Your greatest fear/phobia!

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  1. Everyone has some fear or phobia. Whether it's the fear of beards, or even being scared of the dark, it's still a fear. Post your greatest fears here.

    For example, I am terrified of spiders. I wouldn't
    Touch one with a ten foot pole. I'd probably cry if one crawled on me. Not even joking.
    Sadly my favorite super hero was Spider-Man.
  2. Long list:

    -Small Spaces
    -Massive amounts of water
    -Loud sounds
    -Staple Guns

    But biggest one:

  3. Rejection...I fear that as well...I'm sure we all do.
  4. My four biggest:

    1. Phagophobia - Fear of swallowing (foods and non liquid things) Every meal is a nightmare >_< There are times though when it doesn't bother me at all, it goes up and down.

    2. Getting lost. I get super anxious every time I must go somewhere new, or go somewhere I've only been a few times. I always think I'm reading the map wrong and then I take the wrong way because I think the right way can't be right, and then I get more anxious cause I get lost and AAAH :( I need a GPS suitable for walking xb

    3. Spiders. I freak out if a spider walks on me. Depending on the size I also freak out if they're too close to me >_<

    4. Heights. I can't even stand on a chair without getting dizzy -_-'
  5. Oh heights....I forgot about that one. And I've heard Phagophobia....Just didn't know what it was. That sounds horrible.
  6. It was worse in the beginning. I couldn't eat anything at all and lived on mashed potatoes, yogurt and anything drinkable xb Today I'm able to eat for most parts, though it feels very uncomfortable if it's not the right things. (Sandwiches usually works without problem for example, while meat goes between just being uncomfortable to uneatable depending on the day and my mood and how I'm feeling etc.)
    I usually distract myself by watching TV so I have something to focus on while eating. Without a focus point I get super paranoid and it gets worse.
  7. Oh man...There are some pretty bad phobias out there but thats the worst I've heard of.
  8. My phobias are drowning and falling long distances to my death. I'm not afraid of deep water or heights in and of themselves, just the possibility of death involved in them, so I don't really consider myself to be afraid of heights or water in the traditional sense. It's more like subsets of a fear of dying than a fear of environmental factors.

    The falling thing is no big deal, barely affects me. So long as there's no real risk of me actually falling to my death, I can go up to the top of a dozens of floors tall building and look down from the roof and be just fine. Put me on top of a 5 story tall building that has little to no railing around the edges and I'll stay way the fuck away from the edge because fuck that I don't wanna fall to my death. I'm fine with planes because I know there's such a ridiculously tiny chance of them crashing, but I'm not really comfortable with balconies that have short enough railings that I feel like a solid push would make me topple over them rather than stopping me.

    My fear of drowning is the worse of the two. I'm okay with pools and other relatively shallow waters, shallow meaning that if I stand upright in them my head will be above water. I never learned to swim because whenever I get in deep-ish water and take my feet off the ground the fear of drowning kicks in hard and I go into fight or flight panic mode and it's just a bad time for everyone involved. Ironically, the thing that would probably alleviate my fear of drowning the most would be learning to swim, but I've never bothered to muster the fortitude to conquer my fear enough to learn because I figure that it's easier to just avoid drowning situations altogether as best I can instead of purposely putting myself in risky situations. I can hang out at the beach with no problem, because the vast body of water existing does not trouble me, but swimming out in the ocean or going on a boat into deep water? No thanks. I can tolerate the boat thing if extreme anti-drowning precautions are in play, like railings to prevent falling off plus the presence of seats with seatbelts just in case, but I'll wear a life vest at all times anyway and I'll probably be all nervous and uncomfortable the whole time. I absolutely won't swim (or wade, really) out very far into the ocean at all. Waist level depth is enough for me, then I'm done. I've heard way to many stories about sudden drop offs and riptides and such that I just don't want any part of it.
  9. Yeah, not only do you have to be subjected to it every day, you also must go against your phobia to be able to survive (which is pretty exhausting. Even for people that has gotten rid of the worse, it always comes back for them eventually in lesser degrees, so it's never truly gone.) A spider phobia is inconvenient, but it is very rare to see them every day either way. I might see a spider once a week during summer, but then they're mostly hanging on the outside of my window, so I'm not in direct contact with it. Spiders only gives me real anxious attacks about 3-4 times a year if a big one shows up in the bathroom or I see one on my leg or something. So it definitely doesn't have the same impact. (though there are people who has such bad spider phobia that they don't even dare to go out the door. But for me it has never been that bad)

    Another thing with phagophobia is that it mainly comes from a trauma, usually from seeing someone suffocate or having suffocate oneself. While phagophobia is one bi-effect, there seems to be another closely related to it. Fear of watching other people eat. For many it has had a great impact on their social life as no one wants to confess that they're afraid of something so basic. Especially when I was younger, people had a hard time talking about it because there was NO information about it on the internet. It was first when some TV crocodile hunter got it after having suffocated on a piece of ham (I think?) that the world opened their eyes (for a month) and realized it existed. Now there's some information pages but it still seems hard to turn anywhere because not very many knows of it.
  10. i used to hate heights

    then i started learning parkour and the coach makes me do stuff on heights

    now i still hate heights

    but now its like

    "challenge accepted"
  11. Losing my family in a horrific manner, including mother, sister and girlfriend, would count father but it already happened. Natural causes would upset me greatly still but I know it's going to happen sometime, so I can deal with it.
    That's all.

  12. [​IMG]

    because you have an fsn avatar and a family related phobia

    your phobia?

    better day than that guy
  13. Honestly Raz...
    Mind = Blown
    Or is it Skull = Fucked ? (I saw that thread >:D )
    Ilya head = blown

  14. so illyablown?

    god that sounds bad
  15. That's a fear of mine... Unless its the good blow and not the explosive one.
  16. Bees/wasps/stinging things etc...

    There is no "just be calm and they'll ignore you." Believe me, I want to be calm, but flight kicks in, and I'm scurrying away as soon as I hear the telltale buzz.Luckily, I've managed to get the screaming reaction under control so I usually don't do that anymore.

    I've never been stung, maybe if I had as a kid the fear wouldn't be so great...
  17. Heights, spiders and clowns!

    The worst, and most troublesome though is my fear of being stuck. I don't know the name for it. It's not chlostrophobia because it's not the small space that scares me. I can be in a big open field and if someone told me I can't get up and leave no matter what I'd start having anxiety, then a panic attack. Flights, boats, long elevator rides, stuck in thick crowds, etc... are all things that will send me over the edge.

    Once when I was working as a CNA at a hospital I was doing a code on a patient. Of course I was on the side of the bed closest to the wall. The crash cart was brought in behind me so it blocked me in. I started panicking and got dizzy. Thankfully, we handled the code just fine. This was before I knew how bad it was...
  18. Cleithrophobia.

    Fear of being trapped.

    That might be what you're getting at.

    "Trapped" meaning unable to escape a situation (stuck in a room, no available doorways, abandoned in the woods).
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  19. Yes! Trapped is a much better word. I've never been diagnosed with anything as I've never seen a specialist about it. I don't know if I should but I'm hoping I can get over it with mental strength.

    It's just crazy how panicky I can get just from being in the middle of a crowd!
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