Your Life in 10 Songs

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  1. We all have music we like, but sometimes we have songs that really speak to us. Some of you may be used to picking theme songs for your characters; what I'd like you to do is similar, but the "character" is you, and I'd like to see the story of your life illustrated in 10 songs (in chronological order!).

    You can explain your choices, or leave the music to speak for itself.

    Here are my ten.

    The story of my life. (open)
    1. Poe - Hey Pretty


    2. Coldplay - Don't Panic


    3. The Birthday Massacre - Falling Down


    4. Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


    5. Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)


    6. Florence + The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms


    7. Keane - Somewhere Only We Know


    8. Keane - Is It Any Wonder?


    9. Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All the Time


    10. The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun

  2. I guess that it would look somewhat like this.

    My life in ten songs (open)

    1. Welcome to my life - simple plan

    2. Perfect - simple plan

    3. My true self - vocaloid kagamine rin

    4. Why did I fall in love with you - DBSK

    5. Because of you - Kelly Clarkson

    6. I nobody believed in you - Joe Nichols

    7. Swear to.. - Pandora hearts character song

    8. Conversations with my 13 year old self

    9. Not alone - Red

    10. High school never ends - Don't know who has done it xD (graduates in some month's so this is a little future thingy xD haha)
  3. This is my 10. It could totally change, tomorrow. For today, this is it. =D










  4. #1) Fireflies by Amanda Falk, even though it's a love song, I listen to this song whenever I want to think about my uncle. He was like my father figure, and I did everything with him when I was little, but things went bad and now he's pretty much dead to my family, I miss him soo much, but I'm afraid to tell my family I still love him. <3


    #2) Concrete Angel by Martina McBride


    #3) Barbie Girl by Aqua, just cauz this was my favorite CD to listen to as a kid, and this was my favorite song haha


    #4)Who Knew by Pink, for Logan.


    5) Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne, who knew I'd be with him today? :P


    6) If I Die Young by The Band Perry, for my cousin Meagen M. RIP <3

    7) Old School by Hedley, for my friends and everybody I graduated with haha


    8) The Story of Us by Taylor Swift, for the relationship that didn't (and know I know), and will never work out


    9) Ours by Taylor Swift, for the relationship that's working out :)


    10) I Wouldn't Mind by He Is We, <3


    So those are my 10 songs, and going through them, I've kind of realized that my past kinda really sucks ass haha, but everything's getting better, slowly but surely :)

  5. I didn't link anything, cause I figured if anyone is really interested in listening they can youtube.

    1. A wanderers star - By Slumber

    2. Fear of the Dark - By Iron Maiden

    3. Don't cry (Alt lyrics) - by Guns 'N Roses

    4. Lost hawks - By Andre Nickatina

    5. Moterbreath - By Metallica

    6. Spikeyhead + Miremaid - By Mechanical Poet

    7. For my Fallen angle - By My Dying Bride

    8. My Evil revelations - By Old Man's Child

    9. What's on your mind? - By The Dayton Family

    10. The thin ice - By Pink Floyd
  6. Staci Life. (open)
    Mama <3

    My Guys. <3 Girls were mean. I stuck with the guys.

    Turning point - seventh grade - sang this at a talent show. Truly believed it spoke for how I felt.

    First love/abusive one. He's nice now though. Saved him from suicide and all that jazz. I regret nothing. -nod.-

    BDD started. Moreso the lyrics at the chorus, and moreso physically. I liked myself inside.

    Realizing I was a nerd, and finally being proud of it.


    Loving college~ <3<3<3<3

    le sigh. Max. Fluffy Hair Man.


    Song list~
    And, yes, I freaking ADORED Pink as a kid. SO MUCH. I had every one of her cds! And actually sold them in a garage sale last year to try and bring up more money for college loans... T ^T' I miss them. But.. I wanted to help out as much as I could.. so I threw in so much stuff I kind of loved. -sigh.- </3

    Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    Cousins - Vampire Weekend
    Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
    Who Knew - Pink
    Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink
    Nerd Girl Love - Random Girl On Youtube I Dunno :D
    The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - The Flaming Lips
    Daylight - Matt and Kim
    Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
    We Are Golden - MIKA
  7. Dunno how to do the spoiler thing so I'll go with no links XP

    1.) Good Riddance - Green Day
    ~Growing up with different ways to go~

    2.) You're the One that I want - Grease
    ~Finding my fiancee~

    3.) Her Eyes - Pat Monahan
    ~Relationship with Fiancee~

    4.) When We Die - Bowling for soup
    ~Rocky spot with Newly Divorced Parents~

    5.) Here Comes Goodbye - Rascal Flatts
    ~Fiancee left after cheating with Football player~

    6.) Hold On - Good Charlotte
    ~Dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts DX~

    7.) Stronger - Sarah Evans
    ~Getting over ex-fiancee and moving on~

    8.) Beat back Love - Jaron and the long road to love
    ~Unsuccessfully trying to date best friend~

    9.)Party Rock - LMFAO
    ~Party timez woo!~

    10.) Feeling This - Blink 182
    ~New girl with confused dream of the ex~

    This is a topic that was fun and took me an hour to research XD
  8. My songs. I won't put links up right away cuz I'm cleaning my house.

    Story of the Year - Until the Day I Die

    Say Anything - Say Anything (Seriously youtube this shit)

    Chiodos - Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With A Monkey Face) (Stalker songgggggggggg, but seriously.)

    Snow Patrol - You're All I Have

    Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar

    Citizen Cope - Son's Gonna Rise (This was for my son's birth)

    Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

    Death Cab for Cutie - Tiny Vessels (I'm a liar and I've lied to people who have loved me, when I didn't really love them. Doesn't apply to my current relationship, but it has to a past one)

    Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

    the Early November - Hair (Because I've come to realize that everyone hides something, some deceit behind their smiles)
  9. Kerli- the creationist ((i seem to make the best out of things and smile even when im crying because i can turn anything into a happy thought))
    emilie autumn -thank god im pretty ((everyone who calls me a slut because of how i look..and i just sing this song to them. its more fun to agree with them and see their faces then disagree and have a debate))
    amanda palmer- runs in the family ((if you knew my family you would understand why im bat shit crazy))
    2NE1- cant nobody ((i know im the best and nobody going to tell me otherwise))
    lily allen- smile ((i have the biggest mean streak for the ex who cheated so i love this song because it says what i want to do.))
    amy winehouse- love is a loosing game ((had my heart broken way to many times but i guess you can say i never learn...i wish i did though DX))
    amanda palmer ((again))- map of Tasmania ((this is just a fun song about pubes that i can usually find myself singing at the most random times it always brings a smile to my face look this up if you want a laugh))
    lady Soverign - love me or hate me ((like the lyrics say if you love me then thank you if you hate me then fuck you))
    britney spears - circus ((Ok admit it who doesnt love britney...i have no idea what the song has to do with my life but well i just want this song on my life playlist))
    Cher....believe ((who doesnt want to be this bitch i mean hell she can pull off anything stick a feather in her ass and she will make a peacock envious))
  10. Woah Boy. I got it.
    Iliana's Songs (open)

    1. Monsters.

    2. The Trooper.

    3. Naive.

    4. Shh Boom.

    5. Rock the Casba.

    6. A Day in the Life of a Fool.

    7. Change.

    8. Take Me Out.

    9. Soft Touch.

    10. Lilith in Libra.
  11. Props for knowing the Pink Spiders, Kitti-sama. <3

  12. Well, here goes:

    1. Wherever I May Roam - Metallica
    2. Black No. 1 - Type O Negative
    3. Up All Night - Hinder
    4. Numb - Linkin Park
    5. Fake It - Seether
    6. Pain - Three Days Grace
    7. Sancta Terra - Epica
    8. Patience - Guns n' Roses
    9. Bring Me To Life - Evanesence
    10. Second Chance - Shinedown

    The first song could very easily be put as every other song as I have moved so many times in my life I almost can't count the places I've been. Because of this I have a very hard time making new friends and an even worse track record with men. Until now I can happily say. Number 9 goes to my current companion and number ten belongs to my parents which have recently pretty much shunned me.
  13. YAY! My very first post and I already get to play drama queen! This is awesome! So here's my life in ten (very tricky to pick) songs:

    1. Alive and Kicking - Simple Minds
    2. Baby I'm a Star - Prince
    3. Last in Line - Dio
    4. Magic Man - Heart
    5. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins
    6. Two Out of Three - Meatloaf
    7. Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
    8. Stars - Simply Red
    9. My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
    10. Never Surrender - Corey Heart
  14. This song also feels pretty applicable to my life sometimes.

  15. I had to really think about it for a few days. XD Cause there's a LOT of songs I have applied to my life. Picking 10 was tricky.

    1. Bon Jovi - It's My Life
    2. Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day
    3. Natasha Bedingfield - Pocket Full of Sunshine
    4. Whitesnake - Here I go Again
    5. Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
    6. L'ame Immortelle - Rearranging
    7. Three Days Grace - I hate Everything About You
    8. Poets of the Fall - Someone Special
    9. Stereomud - Perfect Self
    10. George Michael - Freedom 90

    Most of these songs are positive and inspirational. I have always found myself most drawn to those to help make myself feel better during rough points. O___O But ever so often a darker song would reflect a feeling I had so strongly, that it's there.

    There are SO many more songs on teh Diana sound-track to life. t____t
  16. In no particular order, in the form of artist - title.:

    1. Looptroop Rockers - Professional Dreamer

    2. Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have

    3. Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

    4. Kansas - Dust In The Wind

    5. Grieves - Light Speed

    6. Jester - Crossing The Street

    7. Mac Lethal - Suitcase

    8. Scarface - Smile (feat. Tupac)

    9. Promoe - Headache

    10. Cecil Otter - Demon Girl

    A little "off the beaten path" compared to some of the other selections listed above. It's also not completely indicative of my *entire* life to date. These are merely the first ones that came to mind.