Your Guilty Conscious



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All right, I finally created a new topic. And I'm sorry if this has been already made...

So, this popped into my head last night when I got back home from a party. How is your guilty conscious? Do you feel guilty over certain things that it prevents you from keeping a lie? Or no? Or are you too badass to have a guilty conscious? :P

For me, it really depends. I don't feel guilty over a lot of things, however, it's some little things that make me feel so guilty that a rush of anxiety takes over me. For example, last night at the party, I was dancing with this guy. It was pretty obvious that he was flirting with me, but I just ignored him and kept on dancing with him. Next thing I know, I'm sitting on his lap. In my drunken/tipsy state, it didn't bother me. But when I was sober and back at my dorm, I felt completely awful about it to the point that it made me sick. So I couldn't lie and tell my boyfriend that everything was okay, I had to tell him what happened.

In the end, he wasn't mad or anything...basically told me I would be a horrible cheater cause my guilty conscious would make me spill the truth XD

So yeah, share your story :P
I think the biggest time my guiltyness takes hold is when I said something mean and then later I realize I am wrong. I feel like an apology just won't solve things and eventually end up belittling myself to the point of near emo-ness.

But there are other times when guilt takes me. Such as when I know a lie will save my skin based on reputation but I just can't do that. When it comes to a very decisive question I just can't lie it isn't me. But of course if it is "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" type of question of course I'll lie.
Can't say that I have... Let me think on this and I will get back to you on this one
I need to learn to lie. I'm usually too truthful, and it always bites me in the ass. I guess I've got a guilty conscious by nature, but I feel that if I ever do anything that makes me feel guilty it is best to simply say it.

i really don't feel bad about anything i've done. i guess that makes me a cold hearted ass through and through. is that bad?
HUGE guilty conscious for everything. I feel bad bout the smallest of things. I can't be mean...
Only with my girlfriend or family members. I don't care about anyone else. So for family and loved ones: big time. For everybody else: I don't think I have any part of my conscious dedicated to them.
I get a guilty conscience every now and again, but I've learned the art of lying. Do it when it has to be done...if you can tell the truth and hurt no one, then tell the truth...if you might hurt someone, then only tell as much as you can without doing so.

Having four parents has given me some very good practice throughout the years, what with all the pressure on being as good as my older brother and sister. Lying is a necessity to life, though most are loathe to admit it. I only do it because I need to, not because I like to.
guilt can be crippling.

then again, fear of repercussions is what stays my hand from acting rashly in m,any cases.
I tend to feel guilty when I accidentally lead people on. I have a naturally flirtatious personality and I end up leading people on and then when they ask me out, it gets all awkward. >_< It makes me feel super guilty though.
I feel guilty well whenever I hurt another human being, physically, emotionally, or mentally. I care too much for others :P.