran underneath the windows, sneaking from room to room until we reached the last room to discover....

    That it was a greenhouse. The entire room was window. It would be impossible to enter the room without being noticed by the monsters lurking outside. We entered the room and prepared for a fight. Through the glass burst a zombified Snooki and a human boy who was underneath her "zombie spell." My brother attempted and failed to take on the human boy, as his gun malfunctioned and wouldn't fire. He ended up just dodging the boy's punches while I fought with zombiefied Snooki. First I had to disarm Snooki...literally... I cut off both her arms with the knife, which sliced through her flesh like butter. She growled at me, then I decapitated her, before going to help my brother with the guy that was under her zombie spell. I pounced on him and held the knife to his throat, but I didn't slice it: it turned out by killing Snooki I had broken the spell and underneath my blade was not the hypnotized boy bent on killing us, but someone who was crying and begging for his life. So I didn't hurt him, and my brother and I retrieved the codes in the music from the piano, going back to the ruins, taking the boy with us to join our group.


    When we got back to the ruins disaster was upon us!

    The Beast of Bodmin Moor, who oddly enough was not a large cat inhabiting the British Isles, but a wolf with a mask and pikachu powers. Everything was chaos and it was killing many people. Somehow someone killed it eventually (not me) but not before it had killed over half our group. (including the guy we brought back)

    And then to top it off, a giant tidal wave of sand appeared, and was about to consume everything. I panicked and aimed for a "corner" in the ruins, which were two eroded walls connecting with no roof and took on the fetal position, hoping that somehow I would live. Luckily for me the corner provided just enough shelter to prevent me from being consumed by the sand. When it was finally all over, I discovered that I, my brother, my parents, and my grandmother, along with her walker, somehow survived. Everyone else died.

    We then went to the Last Corner of Civilization.

    When we got there, we realized that between the 5 of us, we only had $67 to live off of. I suggested that we do it like Sam and Dean Winchester and find the cheapest motel to stay in. We found one, and talked to the innkeepers, who happened to be this redneck couple. The guy was talking about how reliable they were, and said "Sum times we git the occasunal critter, but it ain't anyfin to worry bout" Right after he said that a raccoon had crawled through the window. The guy took out a shotgun and shot it, then went back to talking to us. We ended up having little choice, but to take a room. Then my parents both got jobs and my brother and I found crayons and a colouring book in the dumpster. I coloured for a bit, then went exploring.

    I found this ginormous battleship stranded on a mound of gravel, despite the fact that we were in the middle of a desert. I could see the tubes where they would shoot torpedoes out of. It was rather neat. I boarded the ship and then went inside the torpedo tubes, sliding about them like a tube slide, before coming across a group of boys. They were talking. They said hi to me. I squeaked out a hi before going back into the torpedo tubes, not wanting to bother them. Then I went back to our room in the motel, where my parents announced that I would be going to Hogwarts.

    I went to the train station and boarded the Hogwarts express. I was a little upset that I had to sit next to Malfoy, but was ecstatic by the fact that I was actually going to Hogwarts! The train was about to leave the station when....

    I woke up ;-;
  8. I haven't had a good dream in a while, so these most vivid dreams are from a very, very long time ago.

    I dreamt I was a frog. Yes, a frog, with NO anthropomorphic qualities. Just a straight up frog. Who's best friend was a rooster. And I was one smart fucking frog too, making a potion to turn the both of us into humans. Because I'd fallen in love with a human girl who lived nearby my little pond. A lot of the dream is missing, because like I said, this happened years ago. But it ended up with her eventually leaning in for a kiss, and me stopping her. "You know I'm a frog, right?" She looked unsure for a moment before shrugging and giving me a kiss anyway. And then I woke up, because the general wrongness of that situation weirded me out. D:

    Another one that I really liked right up until the end was one involving a giant tree. And I mean, this was the tree that held up the world. Each leaf was a city, it's branches highways, and currents of wind carried those wishing to travel. I was a warrior of some sort, travelling from city to city helping those in need. One of the strangest parts of the dream was that I was one of the very few humans. Most of the inhabitants were anthropomorphic animals, and each city seemed to house one type of animal. I was in the Chicken city, of all places. Apparently they were being hassled by a stray wolf, and asked me to take care of it. I don't remember how, but I ended up catching it and locking it up in a cave, where we talked. The wolf warned me of an impending dangers, before I was called out by my rival. He was another human, and the same type of warrior I believe. He challenged me to a dual, and we fought. He was easy and gave up after being knocked down a few times… And then his dad came in o_o Scary man, that one. HE was not easy. In fact, he won, knocking me back and before I could get up to my feet, he stabbed me through the knee. Woke up with my knee in incredible pain, and ended up limping around for a few days. So yeah, fun dream up until that point.

    And the most recent (still a few years ago) that I remember every single detail to. I was back in a little town called Fox Creek, a place I had lived through most of my childhood. The residential and commercial areas were separated by a large hill, having to walk up or down to reach each place. I was walking down towards the commercial area, my backpack strapped to me tightly. Which is odd, seeing as the school was in the entirely opposite direction. But as I was walking, the little canadian town seemed to fade into flat desert sands, with shouting and gunfire and burning heat. I hadn't changed though, still dressed for school with my backpack full of books, and entirely confused as to where I was or what had happened. Someone grabbed me by the back of my neck, hauling me over behind a beat up car. It might have been black at one point, but years being blasted by sand and dust had worn it grey and rusted. The man who grabbed me forced me down to my knees, facing away from him, and some type of firearm was pressed against the back of my head. The man holding the gun was… trying to calm me down, actually. Shushing me and telling me that everything was fine and that I'd be okay. And just when I was maybe starting to believe him, I hear him pull the trigger. It was like time slowed down, and I could feel the bullet pushing it's way through the back of my head. It wasn't painful, but the pressure and odd sensation of things moving that should not be moved. I felt every moment as that bullet went through my head, the desert fading out to just black, watching as the bullet came out of my forehead. Eventually it disappeared into the dark as well, and then… there was nothing. No sound, no sensation, no sights. Absolute nothing. Which scared me so badly that I woke up.
  9. ... Someone is totally gonna describe their wet dreams.
  10. Most memorable one is my "perfect life" dream. Simply put, it was the first dream that I made that made me realize where I wanted to be in 15, maybe 20 years. It was very simple: I was laying on the grass close to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with a girl I loved (I have never met anyone like the girl in the dream yet), two children playing behind us as we basked in the setting sun and the soft sound of the waves crashing against the cliff that held our little bungalow (with a side shed with all of my building tools and materials). First time in my whole life where I felt everything was alright. Imagine the disappointment when I woke up ;_;

    Most VIVID one was... very random. I was biking along some long-ass bridge thing. Everything seemed relatively normal until some... rather unique synth music started and the track warped to a cartoonesque path, including broken physics, corkscrews and for some reason a level-splitter with an elevator. Also the track turned to a checkered pattern of soft pink and soft yellow and soft blue. There was also amazingly clear water under that. I still have no idea what the hell that was about.
  11. That second one sounds kinda like a version of the Tree of Life, holding up the world and all its inhabitants. It seems like a neat dream