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  1. I'm sure everyone has had these thoughts when faced with a disappointing video game. "I wish I could make my own, it'd be better and have this and this and this" and so forth. But here, we can express what would make our ideal video game! :D

    Personally, for me, I want full customisation in an RPG with a fully degradable environment in which I can physically have an impact. I would love the ability to craft my own spells, learn and create fighting techniques of off presets and be able to feel like the RPG world I'm in is MY world and only I have an influence over it.

    Also backwards compatibility because of course I'll need it.

    So Iwaku, what would make your ideal video game?
    1. A long and engaging story with some truly unforseeable twists
    2. Enough room for choice / customization that each player can choose a style that suits them, but not so completely 'up to you!' that one gets choice paralysis or too many options are cut off via decision trees
    3. Some kind of level/growth system so that not only does the character develop, but they grow stronger in more ways than just 'better equipment', and the player can be proud of their progress
    4. Simple and intuitive gameplay, but with elements of button combos and timing enough that it takes actual physical gamer skills and practice to be good at the game.
    5. The game should reward you for the extra effort it takes to master combos and actually become GOOD at the game and not just decent enough to pass to the next area
    6. Truly terrifying monsters and bosses
    7. Beautiful graphics, not just in the cutscenes but during gameplay as well
    8. Voice acting for dialogue
    9. Replay value

    So... basically FFX
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  2. Dark Souls story, weapons, armour, leveling, monsters, bosses and combat with Elder Scrolls open world, quests and a difficulty in between the two so its challenging but easier to relax in.
    • Dragon's Dogma 2
    • Soul Sacrifice 2
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  3. ^ What she said
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  4. I'ma [2] this so fuckin hard right now my abs will explode.
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  5. Depends on the game genre, but honestly, just give me stuff like Shovel Knight, Guns of Icarus, Skyrim, and Red Orchestra 2 and I'm happy.

    I also find myself at a point where I like shorter games with high replay value. Going back to Shovel Knight and it's Plague of Shadows DLC, I can beat both games in about 6-7 hours and I've played through both about 4 times now and it doesn't get boring.

    I love a good story in games, but sometimes I feel like games are needlessly long. I haven't touched Dragon Age Inquisition for about a year and I'm like 23 hours into it and still nowhere near finished the main story, thanks to endless side missions you have to do to get the level and materials needed to unlock the next story mission.

    For a story based series, Mass Effect 1-3 hit an excellent balance. It takes me about 12 hours (give or take) per playthrough and I feel rewarded when I get to the end. Likewise, Gears of War 3 was pretty much perfect for level design and length with a pretty solid and engaging story.

    All I can ask any developer to do is polish the shit out of their games before releasing it. Ninendo knows what's up in this regard.
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  6. For me, the ideal game would have action and adventure as well as as an engaging story line, and probably with some fantasy elements in it. Games that don't just have a 'kill your enemy' theme, but solving puzzles along the way.

    Something like the Prince of Persia trilogy ^_^ or PoP 2008.
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  7. I would honestly rip out the beating heart of the Soul Sacrifice aesthetic/writing style and fuse it into Dragon's Dogma's combat and gameplay. Can you imagine being able to mount the Leviathan or the Hydra? Being able to sacrifice a pawn for a localized nuclear blast? I'd become a Chalice Monster for that wish to come true.
  8. RPG games in general need these:

    More weapons. Polearms, and more exotic sshit

    And Hydras. I want all kinds of hydras.
  9. Pole arm hydras.

    Halberd head, pike, pole axe, spear.. sever one and it sprouts seven more bladed instruments on sticks.
  10. There's no such thing as an ideal game, they're designed for different purposes, audiences, goals etc.
    As a result the game I'd make myself would waver depending on my desires at the time.

    The most frequent one though ends up essentially being a balanced Fire Emblem/Fantasy War/Disgaea where you custom make ALL the characters (and it's be indepth with appearance, voice's etc. Not a slapped on side feature).
    Also add in a world conquest stuff where you take over territories, build infrastructure, buy upgrades for your men, buy normal infantry to support your custom units. I'd be very heavy on the Job Point system so you just purchase a combination of abilities to form your characters, classes wouldn't be a thing. And although a small tweak, I wouldn't award XP/JP per kill but just a base reward to everyone after the mission, as to avoid grinding habits.
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  11. I've taken HEMA for three years off and on, and polearms are my jam-- you can poke a fucker from a distance, smack a fucker if he gets close, and grapple a fucker if he gets cocky. Pikes, bardiches, and war pikes are the shit.

    Also, on the more exotic sshit note, whips and chains in combat. Not the kinky shit, the killy shit.
  12. Behold! I've had time to day dream!

    • Shadow of the Colossus style giant enemies.
    • Monster Hunter variety and armor
    • Dragons Dogma combat (MAGIC TOO) and Npc system, especially the climbing
    • Solid crafting system that's reflected in the end product.
    • Soulsborne atmosphere and weapon 'feel' + enemy design
    • Soul Sacrifice story + monster design
    • Roguelike replay ability optional
    • Witcher writing and open world.
    Or just a star wars battlefront 3 that features entire ships and destructible environments. Boarding parties that can literally smash through a hull and begin boarding action to fight to the bridge or other important location.

    Battlefield: BAD. COMPANY. THREE.

    A finished and further expanded Subnautica.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. You and I must have played different games. There are no combos. No real customization. And I could beat it in less time then any FF game before it, without even trying...And it has some of the worst voice acting I ever encountered.

    My ideal game:
    >Be a superhero
    >Choose archtype; Magic, Science etc.
    > Super customizable powers.
    > Real life scaled world
    The rest just a amped up real life, but with dragons, lasers and other cool shit. Total freedom. World Spanning plots you can choose to participate in.

    Not a computer in the world could run what My mind wants ;_;
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  15. Depending on the genre I'm playing. Like Gwazi said, there's really no such thing as an ideal video game.

    But here are the features I would have:

    Replay value. Kinda like FFX-2 or the Bayonetta games for example. Good side-quests and additional challenges PLEASE!

    Gameplay over story. Story doesn't mean anything unless you're playing an RPG or something like Life Is Strange. It should NEVER come before gameplay.

    Speaking of gameplay, I want easy to play but hard to master gameplay. Don't wanna make the game too easy or too hard to play.

    A good adventure similar to the Konquest Mode in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, the Zelda games, Sonic Unleashed, or the Shadow Hearts games.

    Unapologetically crude, witty, funny, and maybe even offensive in terms of dialogue with meaningful and touching moments. Also gotta love references! Bayonetta 2 and Mortal Kombat X for example.

    Difficulty but make sure it's not too cheap or that it's not a waste of time. Zelda II I'm looking at you with your Death Mountain bullshit.

    Characters that the audience loves regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Screw that representation BS. I make characters the way they are because I want to. Not to make special snowflakes feel better about themselves.

    No microtransactions nor DLC. Any extra content will be unlocked by playing the game. Bayonetta games are a good example of this.

    Fantasy over reality. I play video games to escape the real world not relive it. Screw the realistic graphics which are oversaturating the gaming industry as it is. Brown is boring. Using real locations as inspirations is the furthest I'll go in this regard.

    An excellent soundtrack. The Sonic games are the best examples of this hands down.

    And this is exactly why I shouldn't be in the gaming industry.
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  16. And then when you end up playtesting it, your greatest enjoyment comes from things working as they should and confirmed bug kills rather than any of the creative energy you've put in it. The only way to experience that now is through other people and hopefully them 'getting it.'

    To answer your question;
    I don't know and that is a good thing.
  17. AMen to that. Playtesting will have you wanting to toss your own product into the trash out of sheer frustration.
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