Your most hated nightmare

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  1. Your most hated nightmareear thread, I've decided to make one about nightmares. Recurring or not, whats your worst one ever?

    When I was younger it was a school field trip. But it was black and white. I dunno. We were on a tril to a castle and after like 5 minutes there something happened and we got split up. I distinctly remember walking up a tower and Ronald McDonald (full color) with a chainsaw. Blah blah Scooby Doo chase scene and I saw a classmate get cut in half. Nobody lived. Recurring dream too.

    So, what's your scariest and/or most hated nightmare?
  2. I don't get nightmares very often, but there is one type of nightmare in particular that I've encountered a few times before. That is having my teeth fall out. I can actually feel the pain during these nightmares sometimes and it just feels horrible.
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  3. just falling out? Oh damn...That's like...Really bad.
  4. Yeah, it is! I read somewhere online that it's a fairly common nightmare to have as well.
  5. Oh really? Have you checked to see what it means?
  6. Ooh, just did it right now. I got:

    "As a general rule, teeth falling out in dreams symbolize transition times. This type of dream echoes the emotional disturbances you may be experiencing as you or your environment is going through a period of change."
  7. Okay so I actually had this one crazy dream where I was being chased by that weird vacuum thingy from Teletubbies ;A;... It's the usual dream where you trip and you can't get up and then you wake up, but it was still really scary and because of that that thing from teletubbies still scares me to this day ... T T
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  8. Amusingly, my most hated nightmares are the ones where I don't get to see the horrifying end. I generally treat them like horror films, considering both are fictitious and while they might make me tense in the moment, do nothing for me after. So "horror movies" my mind makes up for me where it skips the ending?

    Dammit brain. Stop that. I hate it with directors do that, so I hate it when you do it. At least give me the courtesy of a nice, horrifying death or something.
  9. The worst nightmares I've ever had haven't actually been about myself; they've been about others. The worst one is one that used to recur a lot - having to watch my loved ones being abused or tortured and not being able to stop it. I feel very responsible for my friends and family, so being reduced to helplessness is pretty much my worst fear.

    As for ones that have happened to me, I don't really remember any. Honestly, the "failing exam" dream while waiting for my results earlier this year really screwed with me - one was so vivid I thought it was real. Here in the UK we don't get accepted into unis we apply to right off the bat - after accepting us they give us "conditions" (grades, usually) we have to fulfil before they finalise it. Miss the conditions, you're out. So a lot rode on those exam results this year. The nightmares about it didn't terrify me but filled me with a sort of existential dread and angst, which is far worse.
  10. I've had so many of these 'nightmare' things that they just aren't scary. I consider nightmares normal dreaming since they happen more frequently than pleasant dreaming. In fact I don't remember many dreams that wouldn't be considered a nightmare, so that just goes to show how many nightmares I have. Nightmares, because I've been saying it allot.

    But I guess this is pretty creepy. In my nightmares there's this one specific woman who visits me in a few of them. She's either helping me out, without saying a single word, or she's killing me somehow. Either by betraying me, or just outright trying to murder me and succeeding. I know better than to trust her, but remembering my dream logic I trust her because she has this sort of charm to her, and I consider her one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Yeah, my logic. Sounds pretty creep creep, right? Well that's not the creepy part.

    The creepy part is that others have seen this exact same woman in their dreams. In their dreams she doesn't say anything but has friendly intentions, but sometimes she kills the person. She's also been described by people as the most beautiful girl they've ever seen. Someone even drew a picture of the girl and I'm like, "Yep...That's her."

    The relationship between this woman and the people who sleep differ. Friends, lovers, stranger, etc. For me, since she's visited me a few times in my dreams, I don't consider her a stranger. At the same time I don't consider her a friend, and surprisingly not an enemy either. Just....Someone who appears in my dreams, often taking away my feeling of loneliness or fulfilling that desire to die. I just feel somewhat peaceful after she shows up, no matter what she does.


    Shit, didn't mean to get that deep talking about nightmares. I don't even think I answered the question yet, atleast not directly. Well to do so, I don't have a most hated nightmare....Yeah.
  11. Both fortunately and unfortunately, my thyroid medicine suppresses my ability to remember dreams so heavily that I only have memorable dreams once in awhile. Maybe three every year? I haven't had a nightmare in ten years or so.

    The only nightmare I can recall is one involving me and my cousin driving a car in front of a Chuck-E-Cheese's while giant spiders the size of my torso scurried about. Now it just seems silly.
  12. The spider thing...That horrifies me...I'm surprised I have never had a nightmare about spiders.
  13. The only bad dream I recall having was one I had when I was 9. I was in portal, the game, like three days after it came out, I went into a portal, suddenly I was in school, for whatever reason I began to pee myself and then the pee slowly became the ocean and I almost began to drown in some sort of clear fiery pee ocean. Then I woke up and had to pee, bad. I never peed in the bed again after that night.

    Why do I hate it? It's the only dream I can vividly remember. That and one related to me blowing up some gas canisters... And another featuring my stalker...
  14. This was a nightmare I had when I was eleven or twelve years old. I was laying in my king sized hand-me-down bed, and within my dream I was in a surreal "Am I sleeping, or am I awake?" mindset. It felt like an hour went by where I was just thinking about stuff that happened the previous day, it's been a while but I'm pretty sure it was the day after a trip to the dentist and my mouth was still sore.

    Anyway, as the long period seemed to come to an end within my dream and I was falling into some inception 'sleep within my dream', I felt a tense sensation at the back of my tongue and at my cheeks. Eventually that tense feeling became a full-forced pressing causing my cheeks to force out, and my tongue was just the same pushed to the bottom of my mouse. An arm came out of my mouth, enough for this particular arm's elbow to press against my bottom lip. I can still vividly remember the feeling of skin forced against my teeth~ So horrible.

    Mid-dream I was flipping out 'obviously' but alongside this, my warped little girl mind was like 'Holy shit, this is awesome'. Once those thoughts went away, I realized that with this arm in my mouth I was unable to breathe, or scream for my parents, so I panicked. In a fit, I grabbed wrist of the arm, and pulled full force.. It popped out and immediately poofed into sand on my bed.

    I'll admit it's a bizarre dream, but it's one I can remember to this day and I hated it more than any other due to the realistic feelings it gave me.
  15. I don't often remember my dreams well when I do, but there is this one nightmare that has a recurring theme.
    My teeth always crumble in those dreams. It'll be little bits every now and then and the next thing I know, both my hands have a pile of teeth bits. I've always been self-conscious about my teeth and this has always been really horrible for me.
  16. I've had this recurring nightmare since I was five and I have it once or twice a year and it still scares me. Anyway in the nightmare, it's a winter night, I'm always about five years old, maybe a bit younger, and I'm dressed in furs. I'm looking for someone, my brother (which is weird because I'm an only child), and I'm in this snow covered forest running away from a pack of hungry wolves. I trip and and fall and can't get up fast enough and they catch me. I always wake up just as they start to eat me. ;-;

    I used to wake up screaming afterwards (it was very traumatizing for five year old me) but that stopped as I got older. Now I just get up and make tea and listen to music until I calm down.
  17. Depends on your definition of "worst." I've got two different dreams that fit the description in two different ways.

    One was where a mad man burst into our house with a gun and my mom locked me in the bathroom so I couldn't do anything about it. I was banging on the door, and when I was finally let out the mad man had already shot my dad, killing him, and ran away. That was the only dream I ever woke up crying from.

    Another one was where I dreamt I was in the bathroom with a cloth. I wiped my face with the cloth and when I brought the cloth away from my face, there was an eyeball in it. I looked in the mirror and there was just this empty socket producing some sort of green ooze where my left eye was. Then I woke up. In the few weeks following this nightmare, I started to get urges to tear my own eyes out to "get it over with" and I spent nights getting very little sleeping, clinging to my ipod and books. Eventually the urges faded, but anything to do with mutilation of the eyes still makes me squeamish.
  18. My worst nightmare has always been of driving off a bridge and getting trapped in my car, unable to break open the windows. I blame my driver's ed instructor who put the thought in my head that if you had power windows and tried to roll the window down while your car was sinking into water they would short out. Ever since then, especially when we took trips to Ocean City and had to go across the bridge, or when I'm going to St. Pete and have to go across the huge bridge from Tampa, I end up having that dream. I always wake up kicking my legs like I'm trying to kick out the window.

    I had a dream that I was being chased by a huge slice of pizza that wanted to eat me. It was a silly nightmare, but I woke up trying to shove my husband out of bed afterwards. lol
  19. I have a recurring nightmare involved a home invasion. It's not every night, or every month, but I have nightmares along a similar theme to that every once in awhile.

    It's a lot of powerlessness, and invasion of a space I've deemed private, and a sanctuary. And I'm never helpless during these scenarios, but the sensation of helplessness and violation is overwhelming.

    I don't know what came first: the paranoia of having my home broken into, or the fear that turned into paranoia, but I am on constant high alert in the evenings and early hours, especially when I'm alone. I own most weapons save a gun, know how to handle them, and I don't fear the home invasion per se, but what will happen if it ever unfolds.

    -How hurt am I going to be?
    -How hurt will he be?
    -Will there be a revenge attack/burgling?
    -Police reports?
    -Will I face assault charges?

    Etc., etc..
  20. that dream where you fall

    and then you jump in bed when you hit the ground

    i swear, the falling part doesn't bug me, its the jolting out of bed part that gets me every time