Your Ideal Tattoo

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Has you ever wanted to have a particular tattoo design done, but for some reason (money issues/job/etc.) couldn't get it done? Is there a design you really want to have done but haven't got round to it yet?

A tattoo design I've always wanted to get designed/have done is a cyberpunk-esque sleeve; metallic plate designs up my arms, wiring running up and down it, that sorta shit. Always thought it would work awesomely as a full-sleeve design, but money issues, coupled with the fact that I don't think people would want to hire me if I had such a design tattooed on one of my arms, mean that I'll probably have to wait a while before I get it done.

What about yourselfs?
Well, there is the Biomech chest tattoo I want, sorta cyberware/nanosuit looking across my chest, shoulders and upper arms.

I also want a tattoo of Thor duking it out with Jormungand somewhere.
I think a mechanical dragon would be cool.

Something similar to this.

Heh. For my tattoo, I want it to be Marvin the Martian and Darth Vader having a lightsaber battle. Two of my favourite fictional characters. They'd be fighting over a cupcake, which would also be in the tattoo. Said cupcake would be black and white to represent my love for panda bears.

...yeah. I'm such a kid.
Fucking Triforce. Anywhere. So long as it looked all trippy in blacklight or something.
I saw a picture of one girl who had the three hearts and then the 3/4 full heart tattooed just under her collarbone on one side. It was a beautiful thing.

I think if I ever get a tattoo (which I won't, I'm too fickle I know whatever I got I'd end up hating) it would probably be something Celtic and complicated. One of those circular knots- a really really complicated one- in a burnt red color. That or a particular name I'm not going to say.

Or If I was drunk at the time, probably "MINE" across the back of my neck at my shoulders.
I don't really care anymore... I lost the will to get tattoos when my wrist faded really quickly after I got it.

What I wanted was a full sleeve characterizing the stages of my life, with a big fucking picture of Pennywise the clown on my bicep. He is the root of all of my greatest fears, and therefore must be caricatured on my body. And then would come all of my children's names and birth dates. There was a lot more but I forgot it all after I gave up hope.
I plan to get a tat of my mother in a nice suit with her dogs when she passes. Also want a tat of Jesus fighting a giant robot in a metro landscape. I'm going to get some soonish of Cthulhu's head centered in the middle of a disk with runes and another from the Robert Jordan books, the Aiel spears crossed under an Aiel buckler. Maybe a few others, but nothing set in stone.
I can't stand pain at ALL which is why I haven't, and will prolly never get a tattoo. XD It's also why I never got that belly-button piercing like I wanted.

BUT, if I ever got over my pain-fear, I would like a celtic knot & ivy band around the top part of one arm. It kinda represents natures never-ending cycle of being complicated. XD
I want a violin on my lower back, small-ish, like a tramp stamp. I would like it to look almost real, but that's not the real bind. The detailing is too fine for the size I want, but I'd love for it to have "Sending All My Love to You" on it, just beneath the strings.
Well I've thought about it before but couldn't come up with anything truly. Something related to dance or music most likely, though that hasn't been decided yet. Currently I'm really liking the thought to this one without the Contra guys and the select and start. As well as a uppercase B and A. Not to mention much much smaller.

I haven't got the art worked out yet. Working on getting in contact with an artist friend of mine.
However, I do plan on getting a little work down this summer, or the next.
So far, I've got a concept for a sun to be located over my left pectoral and a lion's face and mane over my left bicep.

in the meantime, I'm also trying to come up with a decent concept for a two headed serpent to wrap around my right bicep.
It's either this or a simple ouroboros around my right ankle. (NOT inspired by FMA)
Don't think I'd ever get one, but if I did, it would be the inscription of the One Ring around my left wrist.
This in black on my left breast