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  1. Personally I need to have the right setup to enjoy a lazy day, otherwise I just feel blah and unproductive. I need to have all my chores knocked off or minimal enough that I don't feel bad postponing them, and have worked hard enough the days before that I actually need a day to recharge. That provided, though, I love to spend a day in comfy pants instead of jeans and wear my hair loose. I don't put on any makeup and I don't flatiron my hair. I either spend the day in bed or on the couch where I can play my music quietly through the Entertainment System. I play DS or read, and sleep on and off. What about you guys?
  2. Doing housework or cooking with my wife.

    Actually doing ANYTHING not medical related.

    That's a great day off right there.
  3. Lazy?!.. What's this term if Lazy You call..~

    I don't recall being lazy. I mean honestly, is it a type of food or a Book or something ?@.@

    Just lurking around I guess ^^ and maybe watch some TV to..
  4. Wake up, smoke, move to computer, stand up so I don't die from a blood clot, watch the internet swirl.
  6. Oh the good ol' days until I quit..
  7. Pssh. You guys aren't Lazy. My lazy day starts off in bed. I wake up around 11:00. Get out of bed about 12:00. Check RPs on here for about two hours. Go back to bed. Wake up again and dont get out of bed. Pull out card table sit laptop in front of bed and watch anime (while it lasts apparently). Then I eat.

    ^Not enough of these days Q~Q
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  8. gotta say, thats pretty damn unproductive
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  9. Oh like a bad addiction I keep quitting but I keep going back. And with the new expac coming out... Psh there is no staying away.
  10. -pointing bowl of ice cream at him- Don't you mean LAZY
  11. Honestly... On lazy days I usually catch up on my RP's.
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  12. Everyone has their knack, not even sure WoD can bring me back.
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  13. I would say For Real what I do on my Lazy days but there are WAY to many Minors around here xD

    So I can't say it out loud ^^'

    Aside this.. I like to just chill around the house without clothes on .. And just my flippers xD
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  14. And now the non-minors on Iwaku are really interested in what you do on your day off.

    Way to go, PureKor.
  15. Not really. I never specified Exactly what I do..

    Everyone only can do is wonder about.. Same like you xD just Assuming.

    This is an excellent time for you to Become an Missing person!~ rawwrrr..
  16. My lazy days require some planning ahead. I have to get lots of cleaning done the day before, and I have to get classwork out of the way. Otherwise, I don't really get lazy days. One day without the productive things I do means the apartment turns to shit and my grades suffer.

    My ideal one would be watching fun movies with my little boy with some writing, pot smoking, and video gaming in between, 'cause mama needs to do solitary things sometimes. If I can fit in a nap somewhere in there, it's all the more perfect. I might do a few chores still, since cleaning is therapeutic. :] But they'll be things I actually enjoy, like folding laundry. If there's no pressure to do stuff, it's bliss.
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  17. Bring it, tiger lady ;P
  18. Don't have much time for an entire lazy day on a typical basis. But once in a blue moon (and I literally mean that) I have a full day or two where I have no responsibilities or one of my two jobs to attend to. Those are the kind of days I keep a little extra "something" tucked away so that I may... bend my frame of mind. ;) Go for a walk on the trails which go for miles after a small dose of psilocybin 'shrooms and enjoy the exclusive sound of nature miles away from the idle sounds of cars, horns and mechanical whirring.

    Otherwise, between work, I play games on Steam or spend time writing up... whatever comes to mind.
  19. Staying in my bed all day reading a book or watching TV. O__O No people. Just me and stories.
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  20. A lazy day for me is being able to do what I want. I typically don't want to stay in bed unless I need to catch up on sleep, so once I wake up, I am up. I'll either choose to stay home all day doing stuff on the computer, or I'll want to go out and do some shopping.
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