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  1. In this roleplay the vampires realize that their blood supply is growing very low. In order to survive they are each given one human and must make there humans blood last for at least a month. The prince is not happy about this at all and thinks that he we kill his prisoner on spot. How long will she survive in the prince's lair and more importantly... how long will he?
  2. Red-HeadGirl.jpg Emily slowly started to awaken. As she moved her head throbbed uncontrollably. "Where am I?" She said aloud knowing no one could hear her. She was on a large bed and the room was dark. The only light she had was a candle that lit the night. Slowly she started to get up from the bed using her hands to guide her through the darkness. She bumped into many things along the way until she reached a door handle. She quickly gripped it turning it ever so slowly. As she started to turn it she realized it would only go so far, the door was locked from the inside? "What the hell is going on here?" She said as she stood by the door in darkness. "Have I been kidnapped?" She thought to herself?" The last thing she could remember was being warm in her bed. Yet now she laid in a total different place. Irritated and scared she began to panic banging on the door. When no one came she fell to her knees. She glanced at a corner in the room to notice her gym bag. With her eyebrows arched she headed towards it. Her headphones and ipod were there. Along with clothes and femine items, but where was her phone?
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  5. Marshall walked into the room looking for his designated human. He was really weak so he couldn't float he simply walked in and called for his human. Come on. I need blood right now! I feel like I'm about to pass out. Marshall coughed heavily and corruptly.
  6. Emily jumped up when the door flew open. Her eyes wide when she saw it was another boy that looked her age. She was about to ask him if he was hear to help her escape from this place until she heard the words come from his mouth. Full of fear she took a few steps back. "I'm sorry did you just say you needed blood." Her eyes staring at his eyes. Trying to figure out what was going through his mind.
  7. He growled a little.
    Marshall seemed a little annoyed by this girl. He was feverish and he needed blood. He stopped for a second to get a good look at her.
    Wow she's...cute haha he thought to himself. Yet he didn't care at the moment.
    Yes. What's so hard to understand just a little bit for now. I'm not going to kill you. I promise.
    Marshall fell onto his knees. He was getting weak. He snarled at his human,
  8. Emily didn't know what to think of this boy. She was about to walk over to him when he began to yell. Fear strucken she jumped back. "Stay away from me." She said. She could tell how weak he was and was temped to make a run for the door that stayed open. She had a feeling that even though he was weak he would dtill be able to catch her. Looking around the room she noticed two other doors. The light from the hallway showed everything more clearly now. As fast as she could she crawled on the bed away from his grasp running for the smaller door. When she opened it she quickly ran inside closing and locking it behind her. When she found the switch she flicked it on. Glancing around she noticed she was in a very lard bathroom. Fear still within her she walked over to the oversized bathtub and sat in it. Drawing her knees up to her chest and hugging herself. It wasn't long after that she began to cry.
  9. Marshall bared his fangs and got up. He stumbled a little bit to the small door. He knocked. I know you're in there human! Come on out now! he said knocking again. He let out a psychotic laugh his emo hair hanging down into his eyes. He punched a hole through the door and pulled the door knob off, then kicked the door down. He sniffed around for her, then opened the curtains to the bath tub. There you are sweet cheeks! he said, once again letting off that psychotic laugh, however it ended in a scratchy cough. He grabbed the human girl's arm roughly and tightly. He pulled her out of the bathtub forcibly and got ready to bite into her neck.
  10. Emily covered her mouth trying to drown out her scream. When he pulled back the curtain she could she the crazed in his eyes. She let a scream when he yanked her from the bathtub. "Let me go!!" She screamed pushing his face away from her neck. "Please let me go please." She was shaking and crying umcontrollably. Why was this happening to her? She knew that she wasn't going to stop. Even though he was weak he was still stronger than her. She let out a low whimper before she finnaly surrenderd to him.
  11. Marshall breathes heavily. Don't put up a fight next time. he said a little irritated. It's hopeless he got ready to bite into his human's neck You may feel a slight....who am I kidding this will hurt. Just brace yourself! Marshall bit into his human swallowing fast. When he felt a little better he slowed down. As he took his fangs out of her neck. He gave her water. This will help you regenerate your blood.

    Marshal sat down on the side of the bathtub and stared at his new human.

    What is your name human girl?
  12. Emily let a a scream with his fangs pierced her skin. Everything became blurry as her eyes began to water. When her body grew numb she felt him release her from his grip. She watched as he filled a glass full of water for her. She grabbed it with shaky hands. When he asked her what her name was she looked up with watery eyes. "I can see i'm never getting out of this hell hole so you might as well call me your slave!" Without taking a drink she placed the glass on the counter and walked out. Pulling her hair out of the ponytail. Her silky red hair fell over her neck and shoulders instantly. She headed to her bag and grabbed her headphones and ipod. Placing the headphones on she leaned in a corner closing her eyes and listening to her music. Placing it on high so she couldn't hear anything around her.
  13. Marshall stood over her and shook his head. After a good few minutes of examining her he walked out and shut the door behind him. He walked into his bedroom and switched on his TV. He then took off his clothes and floated into the shower. After taking a long shower, he laid in a coffin of blood that he had salvaged before the last the humans in his area had been wiped out. He buried himself in the blood and the coffin closed automatically. He promised he would never drink the blood that was in his coffin unless it was an emergency. So he slept still thinking about the human girl that was bought to him by his father, the king of the vampires.
  14. When Emily finally decided to open her eyes she noticed that he was gone. She took her headphones off and headed for the door. Her heart fell when she realized it was lock. For a moment she just stood there. With one hand on the door handle and her eyes closed. Then after she opened her eyes once more and sat on the bed. She grabbed her ipod and began to look through the pictures. When she got to a picture of her family she through the picture at the wall and buried her face a pillow. Soon after her crying she was fast asleep.
  15. As morning came Marshall rised and stretched. He then made breakfast for his slave. No matter what the other vampires said, he was going to respect his human and try his best to make her feel comfortable. He cooked up some eggs and bacon, two nice biscuits, and orange juice for a drink. He brought the food back up to her door. He then opened it and bared the plate of food. I know you're hungry...Emily. he said with a warm smile. I'm sorry about last night. I just felt like I was on the verge of death is all....please come enjoy the food in my dining room. He moved out of the way to let her walk out.

    Why would he follow what the other vampires did...abuse, disrespect, punishment. Marhsall wasn't like that. And besides...he liked her.
  16. Emily's face was still buried in her pillow when she heard someone speak her name. At first it sounded like her dad so with happy eyes she jumped up. "Dad!" She said looking around. When she noticed the boy she let out a sigh. "Oh it's you." She said in a low voice. "How did you know my name?" She asked him looking into his face. "I know I didn't tell you what it was and thank you for the offer but I'm not hungry." She grabbed some clothes, her toothbrush, and other feminine care before heading to the bathroom. She thought about grabbing her ipod until she remembered why she threw it there in the first place. She glanced back at him still not knowing his name. This was the first time she glanced his way and to her surprise he was actually really cute. She arched an eyebrow before shaking her head. "You can see your way out." She said before heading to the bathroom it was then that she realized what he did to the bathroom door. She bit her lip and then looked back at him with a face that said, "What am I suposse to do now?"
  17. Marshall frowned in confusion, y-you sure you're not hungry? he said while putting down the plate. He then spoke to her again. Kind of rummaged through your iPod when you were asleep. Oh and uh. You broke it. I fixed it for you... he dug his hand into his pocket and showed it to her. He then walked over to her and slipped it in to her pocket. Oh and the door? don't have to stay in this room can stay in my actual house. My damned father built these rooms for each vampire's living place. But I'm not leaving you in this.....dungeon. Marshall led her out of her room then let her adventure around the house. You can choose which ever room you want...and by the way my name is Marshall Lee.
  18. Emily was surprised at how kind he was being. "Any room is fine as long as it has a bathroom." She said in a quiet voice She followed him in silence as he led the way through the house. "There are... other vampires here?" She asked hugging her things closer to her chest. Just the thought of more vampires roming around made her skin crawl. "Why... why are you guys taking humans like this. Do you dislike us that much?" She didn't understand the vampire world and she wasn't sure if she wanted to.
  19. There are no other vampires here...yet...but when they do show up I promise I will protect you from them. Marshall lifted his feet off the ground and floated infront of her then hugged her. I'm sorry for this...I really am. Vampires have no choice against the vampire king, my father, however most of the vampire's agreed with this. I didn't. There's a shortage of human blood, and we can't just live on animal blood. So this is how this all came up...I'm sorry to put you and your family through this. Please forgive... he was interrupted by a knock on the door. He looked outside the window and noticed about 3 other vampires at his door with their humans. He then turned his head back to Emily More vampires...with their humans. He turned back and noticed the humans were on leashes and were all dirty. My god what is wrong with my people!? Marshall thought to himself. along ok?
  20. Emily wasn't sure what to do when Marshall hovered over to her and gave her a hug. So simply stood there. As he hugged her, her body slowly lifted of the ground. The tip of her toes were the only thing that met the floor. When she heard him speak of her family she sucked in a breath. "Was he family here too?" She thought quietly to herself. When he released her she hugged her things to her once more. " along ok?" She heard him say. It was then that she took a glance out the window. She turned to face Marshall. "Are you going to have to put a leash on me too?" She said looking down at the gorund waiting for his answer.