Your IQ score means.......

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    Have you ever had your IQ tested? How serious did you take the results?​
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  3. Canadian researchers? Clearly, the researchers were watching a hockey game in a bar when someone asked if the Leafs had scored any goals.

    In all seriousness though, I did have my IQ tested twice as a kid. Being that I was young (ages 4 and 9), I didn't interpret the results. :P

    An IQ test, though, is meant to be a measure of logic, NOT of intelligence.
  4. My school gave me an IQ test in grade 6 when I failed the school year and was held back. I'm thinking they were checking to see if I was literally stupid or just not trying (the latter was my case). I scored a 114, so I guess I'm average.

    I honestly didn't really care that much about it, though, I was just pleased to know that they knew I wasn't stupid.