Your Favourite Roleplay Partner?

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  1. There are loads of great roleplayers on this site, but I think everyone has one person whom they just love roleplaying with!

    Tell me who they are, and paste in an example of their work.
  2. ​Rabbit is pretty fun. I wouldn't mind more RP partners.
  3. Whuts an rp partner?
    - w-
    Just kidding.
    I have none. 8D
  4. [MENTION=50]Warmaster Death[/MENTION]

    He is the Alpharious to my Omegron

    or the Omegron to my Alpharius

    I'm not sure which
  5. o_o..umm

    Either Leviathan or Metallic Soap

    Both of them are my awesome online friends, and when we write together, it just kinda clicks :3
  6. *Points at Vay.* >:[

    *Points at Alarice.* >:3

    *Points at Ocha.* 8D

    Examples of why they are totally awesome are on my roleplay blog, but you have to be SUPER COOL to find it. 8D
  7. Chloe Lautner is totally awesome at Roleplaying! I do three Roleplays with her on this site, and two on another site. :)
  8. Too many to mention to be honest.
    Angl, Asmo, Kitteh, GMK, Vay, danna, woody and The Paorou are at the top of the list though, I see their name in recently posted in a thread and I know the good times are gonna roll!
  9. No, I won't tell you. If I did you'd all wanna RP with them. MINE!

    Honestly, I adore most people I RP with for different reasons and I'm not sure if I could choose anymore. Yes Diana, you're not my only favorite anymore.
  10. I don't like to favorite people buuut, I still have two favorites x3 Scare-me-not rose, or as I call her, Sleepy. And The returner. :D You guys are the best ^^
  11. Well, I do enjoy my rps with Esthalia, for a number of reasons. Reasons like that she's awesome :D
    The only thing I dislike about her is her timezone >_>
  12. I haven't had a roleplay partner that was really good in the longest time.