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  1. @Shinku⭐Kun Is there a particular number of attacks/fights that Magica Girls can withstand before they become corrupted? I'd just like to know so that I can get a handle on how my Magica Girl is gonna fight~ (I'm thinking of the wind type and they're gonna be calculating as all hell~)
  2. Well I only thought it necessary because of my character's calculating personality. If she observes a battle or does battle herself, she knows her threshold.

    If you could make a small guide regarding some of the actual battle thresholds for the characters, I would appreciate that greatly. If you just want to explain it here, that's all good too.

    Also, is it possible to reroll an attack if your character absolutely would not use the result? Like Fury Mode? I have a feeling my character would rarely go all-out to attack a low-level Berserker, but if that's the case, I could always come up with a reason.

    Also, thank you for answering my questions. I'd just like to know some rules before I go and try to just fake my way through it. @_@
  3. That is just something that I can do that drain me completely and is only used once before. I vowed never to use it again so it's no longer mentioned and I'm working on removing that from my magic.

    Just a note: Adding to the map/settings. This won't necessarily change things as far as the storyline goes, except for some descriptions, but ultimately it will add to the entire world itself and hopefully make things MORE interesting and fun :-D
  5. What kind of information you think it needs to be spread by word and what do you mean with that last part?
  6. "It' just a saying."
  7. She has ideas but I probably need help lol