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Your legendary sword's name!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mid, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Death Destroyer

  2. Heartwaster
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  3. King Destroyer
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  4. Night Stinger

    Oooo~ I like it!
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  6. Death Breaker O.o

    No. So, using my real name...

    Oath Breaker. That's so much better.
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  7. War Abolisher..

    So.. Do I have a twin blade named Peace Keeper somewhere?
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  8. Peace Slasher...

    Why does it sound so lame :/
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  9. Death Crusher.

    Hm, not bad.
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  10. For once mine isn't name. Kingdom Killer! Time ta be evil!
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  11. King Provider....

    The fuck does it mean?!

    Fuck, I renounce that sword. I'ma just choose one from random...

    "Light Taker" It'll do.
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  12. Are we like, the same person? O:
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  13. Maaayyyybe. It's rather cramped in your head. :p
  14. Castle Slayer. That's right, fuck fighting people one on one, I'll slay the whole castle in one blow.
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  15. Might you be a Lanister in hiding?

    @Time Turtle I honestly thought of Laguna and Squall from Final Fantasy 8 lol.

    These names are also great to add to stories!
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  16. Going by my Chinese name though...

    Lineage Crusher.

  17. EX-CALIBAAAAAA D:< (open)
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  18. Dark taker
  19. Lord Protector...

    Welp, I'm off to dispose of the monarchy and subjugate the Irish.
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  20. Nightslayer.

    Sun all day errday.

    Is it too late to make dumb dark souls references?


    I'll be going with this instead;

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