Your island paradise.

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  1. Imagine that you get to have a small island all to yourself. It's your own special little island. Is it tropical? Wintery? Beaches or with big cliffs?

    Tell me about your perfect island paradise. >:D
  2. I support this line of thinking. Mine would be a tropical island paradise with lots of beachfront as well as a fancy hoity toity villa house with all the amenities! Palm trees, clear blue waters for as far as the eye could see and white sand on the beaches! Pretty colorful fish everywhere!
  3. Same with me!
    A pretty island with sandy shores and lots and lots of pretty beach water.
    Something like Besaid Island In FFX.
    With little houses and lots of trees and mountains to climb! :D
  4. I am supposed to be living in one..... so yeah.
  5. This island:


    Or this one:

    Give me a metropolis... I can't live away from civilization ;_;
  6. I know Orochi is going to say something like he'd live in a loli harem or something, but I wanted to say it first, best island would be a harem full of nubile young women with big tits.
  7. I prefer a lot of each, but I like cliffs and rocky areas in the water too! Not fun to swim in that area, but beautiful. AND LOTS OF SCURRYING CRABS! Which would attract Crab Eating Foxes. And maybe gray foxes. Also crank the heat and humidity up until the thermostat breaks. And lots of beautiful flora and diverse fauna. I'd want a few other people there. And I'd also want it tropical enough that rainy mornings are common! I WANT A COUPLE DRAGON FRUIT TREES TOO! They're my FAVORITE fruit! And an awesome personal cook! WHO KNOWS AWESOME ITALIAN RECIPES! And better know over 10,000 dessert recipes!

    /huggles a picture of her city/

    Yeah, CharbCharb has a point :P I never thought of it that way, but I doubt I could live very long without the skyscrapers, computers and cafes xD

    Maaybe, if it were CLEAN EVERYWHERE and a little more futuristic and less rusty, then it would be my island paradise :D

  9. Awesome! NYC is where I live now too, though originally I'm from Miami. ^_^ I love it here... there's no place like it. You're right, it can be a little gritty, but for me that's what gives it character! I'm addicted to big cities; even in movies I'm obsessed with them--the main reason I liked Star Wars episodes I-III so much is because Coruscant figured so largely in them, compared to the dry and dusty/snowy/foresty landscapes of the original Star Wars movies. I wanna see every major city in the world someday...
  10. give me a moderately populated, relatively large island.

    the absolute essentials, that i would not be able to live without;

    a fuckhuge library (if i aint got internet/electricity, i NEED books.)

    good fishing (and fishing rods, hooks, etc.)