Your guilty pleasure in roleplay?

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  1. In the wide world of roleplay, there's TONS of things people say "Don't Do!" and "That's SO CLICHE" with the ever popular "It's so over done."

    But... you HAVE to admit. Some things, no matter how common or cliche they are, you still really love do them in a roleplay. And when you get the chance, you totally jump on the opportunity.

    What is your guilty pleasure in roleplays? What do you love to play or do that is considered "taboo" yet you still love it?
  2. Not wearing pants.

    Drunkard father.

    Soiling my characters pants(IN THE NAME OF STEPHEN KING! >:3)!

    Not really taboo, but I must!
  3. Do you REALLY poop/pee the character's pants when you get a chance in a roleplay, or are you just being silly? XD
  4. Starting a character off as similar to myself as possible. Don't know more than that.
  5. I haven't roleplayed enough to be able to answer that question! Though I suppose it's exhibiting parts of myself that I don't let out otherwise.
  6. Twice, actually. >:3 just not on here.

    Also, my Bard/Mage named Lyran had a special spell called "SuperUltra Laxative, which made his enemies bowels dissolve. XD That and "Home-Baked Castration"

    You get the idea.
  7. -Over-the-top action sequences that emphasize visuals and characterization over physical realism. I can do grounded fights, but most people enjoy reading those, so there's not so much guilt as boredom.
    -Ecchi fantasy/sci-fi plots with a humorous slant, like an above average comedy H-manga.
    -Character hijacking--both when it's done to my character and when I do it to others--I really don't care as long as whoever has the better idea gets to have the final say. No lectures, please. I know all about the potential for abuse, and it bothers me even more than it bothers you.
    -Inspiration from anime and manga. Gainax, Shaft, and Tatsunoko. Daisuke Ishiwatari, Hiroaki Samura, Shinichiro Watanabe, Ai Yazawa, Leiji Matsumoto, Masamune Shirow. I like my non-Japanese artists too, but admitting to liking them doesn't get me called 'weaboo' and indirectly accused of bringing down the roleplays with my lack of originality.
    -Playing deities and other character types that cause GMs to panic.
    -Playing the "lighter" character in a dark plot.
    -Using frowned-upon tropes in general just to demonstrate their potential for good.

    That's all for now. Who's next?
  8. I like playing character types that people call Mary Sue. LOVE it. Like, the emo goth girl? Or, "plain dull girl but I really have an awesome power". Like Coffee, I enjoy playing those characters to show people that you can do a cliche stereotype but still make it cool. >:D

    Just like most girls, I am SO in it for the romance. Give me a romance. :D

    ...... (I like vampires. ;____; I don't know when it happened! I blame Alarice for making them awesome!)
  9. I love love love combat and mindfuck RPs, though I don't really think that that's cause to feel guilty.

    But what I DO like is fighting with a villain and there's suddenly this sick hateful sexual tension.
  10. I agree with Diana.

    And I think that everyone puts a little of themselves into their characters. My favorite thing to do is have my character share my phobia. ^_^

    But for other things:
    -Really egotistical and/or evil characters
    -(in DND) The character that EVERYone hates. (The coward, the jerk,...etc)

  12. Over the top fight scenes with details depicting the status of each character and even though they are heavily weakened they can still bark insults at each other.
  13. "I would never do that to any of my children." *alex said firmly
  14. Anya fuss angrily in his arms.
  15. Alex laughed as he gently pet her head
  16. For me it's making a character that can for all intents, and purposes succeed with what he sets out to do, but also has a very good chance at failing. Ability, and determination mean nothing if he succumbs to destructive behavior.

    I've made a lot of powerful characters that have either become powerful after failing to do something, or dooming themselves, and who fight with their self after gaining these said abilities.

    Basically I like making characters who only true enemy is themselves.

    .... if that makes any sense.
  17. I like to show that even in an RP, not everything's gonna be a happy ending. Characters aren't invincible, they aren't immune to bad circumstances. And I'd love to see more personal relationships in RPs, damnit! I wanna see a crush or something! >n< I tend to be the person whose character is messed with, and I like the villians who mindfuck with people... What's worse than a fight with a villian? A fight with yourself.
  18. Okay, I'm not really sure what I'm guilty of, but I know it's something. I think it might be that I take the kind of stereotypical character you find in a comic book, either the hero or the villian, and try to warp them into the third-dimension. I think it works when I do it, but that's a matter of opinion. I have to say I like some of the cliches. They wouldn't be cliches without the people who first came up with them. The cliche was started by the very clever pioneer.

    I do like going into detail a little too much, but my excuse for that is I'm not smart enough to find pictures and use them as shortcuts.
  19. Yup, that ending... is so :(
  20. [​IMG]
    Hag-Seed, by Margaret Atwood
    On Goodreads
    I love Shakespeare's The Tempest, it's perhaps one of my favourite. I also love Margaret Atwood, she's amazing, everything she writes I just fall in love with. I really want this book to be selected 8D that is all.

    Synopsis (open)

    When Felix is deposed as artistic director of the Makeshiweg Theatre Festival by his devious assistant and longtime enemy, his production of The Tempest is canceled and he is heartbroken. Reduced to a life of exile in rural southern Ontario—accompanied only by his fantasy daughter, Miranda, who died twelve years ago—Felix devises a plan for retribution.

    Eventually he takes a job teaching Literacy Through Theatre to the prisoners at the nearby Burgess Correctional Institution, and is making a modest success of it when an auspicious star places his enemies within his reach. With the help of their own interpretations, digital effects, and the talents of a professional actress and choreographer, the Burgess Correctional Players prepare to video their Tempest. Not surprisingly, they view Caliban as the character with whom they have the most in common. However, Felix has another twist in mind, and his enemies are about to find themselves taking part in an interactive and illusion-ridden version of The Tempest that will change their lives forever. But how will Felix deal with his invisible Miranda’s decision to take a part in the play?