Your Morning Ritual

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  1. What is your morning ritual if you ever get up in the mornings? Do you go straight to the shower or what?

    I always wake up (when I get up), turn on some death metal, rock'n'roll or maybe (like this morning) a blend of both, coffee and hop online if I am not working (I tend to sleep in because I get late night shifts or graveyard, but can get online) and log on here and also get to work on the massive stack of paperwork that I have probably neglected to do. Then, after I am satisfied, I put on my running clothes and go out running, afterwards shower and back to the drawing board with ideas for work.

    I live a remarkably boring life, wow.
  2. On school days, I set my alarms to go off at 6:30, 6:45, 6:50, and 6:55. I don't get up till either 6:50 or 6:55, sometimes 7, but it makes sure I'm decently awake when I have to get up. Then I brush my teeth, change, brush my hair, do any other day specific tasks, and then I usually hop back into bed for 10-15 minutes before I have to leave at 7:20 ish. I get to school with usually 2-3 minutes between me and a tardy, but I don't care xD

    On weekends, I try to get up at 9:30 but it flucuates. Sometimes I'm up at 8 o'clock, sometimes I'm up at 2 PM. Depends on how long I stayed up and how vampiric school has been the last week. Brush my teeth, change, turn on the laptop and check my e-mail and Iwaku xD

    I don't shower in the morning. I'd probably pass out and break my head if I tried doing that consistently. And I can't be bothered to get up at like 4 or 5 to shower and do my hair. My hair is like, the worst thing to manage. I can't blow dry it without a diffuser and even then it STILL gets fluffy and frizzy as hell, so I'd have to get up so early; it's not worth it.
  3. On work days first thing is hitting the snooze button on my alarms at least a few times. Then I get up and move my laundry basket from my computer chair to my bed (I have a tiny room, no space for a dresser, no other good place to have the basket than on the chair or bed) and turn on my computer. While it's booting up I go use the restroom as needed. If I didn't overdo the snooze button thing, at this point I dick around on the computer for a bit, then go make food and eat it while watching probably a Youtube video; if I'm pressed for time because of snooze abuse, at this point I just go straight to making food and then eat it while doing general computer stuff like checking the forum and Skype and email and whatnot. Computer stuff commences until it's time to get ready to leave, which mainly consists of shaving and getting dressed because I shower in the evening rather than in the morning because fuck it.

    On my days off it's a much simpler matter of wake up whenever, move laundry basket, turn on computer, bathroom, onward to wasting my time on the computer, and usually get some food before I'm fully awake.

    If this makes me sound horribly lazy it's because I absolutely am.
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    • Roll over, find better position.
    • Decide on whether I want to get up.
    • Decide I don't.
    • Doze.
    • Finally get up cause my bladder is screaming at me.
    • Urinate.
    • Put in contacts.
    • Comment on how half my beard is nice and flat and the other is a mess.
    • Leave bathroom.
    • Comment on how the dog is still in bed, wagging his tail.
  4. Snoozing for 1-4 hours, get up (by sitting up in bed), log onto iwaku, start modding and reply to roleplays if not too tired, eat breakfast somewhere between lunch and dinner, and then the day starts for real xD
  5. On free days I usually wake up early, but stay in bed...eventually falling asleep again and then waking up about an hour or two later. Then I eat breakfast while watching funny videos and then get dressed to start my day.

    On work days I get up early, sit up and wish I had the day off in which I then finally get off the bed and brush my teeth to eat breakfast while I get ready for work.
  6. On school days:
    -Wake up 2 hours prior to class starting
    -I leave my alarm clock on a counter, on the other side of the room from my bed. Purposely so I don't snooze abuse and sleep in.
    -Go straight to shower, being tired I normally just sit there for a while before actually showering and am simply think about life... or how tired I am.
    -Get dressed, shave if I need to and out the door
    -In the cases I wake up early or the shower was really fast? Kill time on forums and facebook before leaving.

    On free days:
    -Wake up whenever I feel like
    -Do whatever I feel like: Which is usually catching up on forums and facebook. And if that doesn't take my whole day I then boot up a video game assuming a friend doesn't call or text me to hang out by then.
  7. wake up
    try to convince my wife for surprise morning sex
    often get declined
    sometimes get surprise morning sex
    otherwise brush teeth
    make a quick breakfast
    eat breakfast
    drive to work
  8. Morning Ritual?!

    I'd be lucky to wake up before noon .-.
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  9. My "morning" ritual starts somewhere around 8-9 PM due to the fact that I work graveyard shift. I think you're fine to call it a morning ritual when you're only straddling the noon line. :lol:
  10. Wake up, take medication, take a few deep breaths, make a plan for the day, execute.
  11. Usually I wake up, fall back to sleep, wake up again, panic, throw clothes on, check the time, realize i'm actually an hour early, brush my teeth, wash my face, and try not to fall back to sleep.
  12. - Wake up half-hour before I have to catch the bus for work
    - Consider taking a shower
    - Don't take a shower
    - Put on clothes that I most likely wore yesterday (And the day before, and the day before that...)
    - Waste time on internet
    - Nearly miss bus

    Maybe I'll eat breakfast at work. Otherwise, I hold out until lunch.
  13. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, I sleep in to any hour I wish, wake up, brew some tea or coffee and straight to the computer. Teetch get brushed after the consumption of sugary bevs.

    Wednesdays and Thursdays I wake up to October suffocating me with his weight and smothering me to death with kisses at 5:30 in the AM, Coffee, dropped off with laundry and check Iwaku on my phone.

    Weekends...October wakes me up as early as he can to get groceries and/or odds and ends.

    I always have to make my pouty Fijo face to get the Caramel Coffee Creamer.
  14. Are you telling me there are people out there who are not going to the toilet as first business of the day?!
  15. My ritual is meticulously designed for my own well-being, and is something that took one helluva week to get into habit. I think morning rituals are extremely important indicators and deciders of how well you spend your day.

    7.15 am. My SAD light alarm clock will be 100% bright, and my alarm will go off playing generic bird noises around 10-20 minutes after my sleepphone headband-speakers stop playing hypnosis music - i'll know this to be the case as generic ambient music is usually playing at this point, showing that I haven't somehow turned off the hypnosis, which sometimes happens but less so now that my sleepphones are wirelessly connected to my phone. Because of that, as of recently, at 7.30, my custom alarm goes off, playing an alarm playlist of "Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk", "Jackson 5 - I want you back" and "Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel - Ain't no mountain high enough".

    At 7.40-7.45 I get up, and first thing I do is grab my big tumbler of water, drinking the whole thing. I then go to the bathroom, refill the tumbler, and start a shower as well as take care of things. After my shower, I dry, drink the water, go into my room and while naked + relaxed. Start my bio-energetics, which is me basically jumping up and down, touching the ground, while making caveman noises, it a ball slappingly good experience, as it warms me up, relaxes my body, and generally sets my body in gear to set out the day. I then slap on boxers, and get on with oral and facial hygiene. At this point, if I've not slept in too much, it should be 8.10 at latest.

    I put on clothes, make sure I look dapper, and head down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. At 8.20, i'll grab my pre-made breakfast drink, which is made once a week and put into a chilled bottle. The drink is kale, celery, spinach and broccolli, all juiced up into a bottle. Every morning. I pour some into a blending bottle, add wheat grass, manuka honey, matcha tea (and as of late my mates 'green stuff' which is a mix of all kinds of things), half a tea spoon of flax seed oil, and half an apple. I blend it, put a cap on the bottle, and head of to check my bag - something I set the night before, checking to make sure it's all there.

    One last look in the mirror at 8.30 and I'm out the house, I walk about 2 blocks to a bus stop, that takes me to the doorstep of my college in about 15-20 minutes. I spend that time doing some light meditation, simply staring at a spot and being aware of my surroundings and my thoughts, but not active in either. A more traditional form of meditation than bio-energetics.

    I then get into my college at about 8.55, buy a coffee, head to my class, set up my work, check my phone's "" app for my tasks of that day, and then read over my brief and action plan for that class. I'll then start my work, drinking my green juice with my coffee, and bish bang bosh. After about 20 minutes and another much needed trip to the toilet, i'm usually off working on my day. :D
  16. I used to, but now a days I can sit at my computer for three hours in the morning before getting up to do that xD
  17. I check my messages on my phone before I get out of bed. And I check my webcomics. And I respond to some stuff. Maybe watch YouTube. When I do get up, I get dressed right away. Then I brush my teeth cause my mouth feels gross in the morning, do my hair etc at the same time, and head off to work. If it's a day off I usually stay in bed til lunchtime and get up cause I'm hungry
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  18. A life well lived

    - Roll out of bed on time.
    - Use the potty.
    - Wash face, brush teeth, a spritz of perfume or a little lotion so I feel pretty.
    - Feed the cats.
    - Fix breakfast. A smoothie with my vitamins blended in and something tasty.
    - Clean the litter box.
    - Check my dragons and my idoll.
    - Quick glance over facebook.
    - Spend two to fours hours checking messages and handling issues on iwaku.

    And yadda yadda and so on. >>


    - Fuck you why did I wake up three hours early OR Fuck you I am sleeping an extra three hours.
    - Use the potty.
    - Stumbled dazed and half awake to the computer and check dragons.
    - Feed the cats.
    - Spend two to four hours checking messages and handling issues on iwaku.
    - Realize I never ate anything. Godammit I don't feel like fucking with the blender or making breakfast.
    - Return to fixing things on Iwaku.
    - Uuugh need to eat something, oh hey, a banana.

    ETC. ETC. ETC.
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