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  1. I was chatting with Ozzie the other day and this briefly came up. Cause I was talking about my inevitable FAMOUSNESS and then my realization that there's prolly a lot of stuff on the internet that might come back to haunt me because I have always been a very public person. O__O

    So today I was looking up ways to reduce my internet footprint and trying to decide if it's even worth it, because I talk too damn much about myself. >:[

    What is your Internet Footprint? Are you good at keeping all your personal stuff offline? Are you easily researched and looked up across different websites?
  2. You type my name into Google, and WHOALY SHIT I'M EVERYWHERE.

    Including my dick.

    I'm fucked when I become famous.
  3. You look up my name and you can't find me at all. You see lots on some other person with my name, but not me. My momma taught me good.

    Edit: Oh, sorry, if you look me up by my common (/nick) name, I come up in an obituary for my grandfather. ┐(ツ)┌
  4. I search my name and there's a wikipedia article about some football player. Apparently, mine is a pretty common name.

    As for my username, it is pretty unique, so barring a League of Legends player who actually shares my username, you can rather easily find my stuff. Granted, this pretty much boils down to Iwaku, my Youtube channel (nothing's on there, don't bother) and the Google+ profile I had to get with that.

    And my profile on the Alfa Legion Forum, which I very briefly took part in.
  5. I keep my shit pretty well separated

    I have an email that goes on my resume, and anywhere else I need to look professional

    I have a public email for places that I don't display too much private shit, like Iwaku, Twitter, Tumblr, Insta, etc

    Then I have a personal email that's attached to my Facebook, etc. Stuff where there's more personal shit

    I'm pretty good in all of these places at only giving personal info to people I trust implicitly. I don't post my real face (went through the picture thread last fall), specific location, job, school name, etc.

    Of course I'll never be famous anyway so at least in that context, Moot point
  6. Just using my real name, nah, there's almost nothing to be found. I've made (and soon abandoned) social network site profiles under my real name, but good luck finding anything of interest there. It also helps that I'm the fourth person in my family to have this exact name (I even have a fancy IV at the end of my name on official documents to prove it), and my grandfather with the name did some noteworthy engineering work with the US military that got some news articles written, so you're more likely to find stuff on him than on me.

    If they could connect it to my internet name Jorick then there's some shit to be found, but that's also a tricky proposition because Jorick is a name people actually use in some parts of the world so you find a bunch of Scandinavian people and some model name Cris Jorick more often than you find things from me. Nothing actually linked with me appears in the first 5 pages of a Google search for Jorick, for instance.

    For shits and giggles I also went and searched my main email account, both the full thing with "" and just the name bit (which is derived from my actual name), and the only thing I found from me was on the name-only search. It was an account I made on a site called, a site for Magic: The Gathering stuff.

    I'd say I'm decently safe from snooping shits. I don't tend to put a ton of information out there about myself, so someone casually searching likely wouldn't find anything. Someone determined might be able to find some accounts I made for various sites, but nothing all that interesting or damning (unless roleplaying forums are damning I guess). I'm okay with my internet footprint.
  7. I'd rather just imagine you as the model.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  8. Under my real name it's impossible to find me. My name is way too common. There is actually only one link connected to me that I found and that was a newspaper article about an accident that happened in front of my house.
  9. I'm just glad that because my username has Hatsune in it not very many search results actually lead to me, they usually just direct you to a bunch of Vocaloid related stuff.

    The harder it is for people to find me on Internet, the better; I've done some really embarrassing and stupid stuff on the Internet and I'd prefer it if no one ever found it.
  10. If you look up my real name you'll get a picture of my dad, some 'follow on Facebook' posts, a name mwaning website (what?) and a page from my schools website.

    If you google my screen name you'll find my Wattpad and Twitter alongside a bunch of other people who use the same name, and MLP pictures.

    My Facebook is carefully regulated and very private so good luck finding it.
  11. Good luck, hahahahaha

    But on a more serious note? I keep my secrets zealously and intelligently. I don't have any social media (so even if anyone learned my real name, they couldn't sniff out more information about me on poorly secured social sites. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr, et cetera), and the few places I do input real damning information about me are protected by the guise of anonymity. Even if someone were to, say, raid my Iwaku profile to find out more about me, all they'd know is I work at fast food, and my IP address. An IP address that pings you back to the middle of Hudson Bay. Underneath several feet of water. Woo.

    Best part is, all the most incriminating stuff about me was completely obliterated by the ever changing nature of the Internet. The worst someone could find about me is Legend of Renalta 1.0, which I posted over eight years ago. It's also hilariously awful, but yeah. That's pretty much the worst someone could find about me.

    Even then, I keep very few secrets I would be genuinely afraid of others learning. Secrets I simply don't tell others, even those I care for. Never say anything that you'd regret others learning later. :ferret:
  12. Search my real name and the first thing that comes up is an article on my surgery. Clicked on the link and couldn't even read the article unless I answered some questions.

    As for my username..nothing about me comes up.
  13. Internet footprint? More like internet crater.

    Mine's not so bad since I changed e-mails and usernames a few times through the years. Not attaching my full name to websites has helped a whole lot.

    Punch in my most-used username though and you get my Twitch, DeviantArt (and subsequent goofy doodles), and my Steam profile. Which is all good.
  14. I play college sports, an have been on the news a bit. So my name pops up a lot as well.

    Nothing I can do about it. But it isn’t bad.
  15. That's actually pretty cool.
  16. You google my real name and you won't find a bit of evidence that I even exist. I use aliases like no tomorrow and all my usernames are different.
  17. Let's see: Username. Short Real Name. Full Real Name. And fuck it here's my Phone Number.
    (Any of the 64 of you that have me on Skype have easy access to this number already btw :P)
    *Note that 64 is in my Iwaku section of friends specifically, I'm not just counting the whole list and assuming it's all Iwaku.

    For my Username you gotta get to Page 3 before you find anything that isn't involving me. And it's just some people talking about a roller coaster. Meanwhile the Images got some pictures of me (Including one shirtless me, and another that pissed off Iwaku insanely a while back) and then a shit ton of Gif's that I've used before.

    My Short Name seems to have nothing on me... Well, at least on the first few pages.
    Apparently "Anthony Faria" is more common of a name than I realized.

    My Full Name you get a little bit, all of which lead to my Facebook Profile, or a picture a friend of mine posted where I'm tagged.

    Phone Number? You get a lot of Yellow Pages and shit from what I can tell.

    Now... Outside of my username that actually doesn't look like much.
    However, note the whole Facebook connection with my full name.

    If you went to my facebook everything should be right in the open for everyone to see. None of that bribing facebook for details shit needed.

    Something I do purposely, because I find the fear of online people having info on you to be completely irrational.
    The biggest danger it provides is giving them the means to find you face to face, and in that situation... Congrats, you are now just as dangerous as the thousands of other humans I've had to interact with in person rather than behind a screen.

    (And before anyone gives the on que "Stop pushing others to be public" spiel that I tend to get every time this topic comes up. I'm not telling anyone to do anything, I'm just stating my own position on the matter. Just because I'm more public than you, doesn't mean I'm trying to force you or anyone else to be public.)
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  18. It is super easy to find my real name and stuff, BUT I did so on purpose :P There's someone that I want to find me, and they know me as Shadon rather than my real name, I made it fairly easy for one to find my real name and stuffs. Now I'm aware that there's quite a handful of people named "Shadon" out there, but I went out of my way to make each of my appearances without a doubt, me ^^ (Even if that meant doing something I normally wouldn't do as it'll remind them of some things in the past)
  19. There's not many things on me, it usually just goes to other people o.o
  20. First page of my real name is weird O.o My name is weird to you though, so...

    A little on "angrychill", and chillin is so widely used it's improbable you'll find me.
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