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  1. I'm not sure if there is a thread about fictional characters, So I thought sod it and do my own!

    Just want to ask what are your favourite characters? can be video game related, movie, comic, etc. If you identify with a peculiar character, or if you just like character because he's badass/evil/good/whatever.

    So I'll guess I'll start.

    Handsome Jack, one of my favourite villains, definitely. He's a real merciless, unapologetic, douchey, badass. And he's hillarious to boot. One of the strong points of Borderlands is the humour for me, and Handsome Jack has it in spades. For me, there's no real favourite quote from him, I love most of the dialogue he gives out.

    For a Protagonist, but not exactly the good guy kind, has to go to Kain. From the Legacy of Kain Franchise(currently beeing butchered by Nosgoth), Kain was a pre-Twilight Vampire, and he was really good. Wanting revenge for his death, Kain is resurrected as a Vampire, and goes on his hunt for revenge, until you realize something bigger, and more worldly is at play. Did he save Nosgoth? nope! he became a ruler, not taking his rightful place, and grew many clans of Vampires from the many Sarafan Warriors he fought. The one thing I like about him is that he isn't the same good guy hero, I mean the title of hero for him is really stretching it out, he starts off as a simple vengeful ghoul and becomes this Powerful Ruler, slaying even an Elder God.

    So please share your favourites here! and discuss why you like them!
  2. [​IMG]

    "Agent 47, this is Diana..."

    The professional that slips in, kills his target, and slips out. I like him probably because he's a mercilessly efficient killer that spares civilians and the like not out of some code of honour, but because it's just unprofessional to kill them. He doesn't care about them, but sincerely believes killing people other than his targets is just straight up messy and a poor mark on his career of efficiency. It also helps that his targets are by and large mob bosses and drug kings--the scum and refuse of society, the kingpin rats, the deranged monsters who are just as cold as he is, but make no effort to spare civilians from their horrible methods.

    He intrigues me as a character. In a world full of morally righteous killers like in Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty, we have this guy. This fallible human being, who has forgone any sense of empathy or sympathy to execute the world's worst people with surgical precision. He doesn't tend to say much and yet his character speaks to volumes of depth that most triple AAA franchises in the gaming industry fail to deliver on.

    It also doesn't hurt that his silver ballers are some of the most kickass pistols ever.
  3. I kind of gush a bit about why I like characters, so if you're into

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    Lord of the Rings



    the following mini-articles may be worth the read!

    Colonel Roy Mustang
    (Fullmetal Alchemist)
    I like this character for a lot of reasons, but mostly it's that he's such a multilayered character. When you first meet him, he's very much the 'boss' character. He's pretty strict, and is always the one handling things - often behind the main character's back. He seems to have eyes everywhere, and while he's not mean, he's definitely not going to hold your hand or sugar-coat anything for you, either. As the show goes on though, you get to see other sides of him. He's got a playful side to him. He enjoys teasing people, hinting at things and making them guess, and he's also a bit of a show-off. Not in a "HEY LOOK AT ME!" kind of way, but he knows that he has skills, authority, and power to back it up, and isn't shy about boasting given the opportunity. He's also a flirt. It's very canon that he unwittingly steals women from one of his underlings, and nobody bats an eye if he appears downtown with a new girl (or two) on his arm. He seems to become bored with them easily (or is just bad at relationships) though, and doesn't seem to have a long-term girlfriend. Possibly because he knows the dangers and political drama the people close to him get dragged into. He has experienced loss and horror himself, and knows the full brunt of their pain. He's also very caring about the people he is (or feels) responsible for. He even checks in on his best friend's widow, and on his mother (who is only seen briefly, but seems to be a very capable woman who doesn't necessarily NEED to be checked up on). He has fears and insecurities about himself, too. At the end of a series that lasts a few years (canon time), he's almost thirty, and a colonel. He's fairly young for the commands and responsibilities bestowed upon him, and it's a lot of pressure. He rises to the challenge, but being judged for his age compared to forty-fifty veterans, and also being accountable for the actions of the series' maverick protagonist, it's not a wonder he gets stressed and frustrated. He also has a long-term goal of his own (as opposed to the usual supporting-character role of 'help protagonist!') and knows that to reach it; he has to colour inside the lines. He's a rebel, but a rebel on a leash, he knows that he needs to kiss a certain amount of ass, and sacrifice a certain amount of short-term good, in order to rise to the top and achieve his goals for the big picture. And the great thing about how this character is written is that by the end, when you know this man as a character with pain, determination, caring, humour, goals, interests, and a damn good reason for everything he does, it really makes you want to start over back to when you thought he was just a hardass who liked to give the main character a hard time, this time understanding his reasoning.

    Samwise Gamgee
    (Lord of the Rings franchise)
    Sam. Holy shit I love Sam. Sam is the person everyone should want to be. His good points are easy to point out; he's excruciatingly loyal, hardworking, stubborn and stoic, and he's capable of great courage in a pinch, even surpassing the Big People. But Sam isn't just your everyday support character, he's got his shortcomings as well, and what makes him so admirable is that he's very conscious of them, and actively works to overcome them. In the beginning of the story, he comes off as a bit of a simpleton. Easy example: when Gandalf asks him if he's been eavesdropping, he replies in a panicked way that he hasn't been dropping any eaves, and anyway there aren't any eaves on Bag End, thinking of course of the rain-troughs on the edges of roofs. He has an affinity for poetry, stories, songs, composition, and stories about the lands beyond the shire, though he keeps these talents secret due to local cultural disdain. He's not the quickest thinker, but he's smart enough on his own time. He's also a solid optimist, and isn't afraid to tighten his belt, knock out an orc or ten, and rescue his master from a spider twenty times his size if it comes down to it.

    Oh my god I have to choose a Claymore. Oh god. Um....

    Teresa and Clarice take close seconds, but I'm going to have to go with

    (the Phantom) Miria
    If you haven't read the manga, read it. All of the characters get so much more love and development in the manga, Miria not the least. Like all Claymores, she's strong and stoic to the point of seeming emotionless early on, but as you spend time with her character and learn more about her personal motivations and reasoning, she - like all the claymores as the story goes on - becomes less "a claymore" and more "a person". She's one of the most pro-active Claymores, as well, next to Clare. She recruits others to her cause of taking down the Organization after personally investigating them and going through her own questioning and deductive phase. Her determination is absolute, but she also has a caring side, and doesn't want anyone to get killed because of her without their express consent (that's just kind of how death works in that series; most of the characters expect to die at some point; one character, Deneve, even reveals that she used to be suicidal because she believed prioritizing her own life was an extreme weakness and she was that ashamed of this cowardice). She's also a compassionate person, and won't kill any human - even an opposing Claymore, who is only half-human - preferring to disable or knock them out instead. She's incredibly courageous, inspiring, and never without gratitude for the support of those around her. She never underestimates the power of a person's will, constantly strives to improve herself while helping those around her, and if I had to pick a Claymore that I'd want to be BFF with, it'd definitely be Miria.
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  4. Well, I chose to use Littlefinger (from Game of Thrones, for those few unfortunate souls who aren't in the know) as my avatar for a reason. I like amoral, selfish schemers, and that's what Littlefinger is all about. He's the kind of guy who seems like a regular functionary but is actually pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes, and I love it. However, he's not even my favorite from Game of Thrones. Tyrion and Arya both have him beat for various reasons.

    In general I tend to enjoy schemers and masterminds and manipulators of all kinds. From anime there's Lelouch from Code Geass, Light from Death Note, Johan from Monster, Yuno from Mirai Nikki, and Father from Fullmetal Alchemist. There are tons of great ones from books, like the aforementioned Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish from the Song of Ice and Fire series, plus Varys, Olenna Tyrell, and Tywin and Tyrion Lannister from the same series (so many great schemers being present is a large part of why I love it), then there's Lord Vetinari of the Discworld series, Hannibal Lecter in the series named after him but most prominently in Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs (and the films made thereof), and a bunch more.

    I could go on with even more, getting into further TV examples and some from movies, but I'll just stop there. I think that'll work as a fine list of a lot of my favorite character as is.
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  5. @Minibit wait wait wait, but up there a second. someone else watched Claymore besides me?

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  6. Tiny Tina. She encompasses a lot of what I want out of a character. She is crazy, but done well. You understand what got her to this point and that her personality is an adaption for survival in the place she lives. I also really enjoy scary children and I enjoy funny unassuming mass murderers. I would not be upset if there was a variation of Tiny Tina in every role play I join.
  7. Dagoth Ur.

    Chim chim Charoo.

    He didn't do anything wrong.
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