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  1. Fairy tale? Folklore? Legend? Myth? Well? Do tell.

    For me, I have a few like Bluebeard who murdered most of his wives, The Twelve Princesses, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (saw the movie adaption and completely got feels), Blaire Roses was also pretty good (Beauty & The beast) and there are a few others that escape me at the moment but do share!
  2. I like the stories of Mucius Scaevola and Cincinnatus, heroes of the early Roman Republic.
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  3. I really liked the Chinese version of Cinderella. I was sad when her fish (equivalent of fairy godmother) died but he still looked out for her even after death :(

    I know there were plenty others I liked but I can't remember.
  4. Mostly to me, all myths, fairytales, and folklore are all my fave!
  5. The Tale of the Three Brothers. Yes, it's a story in Harry Potter, but it's wonderful.
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  6. Any mythological creatures or beings catch my interest. I always love hearing stories and reading about them.
  7. The Binding of Fenrir. If you think about it, they weren't exactly fair to him. Sure, he'd get huge, but won't tying him up just make him mad? And then he does get mad. Good going, guys.
  8. ALl the scandinavian nightmare fuel my Aunt used to tell me stories about.
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  9. Mine takes too long to thumb-type.

    It's that one about Loki and his wife and acid and earthquakes. Google it.

    And Princess Furball. O__O
  11. I find the entire Epic of Troy to be fascinating and I really wish the rest of the story survived the ages.

    However, my favorite is the Arthurian Legends by far.
  12. The epic of Gilgamesh.
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  13. Really? Any Greek mythology tale. Although I eapecially like the ones with Hades because Hades is best god. Hades is ultimate god.
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  14. All folklore is a crazy good read to me. Though Beowulf is probably my favorite.

    Yes, I liked the movie with Angelina Jolie too.
  15. Yessssaass Gilgamesh was such a great read!!! I also really enjoyed Dantes Inferno.

    I also like the Moth Man legend because it originates from West Virginia/Virginia (I think.)

    Oh and I'm sure there are others but I'm blanking. XD
  16. The Völsunga Saga. Tale about Sigurd, killing of Fafnir, and the influence of a powerful corrupting ring.

    Also, I can't remember where I heard/read this, but supposedly Tolkein got the idea for his "One Ring" from the Völsunga Saga. I don't know if that is 100% true, but plausible. Everyone draw inspiration from something.
  17. I've actually gotten really interested in Kitsune Folklore. They're very interesting to learn about and it's fun to read stories about them as well.
  18. That is a hard one but I would have to say Theseus and the Minotaur. I do love anything with a labyrinth and after watching a show on History Channel about it I became even more drawn to it.
  19. Norse Mythology will always be some of my favorite
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