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Who was the first Character you ever created?

Forum rp, chat, DnD. Whatever the platform, who was the first character you ever brought to life for the purpose of Role-play? Also, have you ever reused this character? Maybe you have expanded upon him/her and still use them to this day?
My very first character was the Quintessential Mary Sue. XD Created in the 4th grade, she was a princess from another planet that got taken over by a bad guy, and was hiding on Earth working as an FBI Agent. At the time I was super in to Star Wars and the X-Files. c_____c; She had super awesome powers because of a necklace she wore. And she was perfect at everything, and beautiful, emo and bitchy and everyone was in love with her. Yes, she was even named Diana. XD

Over time I refined my 1337 skills and eventually separated her in to two different characters. Lost the perfections, gained some flaws, and actual personality/character develop to explain behaviors.
My first character ever created was for DND. Roman something - last name is not coming to me now. He was a ranger, he made it far and was replayed in several different campaigns. He died to an assassin - it was tragic to see my first character go. The dice rolls were just against completely f'in against me.
My first character...Christ.

It was a Dragon/Human hybrid named Dusk (He had no actual name in the RP itself. I came up with it at a later date). He was a twin sword wielding assassin in what was basically a big genre mash-up. Tech, high fantasy, and even the FFVII universe. It was a really fast paced RP that at its peak could grow at a pace of 10 pages a day (Hey Diana. Imagine trying to GM THAT! >:D). There were characters that never met or interacted.

Mostly his typical means of getting around were shifting his form enough to let his wings emerge. In the most heated battles he was typically in he'd shift into a sort of humanoid dragon. In the entire year long RP I only ever had him in full dragon form in two instances. Once at the end of a major side plot and once again a the climax of the main plot.

Most of his contact with the direct story was minimal until he got wrapped up in the major side plot which eventually merged into the main plot. It was him and two other characters that put an end to one of the major villains of the story. At the end of the main plot while everyone else was staving off the Demigod, he and another character were the only two standing at the final line of defense. He was in dragon form, his partner was flinging powerful magic anywhere.

I haven't used him since then. The idea of using a dragon/human hybrid today would be an insult to my self-respect as an RPer.
Rastul, on OoM. He was heavily based off hellsing personalities and I overdid the crazy, but he mellowed out and developed his own brand of personality pretty quickly. My RP experiences have almost been exclusively confined to OoM from 2004-2009, and Iwaku 09-present. Therefore I have run with Ras for about 5 years. I have only made 2 or 3 other characters, as once I start making too many it becomes difficult to immerse myself in the personality and play them properly.
My very first character was on a customized system, a fantasy RP using a lot of the old WoD rules. His name was Gok'Tor, and he was an Orc chieftain of limited intellect and unlimited arrogance. He had a habit of dominating the party by being loud and obnoxious, and saved the day many a time through sheer stupidity. He managed at some time to find a chamber full of soulstones, and filled a bag with them after breaking a few and laughing at the 'funny' effects that had.

This turned out to be the doom of the world, as in their travels, they eventually came to an underworld of sorts, where a massive soulstone formed the barrier between life and death. Gok'Tor, seeing an awesome opportunity for amusement, took a few steps and before anyone could react, headbutted the massive thing, succeeded his rolls, and destroyed the barrier between life and death.

I've had more characters accidentally cause the end of the world, and I eventually grew out of it. But this is by far my favorite.
My first character was a misfit who fell in love with an apathetic guy. It was a supernatural roleplay... I don't remember her name!! Dx
My first character was this girl called Miya who was a human with random powers (basically anything, but mostly super-human strength and agility) who was a Mary Sue. She was beautiful and flawless and she was seductive while being innocent, blah blah blah.

She's dead now, though.
Out of cursiosity, can you spare some details on which forums / themes you started off with? Does "order of mayhem" ring any bells?
I know that there have been some people here who came from there. I don't know who, or if they're still around.
Four, including me, migrated here at ampoule's behest. I actually signed up as "rastul" a year back or so but went inactive and was promptly purged from the records.

... Heh, the RP web is quite complex and really impossible to index properly. Web crawlers don't really work well and listings area major cobweb. It's all but impossible to find the last bastions of activity these days.
First tabletop RP character? Ando, an unscrupulous burglar and racketeer from the docks of a huge industrial city in a fantasy setting, working for one of the local crime bosses. Somehow still alive even after the (now fired) GM did his best to kill him off; all I'm saying is that smoke bombs are awesome for avoiding combat situations and that escaping problems is often a great solution.

First forum RP character? We're... not going there.
Gregory, short angry teenager, just like I was at the time of creation. Hell it was basically me with a different name, shorter hair and some dependance issues tacked on. I was going fpr the badass normal roll and a highschool vampire RP, new kid in town, avoiding of most, trying not to get people's backs up....

Backstory explained why he knew about vampires toom his brother was bitten and turned. Still lived with his but they 'didn't talk anymore'

I actually had a lot of fun in that RP thinking back. I've more experience now and would do things differently but so would we all.