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  1. There I waswalking down the street, minding my own business, when a man popped out fromthe corner. “Hey kid”, he said. I looked up at him and suddenly he pushed a pieceof paper and pen in my hand. I’ve been addicted ever since.
    Not really, but pretty close. I have been role playing sinceI was about fourteen or fifteen so about 10 or 9 years. That was about the timeall the messengers were really popular since not every teenager had a cellphone. One of my friends from school wanted me to meet her in the Yahoo musicchat room, I clicked the wrong one. I ended up going into the role play roomand like I said, I have been addicted ever since.
    So let’s make this one like an AA meeting admit you mighthave an addiction and tell us when it started and why.
  2. I definitely have an addiction. I've tried leaving it behind a few times, but I somehow keep getting sucked back in.

    My first time roleplaying... I was a huge fan of The Warrior Cats series. Loved all the books and went looking for sites and internet gems related to the story. I stumbled across a small roleplay community. I... think it was called Sunclan. Not original, but the people were all nice and I made good friends with the creator. I didn't really get into heavy roleplaying until that site went under, however. Looking for a new outlet, I stumbled across Tinier Me! The writing just took off from there.
  3. Well, I think I started last year? When I first met an old friend named Jonni. Jonni and I had become Internet friends and then eventually got to meet each other in person at a convention we both attended. After the convention, we started sharing interests apart from typical cosplaying, drawing, going to cons, etc. She said she liked to rp. I had no clue as to what that was. She and I started rping (yaoi rping of course since it was probably the strongest interest that she and I shared) and eventually I got hooked. And when we started rping was right after my English teacher got me interested in expressing myself using writing, so it was perfect timing. xD The rest of our friends, also yaoi fans, started rping with one another too. Eventually there were about 10 of us rping together, be it in a giant group rp or separate one-on-one RPs. Though, the method of rping we used was chat sites/programs and live-typing document sharing/editing websites, like Facebook chat, Skype chat, and So it's very different from what we do here, which drives me insane 'cause I'm used to getting quick responses and also being able to see what the other people are typing. And I'm not used to the whole template thing where you have to fill it out and whatnot, the way we did it was basically like a "jump in" method with no real setting or characters set in stone. Everything was spontaneous. :3
  4. I started long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... WRONG MOVIE! I started first on a Java chat called "Brave Net". Each place had their own little hovels were you can hang out and meet friends. Then I moved to Yahoo!Clubs, which are now called "groups". My first character was Neo from the Matrix. Then I started roleplaying on GaiaOnlinne... when it use to be called "GoGaia" in the day. Fun times and people were decent roleplayers. Now I came from RPOW.

    I like RPing here and on FB. Meetin' people here as well.
  5. I was first introduced as a freshman in highschool. This girl I kind of liked went on this site often, and I was immediately interested. Looking back, I think it's also what sparked my desire to write, or at least fed that desire. Eventually this girl got tired of me looking over her shoulder so she introduced me to this site. I was really bad in the beginning. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Then for some reason this site was blocked by the highschool - and that was before there was a Mature section.

    After that I returned using the computer at home, under the name I'm using now. I was better, but eventually we lost the internet at home, and for more than two years I couldn't come here. It did at least give me time to work on my own story ideas.

    Now I'm in college and there's a computer here I can use everyday. Am I addicted? Honestly, I never looked at it that way. I always looked at Iwaku as a way to express my creativity and find new ideas. This was a place where I could throw off my brain shackles. I don't know if I'm addicted to roleplaying, but I'm definitely hooked on new stories and creative ideas, and this place has that by the bucket load.
  6. when i first started rping i didn't know what rping was i was a nood at first who godmodded and rped with other peoples fan characters but that all changed when i met my friend dante when i went to RPOW i started to improve i didn't have forms like used to have i met new people and read the rules rp now i enjoy it i hope to meet new people
  7. I started Rping back in the days of MSNchat rooms when i was what... i think 13 or 14. So about 11 years ago now (holy crap dating myself eee). I typically went into the room called Anime Tavern; where i met DragonMage (still friends with him today and a big support as a fan and friend), Knight and Fishergirl (she fished... for men a lot!). I was really timid and never ever EVER did anything that could put me in a scene where there was a fight cause i was not a God mod or a good rper, hell i was queen newb. I was into yugioh at the time, so my handle was Saint Osiris at the time; and was introduced to a lot of animes through many people at that time as well. Eventually MSN chats closed off and i switched to Yahoo! Chat rooms where i introduced my one friend to the world of rping (about three four years later) so i was around 16-17. I convinced him to try writing and going against other minds of the same mindset would really helping is writing. At that time i was Ryden Hunter and he created Crow Kross; which we ran White Haven Tavern.

    Again eventually Yahoo! chats became obsolete and my friend (now husband) gave up rping for a long time. It wasn't until about a year ago that one of my best friends in the world TigerKytti brought me back to the world, though i was not familiar with forum rping at all. But we exchanged many emails; forum posts and she got me over to WTFRPG too. When her and I weren't rping for about five months, i came wandering this way and hell this is where i stuck, Your all stuck with me now!!

    I love writing, it is a lot of my life and i draw a lot on my rping to write my other series! That's how i started rping...
  8. Everything started when my dad introduced me to D&D when I was 13. I've been playing D&D off and on, found a really great group that I played with, and then I moved. Got so bored in my house while I was not in school so I wandered around and found Iwaku. This is my first site that I've actually sat down in front of the computer and typed a rp out.
  9. Apparently I have been roleplaying my entire life, but had no idea that's what I was doing. 8D Like going to school and pretending to be my british twin sister for a week. Or interviewing all of my friends as a cop and scribbling down their responses and turning that in to a story.

    My first experience with sliiightly more organized roleplaying was in the SMU chat room where many chatters would chat in persona. I did a little bit of light in character roleplaying.

    And then my first organized roleplay was a Sailor Zodiac forum roleplay with Ocha and a few other people. I played Sailor Virgo! And I loved the experience SO MUCH I ended up creating my own roleplay forum. It's been my passion and obsession ever since. o__o Almost 15 years I think...
  10. When I was 16 I think.

    This kid at my high school had set up a forum for general chatter and randomness. It comprised mostly of people in our year at school, and a few kids from another school. A few of the guys there thought that it might be a good idea to write a big ol' story together, and the RP section was born. I adored it.

    To be totally honest though... my first few characters were dangerously close to being Sues. I couldn't decide for the life of me if I wanted a damsel in distress or a fighter girl. I ended up jumping between the two as the RP required, and ended up with something almost like a split personality going on in most of my characters.

    I wish I had the opening to play the damsel more often, but roleplays tend never to call for me to play them. I go with the healer instead. >>;

    I love roleplaying dearly but I don't know if I'd call it an addiction since my focus for it comes in bursts. I almost always enjoy it with a good partner, but I need to step back fairly often for perspective and creative recovery.
  11. Geez...I guess at least 13-14 years.

    Not entirely addicted in the sense that if I don't have it, I'll die. Have strong cravings and I get grumpy? Sure, sometimes. It's definitely a recurring thing in my life though. I'll walk away from all forms of RP and then sooner or later I'll be right back at it.

    At this very moment, I can't remember how I started. Probably with games and bringing those into the live realm like Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc. D&D definitely had a role in it, especially AD&D. Never was a huge reader until the last year or so -- now I just devour books. But one of the book series that really got me was the Raistlin Chronicles and anything dealing with him -- also got me addicted to that author for a bit. I remember getting more into D&D after reading that series.

    Chat RP and forum RP didn't come until later. Post HS graduation, beginning of college. Admittedly, it isn't/wasn't G-rated roleplays!

    Discovering I was a furry made matters "worse" in terms of roleplay addiction. All kinds of roleplays in that genre -- my main focus, really. (Humans are just too boring... I'll RP them, but they always seemed to be just "meh" to me. Even when I was partaking in D&D, I never played a human. The most human form I went to was a gnome named Roondar Beren.)

    I think what I became addicted to the most was RP "turnover:" How many can I complete or participate in within X time period? It almost became a challenge/game for me to see how many I could keep going all at once. Didn't really matter in regards to the length, as in if it were a long-term roleplay or a short-term, one-off roleplay.
  12. I took part in my first roleplay when I was twelve or thirteen. It was on a board that I no longer frequent, although I do occasionally check back, and the roleplay was Starcraft-themed. At that time, I liked the setting very much and it was something that I am still incredibly familiar with up today, so I joined it as a not-quite sane character. I had fun playing in it, but back then, my writing style was terrible and my character's insanity pretty much was "rawr I must kill every single zerg in the universe" and not much beyond that. At least I had a good time, though I doubt that other players felt the same.
  13. I first joined an online RP site in 2009. Best hobby ever, and the one that has stuck with me most out of all the other things I do. Probably cause it's free and comes naturally.
  14. Well as a kid I always played make-believe with my friends, which could be considered proto-pseudo-roleplaying.

    Didn't really start to RP-RP until I got to an anime forum and saw their roleplaying section. Game was the worst kind of anime fanfiction kind of RPing you could imagine. But... it put the bug in me and I've been on-and-off since then but always itching to some degree or another.
  15. Wait a minute...

    Was that a java chat hosted by a company called Chat Planet? If so, I have an eerie feeling that was the same place I had my first experience with online rp.
  16. LOL first off the title made me think bad things! Shame on you for getting me all hyped up to hear about peoples' first time awkwardness. I'm very disappointed. D:

    My first time roleplay was with quite a few people I met through MSN chat. 3 of them I remember quite well. Each one was more long term than the last. I got close to them all, and we also talked about our daily lives. I started when I was 12, right around the time I started writing fan fictions and developing my own novel plots. LOL The first time I actually roleplayed was a short paragraph fantasy rp. :) Good times. I am very addicted.
  17. I am loving that the majority of all you guys and gals happened upon it. Keep the stories coming!
  18. i started way way back in 2000......i had a friend that was already involved and had a gm that lived near us. so once a week we would hop in his minivan (i swear it's not as bad as it sounds, he was only about three years older then us) and we would go over to his house and do some table top rps. (mostly vampire the masquerade) after that, i got into a few chat based ones in irc, then i moved into the forum based ones. (since i don't spend 20 hours a day on the computer anymore.) though i do miss the table top ones from time to time. (fun fact: that's actually how i met my hubbie....he was the gm of a game i joined.)
  19. I was about 16 so that was like 6 years ago. My sister and I had joined a YuGiOh! fansite that had RP forums. It was called I started in a fantasy rp and that genre is still my favorite. I've been out of it for a while but I really want to get back into it. Funny thing is, the first RP I joined was started by the guy who is now my boyfriend. Yay for roleplay!:applaud:
  20. I started in 2003, when Pirates were the it thing and it was a great thing to play off of. I was bored and looking through AOL Chatrooms when I came across The Black Pearl. I figured it was a discussion for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and when I entered people were doing this weird thing that was some what interesting to me. That thing being roleplaying. I IMed the room host and asked what they were doing and he explained it to me then helped me develop my writing and soon enough I found myself pulled in to the roleplaying world. The Black Pearl, random Inns and Taverns, High Schools, even dabbled a bit in Wrestling. I pulled back a few years ago after the fall of the chatroom craze and now I'm just wondering what's out there.