Your Invitation Has Arrived

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  1. I also made a fun new thread in the Interest-Check-thingy-section-ma-bob:

    The rebellion is over!
    District 13 has been obliterated! Never again will an uprising attempt to usurp the power from the Capitol.

    Introducing, The Hunger Games! A newly developed program to keep all the districts in line. Not only will we squelch all hope from these peasants who dream to be our equals, but we will make sure that no more pipe dreams will ever interfere with our way of life again.

    You may have noticed the new posters around our beautiful city. They offer great ways for
    YOU to have an interactive experience with our new Games!

    For the first time in the history of Panem, we invite you to take part in the First Annual Hunger Games!

    * This advertisement has been brought to you by the Gamemaster’s Campaign

    ** Your Capitol would like to continually remind you that morphling abuse is a crime and violators will be
  2. Is this a rp invitation or a fanbase for the hunger games? Both are cool, but I'm just curious.