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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, May 26, 2015.

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  1. Because stupid cbox conversations are fun!

  2. An iPhone. Magic Device. 3% Durability (it's at 3% Battery)
    a Skyrim T-shirt +3 Defense, extra against dragons,

    my Portable Hard Drive with everything on it, (Complete Into the Archives Quest.)

    and a LEGO Minifigure with a bunch of rare pieces. Rare Artifact, sells for 1000 Silver.
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  3. Sassy tank top, underwear, gym shorts, and glasses! :D

    (Which is actually what I'm almost always wearing. Phoenix is hot!)
  4. A bath towel.
  5. A USB drive full of porn.
  6. 1x half-eaten slice of Bread Pudding (Restores 2 Health)

    1x glasses with photo-reactive lenses (+1 save vs Dazzling)

    1x keycard to Ally Financial (use to unlock Take out the Collectors side-quest)

    1x cotton shirt (peasant-grade)

    1x jeans (broken condition)

    1x underwear (+1 to track allied Irishmen)
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  7. Nothing but my student debt.
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  8. 1x Peasant shirt

    1x Silver chain

    1x Holy Amulet

    1x Glasses of Uneven Lenses
  9. Clothing (Shirt, undershirt, underwear, pants, socks, the whole shebang)
    A hair tie

    That's it.

    One of those corpses you click on to loot and just say "What the fuck is wrong with you?" and then lose your hope in looting.
  10. One set of entirely black clothes, +1 stealth.
    One set of cheap headphones, +1 to "Bard" skill.
    One pack of cigarettes, -1 HP.
    One lighter.
    One debit card, +50gp.
    One ID card. You can now access new locations!
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  12. All my hopes and dreams.


    All they would have are my clothes and five dollars. :D
  13. They would have my iPhone with a cracked screen, missing glass up in the corner (with tape over the hole), a broken home button, faded color, and scratches on it everywhere.

    At this point I'd think it would be more useful to just take my hairband and get out...
  14. 1 box of matches
    1 pocket of nails
    1 knife
    1 penniless wallet
    1 bandaid that was used but shoved in my pocket by my nephew
    1 or two hands digging in said pockets for my loot
  15. 1 AA battery recharger with space for four AA batteries.
    1 Xbox 360 control with two rechargeable AA battery inside.
    1 Android Cellphone.
    Combining pajamas.
    1 Electric Guitar.
    One pair of Flip-Flops.
    1 Universal Controller with two rechargeable AA battery inside.
  16. A Cerberus squishable and boxers.

    That'll show those pesky adventurers.
  17. Expensive clothing.
  18. One tie dyed shirt (Restore Health 50%)
    One pair of glasses (+1 Intellect, +1 Facial Defense)
    One blanket that looks like a bowling alley floor (Practically useless. Sell for 10 silver)
  19. 1 Old T-shirt
    1 Pair of black capris
    A nice pair of glasses
    And a crappy lumia phone
  20. A freaking gold mine...

    My laptop, cellphone, backup battery pack, gym shorts, emergency pack of cigerettes, vaporizer... weed vaporizer, weed and condoms. o____o;

    ...I plan for a good time. >_____>
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