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So everyone has that moment when they have come upon a very good idea. And I really don't mean to come off as arrogant or anything like that, but I think I just hit gold when it comes to plot creation.

I mean, this story has been told for many years, many different ways and with many different people. But every story is, just different variations.

I think my recent good idea was this:

An agent is tracking down gangs around the world. He's looking for the criminal mastermind behind a series of raids in warehouses and many robberies of banks (though this criminal has done all of this without spilling anyone's blood but his own, a gentle man when it comes down to it) but nobody can figure out just who this man is. The criminal is actually stealing money and giving it to people who need it the most, be it an elderly person unable to pay their medical bills or rent, a children's hospital in threat of shutting down, something big. The agent has been hesitant on catching the criminal because he was the only one able to find out why the criminal was doing this, so he's been going as slow as he can...until he's captured by the mastermind and the two have quite the time trying to figure one another out. While one is driven to do his duty and find who has been stealing and robbing people but after finding out what this person is doing, they decide to try and aid them. Together, they become an almost unstoppable force.

So, the agent carries on pretending to attempt to catch who's behind the thieving and robbing. Things have gotten to the point of desperation for businesses as more and more stores are robbed. But they aren't just any stores; they are directly ones that d o not provide benefits for their employees that are corporate owned. Smaller businesses have never made so much money, and the problem escalates when the most protected bank is robbed blind, and the treasury house hurting after they are hit as well.

So that was the idea I actually impressed myself with. What are some of your most prided thoughts/ideas?


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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Alt History, Anything really. It honestly depends on how I'm feeling. I am always up for a good, solid Cyberpunk RP. I'm also up for Crossover RPs.
So, it's December. In 13 Days, a Cult will end the World on the Winter Solstice by releasing Powerful Demons. A branch of the FBI has been sent to investigate this, and they trace it to a small town in Illinois.

Meanwhile, in this same town, there's been a rash of disappearances. No one thinks much of it, because either it was a pet that they think ran off, or the person left a note saying where they were going. Entire families did this. Until a few days later, a body is discovered in a drainage ditch by the highway. It's of a local High School girl who was in a family that had supposedly gone to California. Further investigations revealed everybody who had 'Moved' in the past few weeks had been killed.

The FBI investigates the ritualistic killings, and realizes that yes, this is the work of this cult. They begin investigating the town within the 13 days they have.

Meanwhile, a group of High School students has also begun investigating the disappearances and murders as well, and their investigation runs into the FBI's. They realize what's going on, and want to help find the cult.

Each post is written in Police Report Style format, and uses wording as such. Information and progress is delivered via Teacher/Supervisor NPCs, or the Local News.

I have not decided to implement it yet, though.
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I think my Fandomstuck roleplay is the idea that I've been the most proud of for a while now. Not that I can take credit for the concept at its most basic level (as it's based off of a Tumblr trend that went by the same name, and even the thought of doing a forum-based roleplay on Iwaku was borrowed from someone else). But the choices I made in terms of how to set it up? I think that's what I'm most proud of.

It doesn't have a central plot, and instead is more of a sandbox that relies on side-plots -- but a lot of our best side-plots simply escalated out of ~whacky hijinks~ that occurred as characters interacted with each other. And even when things do hit a bit of a lull, it isn't too difficult to add something to the mix to get things going again. Also, the fact that side-plots can be made so easily sort of allowed us to skip past the "introduction" phase so many RP's go through, where everyone's characters just sort of mingle about until the main plot starts.

Also, it feels a lot like a mega-crossover RP, except that it manages to side-step a lot of the biggest flaws in such RP's. In such RP's, you'll have characters from fairly-realistic settings interacting with ones from fantasy or sci-fi settings, and it gets a bit tiring to always play through the motions of character A needing to address the fact that character B ~supposedly~ uses "magic", even though character A is certain that magic isn't real (while character B reacts with "of course magic is real?? obviously???"). Sometimes this is "fixed" by letting all of these characters in on the fact that, in another world, they are all just pieces of fiction, which is why they all come from such different worlds -- but even that is tiring to have to go through in every RP like this, especially since you kind of have to either A) allow your character to go through an existential crisis that would distract them throughout the remainder of the RP, or B) completely downplay their reaction to the point of feeling cheap and unrealistic, just so you can have them move on and get to the rest of the story. I really like the idea of mega-crossover RP's, but these particular issues were always hard to overlook, even when I joined such RP's frequently.

But in Fandomstuck, everyone's already cool with the fact that some fandoms have magic, some have futuristic technology, and some have neither. Everyone already knows that they exist as extensions of various pieces of fiction (and they're relatively ok with it). And both of these things make it a lot easier to get right to the action without having to worry about characters getting hung up on this kind of stuff. And there aren't even the issues that normally come with playing canon characters. You get to play a character that's... sort of like their canon counterpart, but with a lot more flexibility.

I'm just really satisfied with how I was able to create a mega-crossover RP that avoids all of these common issues. It's certainly my favorite roleplay to date, and I've honestly had a hard time returning to more "traditional" mega-crossover RPs now that I've gotten used to this one. XD
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