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How would your life be now if you had married the first person you were in a relationship with?

Maybe you are still with this person? Maybe your life would be hell!

Tell me! October Knight Wants to know!

I wouldn't. Simply put.

Ignoring the fact that I was 14 at the time (she was 15), she actually asked me if it would be okay for her to cheat on me.

Not just no, but fuck no.

Maybe that's where it all started to go wrong... :P
First person I was with was a dude named Vincent. My life would probably be hell, yes. :I He was more interested in girls prettier than me, and older than me, so I'm sure I'd find clues to him cheating on me like he had already done when we were together.

And to be totally honest, this was so long ago and he broke my heart so badly that I don't remember his last name. >__> So I draw a blank at what my new last name would be if we married.
He probably would have cheated on me, and we would have gotten a divorce if I hadn't killed him first. e___e There's good reason why we never got back together! D:
Well - I can't go with the first cause she died of cancer - but I can go with the second.

It'd be terrible. I mean, the sex was good, but she was a fucking psycho. She was needy, possessive and in the end a stalker. If I had married her I wouldn't be able to hang out with any friends on my own, my mind would be fried by her constant need for attention and probably dead from talking to a drive through attendant for my order so she stabs me in the neck with a pencil.

Honestly - chick followed me across two state lines. Stalked me from Coos Bay to Medford to Phoenix Arizona.
Well the guy in HS who's mother adored me and my parents liked him...


He'd be cheating on me with other men...
Hmmm. Never had sex with the first one, but when we fooled around it got quite passionate, so I figure the sex probably would have been good. That's probably all that would have been good about it. We didn't really have that much in common, and while we did have some good times, most of the time we spent together was on her couch after school.

We split up because other than finding each other physically attractive, there wasn't a mental/emotional connection.
That would be hilarious. I don't hate the guy, but he's definitely whiny. And really immature. I don't think that I'd be in hell, but it would certainly be frustrating. His name was Cody, but I affectionately call him "The Poodle" for his crazy curly hair. Since he and I are still friends, I think that we wouldn't hate one another but I would certainly have missed a lot of other great experiences in my life. He was really nice to me though, even if he was a little bit insensitive for lack of noticing things. xD

It'd probably be one of those crummy relationships where we spend lots of time apart and stuff though, since we didn't typically tend to be very close.
I don't know how much different it would be from now. Still to early in our relationship to tell how a marriage would be. Though I do enjoy her company to date.
No 'cause that'd make me like about 80% percent of the population in this country so fuck that.
I haven't heard from her since I was 13. Not that we hated each other, we just lost touch. I have no idea how she has changed but back then she was a really a sweet girl. Even if she was just a touch borderline suicidal. >_>

Maybe she grew out of it.
Very first relationship? You mean like the boy in kindergarden who had a major crush on me and kept trying to kiss me all the time?

Well he was a really nice kid. We were friends all the way up until middle school & I didn't see each other until we were in our 20s & he recognized me out of a crowd of hundreds, in the dark, after like, 15 years apart. He was still a pretty nice guy but didn't seem to really have any ambition to him anymore & took a liking to drinking. Plus, even though we hadn't seen each other in such a long time, he acted really jealous toward the friend I had with me. ['_']

I... er... Did. I did marry the first person I had a legitimate relationship with.

It's going rather well actually.

Thank god she's not a psycho stalker bitch or secretly-then-but-out-of-the-closet-now...

(Or IS SHE?)
I'd probably be bored and not as well taken care of as I am now.
You mean the girl I asked to marry me when I was like four and she was like 4 and a half?
I was 13, she was 14. Broke up 11months lator coz FUCK TEEN DRAMA.

In conclusion, no. I haven't heard from her in like 8 years.

Plus I would probably cheat.
depends on which you consider my first boyfriend...the guy i dated really to just piss off my parents. Or my actual real first boyfriend *shrugs* and it would be horrible either way. The first real boyfriend talked about marriage....>> hell all my boyfriends have wtf?! D< and here I am still single and happily not married yet : D.....stupid boys D<