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  1. It is a theory of mine that we may all have an itty bitty soft spot for our first original characters. I know I have one for mine, crude and embarrassing though they may have been. By age 11 I had an entire page dedicated to each of them in my notebook consisting of a nearly-full-length colored pencil drawing of the character and a small info box displaying "name:", "age:", and usually "powers" written in my best, although still tragically bad, elementary school handwriting. Oh, the memories!

    So what about you? What was your first original character like? What universe did they live in? When did you make them? Do you love them to this day or are they just a slightly embarrassing reminder of how far you've come? Tell, tell, my friends.
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  2. I distinctly remember two OCs I created around the age of 11. I can't remember which one came first.

    Sin'Ka (not sure what the apostrophe was about) was created based on the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon. I wrote her as a beautiful young firebender with long black hair who lived a hermit type life in the middle of the desert due to her status as outlaw from the Fire Nation despite being only 16 or something like that (pretty much Zukko's storyline, not gonna lie). Her outfit, if I recall correctly, was pretty much a feminized version of Aang's, complete with miniskirt which is probably not at all convenient for the desert come to think of it. I'm also pretty sure I shipped her with Sokka, no idea why.

    Fern (fascinating name, I know) existed in my brain due to my obsession with the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans. She had shoulder-length cotton candy pink hair and purple eyes. She wore a fairly utilitarian outfit like Terra's (it probably was Terra's) and had no powers except for being super smart and an awesome fighter. Also she was the daughter of Poison Ivy (scandal!) and trained at the same center as Robin. I think I shipped her with pretty much everybody. lol
  3. I made my first oc when I had joined an oekaki group at like, 13 years old (memory's a bit fuzzy). I was actually pretty excited about it because I saw other artists making them so I thought why not and made Kaori Mizuno (during the time I was obsessed with naruto). She was a very happy kunoichi with long dark brown hair and eyes that were normally brown but turned blue when her bloodlimit was activated, and she was born in the land of water (or fire idk can't remember). I am so freaking embarrassed about it now since she was such a mary sue and she was all I drew at that time. It was nice having an oc though so I got really attached to her. Nowadays I'm just trying to update her look but still retain that essence because I'm a pretty nostalgic person.
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  4. Haha, it was Mary Sues abound in those days, wasn't it, Mikae? They were so original and awesome then and just kind of hilarious now.
  5. Haha I know they were everywhere! We wanted them to be perfect and awesome and it was ridiculous. Good times haha
  6. I made my first character when i as eight.

    Name: Chance von Hugh
    Age: Eh I forget
    Race/species: 1/2 Vulcan and the rest was dog (seriously)
    Sex and gender: Male, man

    Imagine a Vulcan with a dog face.

    I wasn't very creative as much as crazy back then.
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  7. Well, I'm not exactly sure what to count as OCs. For a RP, it was a horrible self-insert with the ability to talk to animals and control plants.

    For a storyline, well, that's a bit of a longer story. When I was like three, I got one of those miniature plastic animal figurines. A tiger, I think. Never did like barbies, but that tiger on the other hand... long story short, by the time I was eight I was building entire cities, taking up my entire bedroom, populated almost entirely by twenty-odd cat figurines. Sometimes their allies the horses would have a neighboring village and sometimes the evil dogs had an outpost nearby, but mostly it was the cats. When a great adventure was calling, all their houses would be arranged into a mothership. Sometimes it was a submersible, like Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Sometimes it was a spaceship out to see a thousand splendid suns. Sometimes it was an airship, to venture the misty corners of the globe. Whatever the case, the cats were ready and waiting to face whatever challenge came before them.
    Their lady commander was a jaguar figurine named ever-so-creatively Jaguala. She was perhaps the equivalent of forty-five, grey around the muzzle and wise beyond her years. She was clever and brave and regal, but distant and running from a troubled past she never spoke of. Her closest friend and lover was a slightly younger bobcat, a perfect sergeant, strong and mean when she needed to be, but loyal to a fault and never afraid of anything. There were others, too: a mystic carved of marble and his wife, an elegant lady made of malachite, and their toddling daughter, an onyx kitten with a penchant for getting into trouble. There was another bobcat, an old spinster, half-mad and always drinking "tea". Three tigers had shown up by this point, one an elderly war veteran, one a young romantic, and one a middle-aged smith or craftswoman. There was a lion who was the finest warrior except for Jaguala, but a dick who wanted to sleep with her and wouldn't take no for an answer. A cheetah showed up, an ever-worried master of communications, who eventually found a husband, a scout and messenger who was carefree and open-minded. There was a star-eyed librarian and her lover, a scatterbrained scholar. An ex-gladiator, one of those leaping leopards that came with a happy meal at McDonald's when Tarzan was a thing, who was perhaps a better fighter than the lion, but shifty-eyed and fond of disappearing for days at an end with no explanation. Oh, and there were others. Eventually Jaguala had a daughter, and that daughter had a daughter, and then that daughter had a daughter, and these generations kept on expanding until I came to my current number of fifty-three.
    Who came first? Probably Jaguala. But I really can't be sure. That entire storyline started so long ago that I can't really remember a time in my childhood where I didn't come home and have a city set up, populated by those precious figurines. The furniture is gone; their food and weapons long since trashed or donated. The scraps of cloth that made beds and blankets have disappeared long ago and I can't recall the last time I saw my jenga blocks that made walls and fences. But you know what I still have? Memories.
    And I think I'm going to my room to get down my books and boxes and papers, and I'm going to make a spaceship.
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  8. Oh man. I was prolly about 8 or 9 years old, and that's when I was writing stories staring a Mary-Sue version of the Diana I wanted to be when I grew up, mixed with whatever batshit crazy stuff I added in there. >>

    So, my character's name was Diana. 8D She was a refugee alien princess with a magical necklace. She was also an FBI Agent/detective, a really good singer and painter. And fought all badass with a katana. She was beautiful and had no idea how pretty she was, even though everyone in the universe was in love with her. She also had a twin brother, and a shit ton of other brothers and sisters. o__o;

    Eventually I split the concept in to two different people and universes and made actual decent characters. >>
  9. Oh dear god, Logic, I can not get over "1/2 Vulcan and the rest was dog (seriously)." I laughed out loud. I think half-animal people was just the thing in early elementary school.

    Lady Sabine, those were some crazy complex social networks and diverse fleshed out characters you were making as a child. Color me highly impressed.
  10. Ophelia, I really wish I was super creative and all that shit... but they were pretty much just stereotypes with like 3 personality traits each, haha. Kid me just picked up on what common combos appeared in fic and life and conglomerated them into these bizarre personalities tacked onto evidence that I will probably grow up into a crazy cat lady. As for the complexity of their connections, well, it did take me literally years to do all that. Going on vacation to a state park? Better get a bobcat figurine. Rock show? Carved marble kitty. Amazon exhibit? Another jaguar is absolutely necessary. Incorporating them one at a time into the storyline is simple enough, even for a kid.
    Though I was sometimes mini-GRRM and would kill them off at a whim. They always came back in a few "episodes", though.
  11. How dramatic! I don't think I ever killed off any characters as a child. Well, except for once when I was given this toy set of a mother unicorn and her baby. I lost the mother and decided to channel my grief through the little baby unicorn who would spend the rest of her days searching the universe (a.k.a. my parent's house) for her mother who was already gone forever. It was really quite tragic.
  12. Omg, first OCs are so embarrassing

    Like most, mine was SUCH a Sue. She was pretty much me but prettier, stronger, more skilled and everybody automatically loved her even though her actions were objectively annoying at best, and downright cruel at worst >.<
  13. All aboard for a trip down memory lane. I have always had a bad habit of slipping into day dreams however the first real OC that I created was actually a female wolf. I can't really remember her name at this point but she was a redish color and was on the older side, at least for a wolf, maybe 12 or thirteen years old. All I really remember besides that was that she was kind of like a very sassy old grandma wolf. She wasn't strong but I do think that I made her kind of sue-ish in that I made her as smart as possible.
  14. Oh God, you had to bring it up, didn't you? I remember stuff from my weeaboo stage, and let me tell you, I still kind of like some of the characters from that time - although I have edited them to be more bearable characters, and less perfect, more human, with vices, beliefs, et cetera.
  15. During my last grade at Elementary, I finally got my hands on the latest Pokemon game of that time; Sapphire/Ruby. My most favorite pokemon was the Mightyena. I liked it so much that I made an OC out of it, and eventually even a club.

    My OC is basically a Mightyena with a cream colored fur as a base instead of grey. She stood on two feet instead of four, much like an anthro. I called her a RubyYena, because I embedded three small rubies on her thigh (much like those MLP toys). Next, I treated Mightyenas much like Eevees. There's not just a 'dark' Mightyena, I would explain. There's also Flareyenas, PsyYenas, Cloudyenas and the like. A bunch of my friends got together and I would make all these different 'Hyena' OCs for them.

    To top it all off, I made my RubyYena the God above them all.

    *face palm*

    During my college days, I would doodle RubyYena once more. She would look different, I renamed her 'Ruby', and I'm still deciding on a more realistic species for her. A hyena? A wolf? Or a fennec fox (since her ears are ginormous)? Ah well. Ruby now lies unmoved and untouched for years, never used for another rp again.
  16. When I was little I didn't have imaginary friends, but somehow I always roleplayed a person. I think it counts as an OC. She was supposed to be my cousin. She used to travel around the world with a nomad russian circus. She did that because she had lots of little brothers and sisters and she needed money, so she worked for the circus selling hot ice cream.

    Also, she had a kraken. C:
  17. My first OC? Oh it makes me cringe ( I mean mother of all sue's).
    If we are counting imaginary friends my first one was just depressing to the point I cant even think about him without feeling desperately sad, he was my coping mechanism for one of the most traumatic stages in my life, and to be honest there are pieces of him in some of my characters nowadays.
    Though I think sometimes looking back and seeing your mistakes means you have learned, honestly when I look back on a character and I cant see anything wrong with them I get a little worried.