YOUR Ideas for future masquerades!

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  1. We like to brainstorm up a huuuuge hat full of ideas for the monthly roleplay masquerade. That way we have lots of things to choose from and can theme the masquerades to holidays, recent events or festivals. We have a suggestion thread in community volunteers, with a list of former masqs and some ideas. BUT WE NEED MORE!

    If you have NO idea what Iwaku's monthly roleplay masquerade is all about: They are a 12 hour long continuous chat roleplay setting, where the players don't tell anyone which character they are playing. The -character- is not the one disguised, the player is! The objective is to allow players to socialize in character within the setting, and get to have a little fun at guessing who might be playing whom during the day. The plots are very basic so that players can come in an out of the scene without breaking a storyline or continuity. Because the roleplay lasts 12 hours, it gives everyone a chance to pop in and interact, even if it's just for a few minutes.


    - Every masquerade is a PARTY or GATHERING of some sort. So no matter the setting or genre, remember that it has to be suitable for characters to come in and out of it and still make sense. Settings where everyone is locked in a building may not work very well, because then a character could not leave and new characters cannot show up.

    - It needs to be a simple setting. No complicated plots and storylines that require organization, lots of special characters, or crazy things that Hosts may not be able to pull off. Suggestions like "harry potter yule ball", "pirate soiree", "stripper night at the space bar" are great simple suggestions! Writing out a three paragraph description of the country's dynamic political drama and how ninjas have to fight to survive.... probably not going to work because we can't guarantee a set cast list during the 12 hours.

    - Take a look at our previous Masquerades we've held and try to come up with a setting we've not done before!

    - Want to see a SEQUEL to one of the past Masquerades? Yes, request it. We might just do it!