Your Iwaku Twin!

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  1. You have one. You know you do!

    Is there someone on Iwaku that enjoys the same things you do, relates to you so easily, that they just HAVE to be your twin?! You two are so much in common its scary and bad ass at the same time!? D:



    Let us know of your commons! :D
  2. T^T I don't know anyone who is like me :c

    Likes purple, eating, singing, dancing (but can't even move my hips)
    Is weird, crazy, mildly perverted, shy at times
    Hates hotdog, maccaroni, and seafood
    Has a stupid humour and laugh at idiotic things.

    Something like that D: No one is like that...Not that I know of
  3. ^ I vote for this person as my twin. :)
  4. D'aww Heijin! :D

    I cheat because I'm so well-rounded, I am common with everyone! Dx

    Even Satrina! (Even though I love seafood and maccarroni. ;[) Everything else though is on point!
  5. yuck, see? almost everyone loves macaroni and seafood :c I am just plain weird
  6. I don't know. o_O

    I would have to say closest so far would have to be Juku with the turtlesturtlesturtles. =D

    But in terms of other likes, I have no idea. =P

    Anyone like figure skating / dance / martial arts / frisbee
    Wants nothing to do with romance
    Is close to vegan (but can't go all the way because of her undying love of ice cream and baked goods)
    Oh, and most importantly, a love for turtles?

    ... Also, I don't like macaroni or seafood, but that's because I don't like cheese and don't eat seafood. ^^;
    Hmm ... I also like purple, eating, singing, and dancing. Except unlike you, I can move my hips, but my voice is probably a little off. =P
  7. Ampoule.

    That is all.

    Although it's more like THE BOSS & SNAKE. . . but whatevs.
  8. I love turtles D: I used to have a little one and had to let it go into the pond T^T But romance... I wish I wouldn't want it...
  9. Aww no!

    There was someone in my dorm who moved out who had two turtles for free, but I was gone for the summer so someone else claimed them. Y_Y I was so sad.
  10. Pretty sure my twin is Jinx although not because our personalities are similiar. XD Simply because we're both from the same city, are Asian, and ended up moving out of our hometown.
  11. No twin but I have a sibling here! :D

  12. THIS
  13. I have no twins. I have minions.
  14. Rory is my doppelgänger not my twin. Thought the reasons for this have become murky and diffused over the years.
  15. This what? D:
  16. Was this a bit inspired by the Dynamic Duo? ;D
  17. you have a waifu too! D<

  18. You love turtles!
  19. PSHH Of course I do! They are so adorable <3
  20. Turtles are the best!