Your Last Meal

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  1. What would your last meal consist of? Is it something fancy or something simple? ​
  2. Fugu aka Pufferfish. I mean hey, I wouldn't have to worry about it killing me, would I?
  3. Hmm... nothing. I would rather not eat the last day before my death. It's not as if it's necessary for survival, it would just be a waste of perfectly good food (thus, unnecessarily killed animals, plants and/or fungi). Furthermore one's bowels sometimes become loose at the moment of death, which is not very dignified. Of course I would technically still have a last meal at some point, but not shortly before death, I would probably not know it's the last, it wouldn't have the same meaning, and I wouldn't care what it would be.
    Maybe something suitable for libation, at most, but that doesn't count as a meal.
  4. This is a difficult decision...

    I think it might end up being a broccoli chicken casserole. >> But maybe roast beef au jus. Or maybe drunken pot roast.
  5. My last meal would consist of a grand feast of all the sugary and fatty foods we're meant to keep away from for health reasons.
  6. PUSSAH.

    Haha just kidding. Not really.

    -Belgian Waffles with Strawberries
    -A Baconator
    -McDonald's fries
    -A cucumber (literally just a whole cucumber)
    -Trix cereal
    -A root beer float
    -Chocolate milk

    That is the best I can do.
  7. Baked chicken with a cream and crab sauce stuffing over a bed of angel hair pasta in a lemon butter sauce.
    And a glass of Coeur Esterelle Rosé to go with it. >:[
  8. Beef Wellington. I've never tried it, and dammit, I want to. May as well make it my last meal while I'm alive, yeah? Although...Aigilas has a point with the "empty your bowels after death" thing. o.o
  9. Does a big bowl of ice cream count as a meal? not as dessert....
  10. If I could get anything, it would probably consist of a glass of water- followed by a bag of corn starch and a chunk of raw meat.
    I'd tell them that I was going to cook the raw meat manually with the recipe of my people using the corn starch, and ask for a lighter. If they don't give it, I'll just drink the water and be done with it. However, If they *do* give me a lighter...

    I'd leave the meat where I got it, then fill my mouth with Corn starch. I'd wait for someone to come near me, then start the lighter and blow out my corn starch. The corn starch would filter through the flame and catch on fire, sending a gust of sticky flame directly at whoever I'm going to take down with me. Then I'd drink the water because fire is a jerk, and wait for my vengeful stabbings to the everywhere.
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  11. Chicago style pizza and a massive hunk of some sort of dry cured meat.
  12. Man this is a tough one... I'd prob go simple and have me a Buffalo chicken pizza... mmm mmm mmm... GREAT NOW IM HUNGRY!!!!